2023 Newsletter Archive

31st December 2023: Out with the old 😊 last chance for end of year sales & more freebies

29th December 2023: Vivaldi & co 😊 & more freebies

28th December 2023: No more resolutions πŸ’• + new goodies and freebies

27th December 2023: I don’t know πŸ’• & more freebie pages

24th December 2023: A few gifts to give yourself this year πŸ’• & more freebie pages for your collection

23rd December 2023: The one skill to nail for free in 2024 πŸ€” & holiday freebies and deals

21st December 2023: Does diversification make sense? πŸ€” last chances and year end sales

20th December 2023: Finding solutions πŸ’• a new smartphone planner & more freebie pages for your collection

19th December 2023: Turkey day πŸ’• & get my product for free today only

18th December 2023: Another party! πŸ€” last chance $7 sale & awesome giveaways and deals

17th December 2023: Active rest πŸ€” awesome offers & freebies continue

16th December 2023: If you’re busy πŸ€”

15th December 2023: Chair gift πŸ€” & new goodies and freebies

14th December 2023: The “new rich” freedom πŸ€” & get one of my paid products for free

13th December 2023: The “new rich” freedom πŸ€” 3 more freebie pages & new goodies

12th December 2023: Two good things πŸ€” & products for $3.41 and other steals and freebies

11th December 2023: Bucket list or… πŸ€” & an abundance of free & low-cost goodies

10th December 2023: Quick rewards πŸ€” coaching without calls, reels help, & new freebie pages

9th December 2023: A shower thought πŸ’• & new daily deals

8th December 2023: Be more Walt πŸ’• & an amazing one-time <$20 membership

7th December 2023: Treading water? πŸ’• & new goodies (some for one day only!)

6th December 2023: January plans? πŸ’• & new daily deals

5th December 2023: Something to try in 2024? πŸ’•& new one-day-only goodies for your business

4th December 2023: TV or dollars? πŸ’• today only deal & more freebie pages

3rd December 2023: No label? πŸ’• & new goodies

2nd December 2023: Overnight riches πŸ’• 2 new freebie pages & I was late getting started with this but wow!

1st December 2023: First 2024 trip πŸ’• & something from me you can sell

29th November 2023: Yippy – taxes! πŸ’• & freebie to use for lead generation

28th November 2023: Success is 20 hours away πŸ’• & new post holiday (yay!) offers and freebies

27th November 2023: Fastest, most effective way? πŸ’• $10 specials & so many last days including Thrivecart lifetime deal

26th November 2023: What matters πŸ’• ending deals & brand-new offers!

25th November 2023: Succeed from where you are πŸ’• & awesome new goodies, freebies, and bonuses

24th November 2023: Who are you shopping for? πŸ€” & brand new deals and bonuses

23rd November 2023: Quick note πŸ’• thank you, freebies from me, & a $20 gift voucher

22nd November 2023: How to get on faster πŸ’• & more whole store discounts

21st November 2023: Achieving the impossible in 2024 πŸ’ my special deal & 99% off for writers

20th November 2023: Easier buying decisions πŸ’• & shiny new offers

19th November 2023: Still working on it? πŸ’• & doors closing today

17th November 2023: Broke, overwhelmed, or tired? πŸ’• & awesome new things

16th November 2023: What a waste! πŸ’• & new goodies for your business

15th November 2023: England today πŸ’• new courses, babies, and lady bosses

14th November 2023: Blinkers needed? 😟 & some brand new deals + 500 freebie graphics

13th November 2023: The only reason πŸ’• & some handpicked deals

12th November 2023: How to expand time πŸ’•& new goodies

11th November 2023: Refunding πŸ€” & new ideas / freebies for you

10th November 2023: Quitting πŸ€” & free lead magnet pack

9th November 2023: As if you mean it πŸ€” & awesome new products and freebies

8th November 2023: Are you an avoider or a limiter? πŸ€” & one more win

7th November 2023: Circles πŸ€” plus awesome free digital shop training and last chances

6th November 2023: Ten year thinking πŸ€” & 130+ new freebies as well as deals you don’t want to miss

5th November 2023: I went to the dark side 😊 & new sales and freebies

3rd November 2023: Focused on results? 😟 last chance for 75% off and our latest product

2nd November 2023: Do less πŸ€” free 2024 template & another thing on my buying list 😊

1st November 2023: Joining the crazy? πŸ€” & awesome early deals

31st October 2023: The universal recipe πŸ€” images that speak to you & free mockups

30th October 2023: I don’t believe it πŸ€” this really is the end of an era (x 3) & important topics

29th October 2023: Ups and downs πŸ€” & the one dollar email

28th October 2023: How long will it take? πŸ€” & new goodies to help you succeed

27th October 2023: How to deal with change πŸ€” + a license to print money

26th October 2023: How to be great πŸ€” + new fun income stream & roll back deal

25th October 2023: Obstacles? πŸ€” & new must-get deals

24th October 2023: The next six months πŸ€” niche journals & free 50 digital product ideas

23rd October 2023: Do you relate? πŸ€” & do not miss this + 30 special free graphic sets

22nd October 2023: A mouse? πŸ€” & two new freebies to grab

21st October 2023: Done for the year 😊 & awesome new goodies

19th October 2023: No waiting required πŸ€” & shop closes for good

18th October 2023: A special shop in Berlin πŸ€” & dime sale gorgeous digital planners to check out quickly

17th October 2023: Like fine wine πŸ€” plus new & retired goodies

16th October 2023: Putting things off πŸ€”

15th October 2023: Be mindful of this πŸ’• & a few shiny new things

14th October 2023: When things go wrong πŸ’• & awesome things for you

13th October 2023: Success made quicker πŸ’• useful templates and cute freebie

12th October 2023: Do you do this too? πŸ’• & my brand new cute product

11th October 2023: My why πŸ’• & new profit-building launches

10th October 2023: Just three things πŸ’• & grow your business for free

9th October 2023: Is that all there is? 😱 & 4 new freebies

8th October 2023: Second guessing πŸ’• feeling stuck? & 9250 lifetime elements?

7th October 2023: Love this… πŸ’• & lots of new goodies

6th October 2023: Getting started πŸ’• & my $27 product for free + weekend flash sale

5th October 2023: Too much competition? πŸ€” & 36 free content creation tools (awesome!)

4th October 2023: Reasonable effort only πŸ€” last days & something to finally get done

3rd October 2023: Good to remember πŸ’• just a few hours left & awesome new goodies

2nd October 2023: Guilty! πŸ€” & what I just bought (get in under the wire too)

1st October 2023: Wasting your time? πŸ€” & new goodies to share

14th September 2023: Planning something awesome? πŸ€” & other news…

13th September 2023: Climbing high πŸ€” & don’t miss out on today’s goodies

12th September 2023: About the things you’ll do this weekπŸ€”

11th September 2023: And your strategy is…? πŸ€” & new goodies for you

10th September 2023: Every little thing πŸ’• & check out the freebie section (available today only)

8th September 2023: 10x your motivation πŸ’• & a special double bonus to help Michelle

7th September 2023: When you can 😊

6th September 2023: Mix it up πŸ’• & fresh new products for your business

5th September 2023: The best you πŸ€” six figure systems for $5

4th September 2023: Minimize this one thing πŸ€” free 100k workbook & should you buy a bundle?

3rd September 2023: Life changing 101 πŸ’• labor, pixels, zen, & shadows

1st September 2023: This sort of works πŸ’• & lots of new goodies

31st August 2023: How to instantly improve your life πŸ€” & awesome free thank you page training

30th August 2023: Failed again πŸ€” & what I’ve been doing lately

29th August 2023: JGI wisdom πŸ€” & latest product from me & free pin training

28th August 2023: The success puzzle πŸ€” & be unstoppable

27th August 2023: Here’s hoping πŸ€” & low prices ending

25th August 2023: Are you missing this step? πŸ€” new goodies & freebies

24th August 2023: Reach any goal πŸ€”

23rd August 2023: Blueprint for success πŸ€”

22nd August 2023: Adulting today πŸ€” new offers, freebie & rollback

21st August 2023: Feeling behind? πŸ€” & new Canva template kits and training

20th August 2023: The secret to getting there πŸ€” & new free goodies

18th August 2023: Trying 3-3-3 πŸ€” 4 new goodies + last chances to save

17th August 2023: How high?πŸ’•

16th August 2023: It’s enough πŸ’•

15th August 2023: Big changes πŸ’• new goodies & last day for 2024 Smartphone Planner

14th August 2023: How to find an awesome idea πŸ’• & dare to be unique

13th August 2023: How to be consistent (easily) πŸ’• two super new freebies + awesome flash sales

12th August 2023: What to do when you’re too busy πŸ’• new regular feature & help in case you missed out

10th August 2023: What you don’t know 😱

9th August 2023: When you don’t feel like working 😱

8th August 2023: Does your business pass these two tests? πŸ’•

6th August 2023: Is this what’s missing from your business? πŸ€” new $9 offer

5th August 2023: I laughed, but… πŸ€” & new freebie to set yourself up for success

4th August 2023: Is it just me doing this? πŸ’• & 3 brand new goodies

3rd August 2023: Check this one thing πŸ’•

2nd August 2023: Improve everything in five minutes πŸ’•

1st August 2023: Everything you need in 3 questions πŸ’• & free no-opt-in comprehensive email training

31st July 2023: When things are not working… πŸ€” it all goes down tonight & double bonus

30th July 2023: How to get exceptional results πŸ€” & don’t miss this lifetime deal

29th July 2023: Two beliefs you need πŸ’•& new awesome freebie

28th July 2023: Are you worried about this? πŸ’• & $7 summer flash sale

27th July 2023: Try this … or give up πŸ€” & so many good deals ending

26th July 2023: Which “c” are you today? πŸ€” new goodies & free tips to share with your audience

25th July 2023: Did you lose $100 yesterday like me? πŸ€”

24th July 2023: The important difference πŸ€” free polka dot planner & 70% off self development

23rd July 2023: Are you doing that again? πŸ€” new goodies & last chances

22nd July 2023: The best, most magical result πŸ€” & step by step help

21st July 2023: Future guarantees πŸ€” & so many goodies…

20th July 2023: Easy way πŸ€” last chances + gorgeous free secret bundle

19th July 2023: Not smart enough? πŸ€” new spreadsheet and free pack of articles

18th July 2023: Your future – this not that? πŸ€” new offers and freebies

17th July 2023: Get excited… πŸ€” extra $597 bonus today only

16th July 2023: The four-sentence business plan πŸ’• new & ending awesome offers

15th July 2023: High price πŸ€” rare deals and freebies

14th July 2023: Your path to success πŸ€” new deals and freebies

13th July 2023: Silent dollars πŸ€” new goodies & free 6-module course from Angela

12th July 2023: Which strategy works? πŸ€” my latest launch and a special freebie

11th July 2023: When you have bills to pay πŸ€” new freebies, & build you business with $5.39 kits

10th July 2023: Have you chosen well? πŸ€”

9th July 2023: Worth a thought πŸ€” & awesome freebie & new products

8th July 2023: A fresh start? πŸ’• ending offers & freebie to sell more journals

7th July 2023: Now πŸ€” Thrivecart price hike and free worksheets

6th July 2023: Three things to succeed πŸ€”

5th July 2023: Unfocus (for a while) πŸ€”

4th July 2023: FOMO freeπŸ€” that’s true independence

3rd July 2023: Three quick but important questions πŸ€” & new freebies and offers up to 80% off

2nd July 2023: Don’t give up πŸ€” & free planner worth $60 with commercial rights

1st July 2023: Time to start over? πŸ€” new month, new goodies

30th June 2023: Stocks or skills πŸ€” new things and last chances

27th June 2023: All change πŸ’• & FREE guide and gift card

23rd June 2023: Giving you an extra 2 weeks πŸ’• & $15 gift card to celebrate summer

22nd June 2023: Consistency, but how? πŸ€” & last chances and new help πŸ’•

21st June 2023: Why I disagree with the gurus πŸ€” & new goodiesπŸ’•

20th June 2023: Are you following? πŸ€” & free but too important for the free sectionπŸ’•

19th June 2023: Something important πŸ€” & lots of new treatsπŸ’•

18th June 2023: It’s a thin line πŸ€” my bc stack bonus, freebies, and other goodies πŸ’•

16th June 2023: Lighten your load πŸ€” & new bonus report, freebie, and deals

15th June 2023: Lucky (not just grateful) every day πŸ’• my latest launch is live (plus a vault of freebies)

14th June 2023: How to get it all done ❀️ & crazy new deal

13th June 2023: New you, new life ❀️ free and awesome new tool

12th June 2023: 100% πŸ€” new goodies and freebies

10th June 2023: πŸ’– A new life-changing success tip πŸ’– & last chance to profit from so many goodies

8th June 2023: Super productive procrastinating 😊 plus a new coping workbook and 40% off sale

7th June 2023: Why I’ll buy your product 😊 & unlimited content and accountability

6th June 2023: Do you have this right? πŸ€” & next steps for my new site

5th June 2023: Ready for success πŸ€” & another brand new free mega bundle today

4th June 2023: How long does it take? πŸ€” & free resources that normally cost more than $4K

2nd June 2023: Do this hourly πŸ’•

31st May 2023: Build the bridge πŸ€” a starter plan that works & ending today

30th May 2023: Never be stuck πŸ€” find your style & so many ending deals

29th May 2023: Strategy for promo πŸ’– plus today-only deals & free training/templates

28th May 2023: Beat the 90% odds πŸ€” save 70 or 80% & ending deals and freebies

27th May 2023: What to do about information overload πŸ€” and excessively good freebies and offers

26th May 2023: Profound πŸ€” 85% off sale and other memorial offers

25th May 2023: What are you saying? πŸ€” & our latest launch πŸ’– freebies & offers

23rd May 2023: Pushing buttons πŸ€” & a once a year deal

22nd May 2023: What you do πŸ€” & awesome freebies today (clipart & blog content) + two new bundles

21st May 2023: Alfie says stop already πŸ’– & free create-a-workbook training

19th May 2023: Stepping stones πŸ€” a crazy good offer (or six) & more freebie templates

18th May 2023: Not making enough? πŸ€” plus ending deals, steals, and freebies

17th May 2023: Thinking of trying something else? πŸ€” free promo mockups & end of an era sale

16th May 2023: Like baking bread πŸ€” my latest launch & free ebook to increase your subscriber count

15th May 2023: The end of the road 😱 plus freebies and new goodie

14th May 2023: Empowering thought πŸ€” & awesome new freebies and other goodies

12th May 2023: Where to start… πŸ€” & news and freebies

11th May 2023: Things could be great, but… πŸ€”

10th May 2023: Laptop safety net πŸ’• & new low-cost deals and freebies

5th May 2023: Some days πŸ’• get prepared – few hours only

4th May 2023: Simple πŸ€” & 3800+ free fonts for commercial use

3rd May 2023: Look below the surface πŸ’– & one of the biggest sellers

2nd May 2023: This made me laugh 🀣 don’t start with a blank page + free email training I rate

1st May 2023: Monday magic πŸ₯° + my double bonus with over a million ideas for your shop

30th April 2023: Be the odd one out πŸ€” & free and low-budget training

28th April 2023: Dropped the ball? πŸ€” & lots of new deals and freebies

27th April 2023: Everyday dreams πŸ€” & last few hours for the plr bundle of the year

26th April 2023: Wait, what? πŸ€” last few hours & huge free watercolor bundle

25th April 2023: Long way to go? πŸ€” even more freebies & latest quirky digital planner

24th April 2023: The free lunch πŸ₯° & 100+ freebies (including 2 from me) and 75% off sale

23rd April 2023: Learn anything faster πŸ₯° new planners and freebies

22nd April 2023: Reframing the blips πŸ€” & more new deals and freebies

21st April 2023: Make it yours πŸ€” & another potential business model (or two)

20th April 2023: Shaking things up 🀣 πŸ₯° where I’ve been & all the news…

16th April 2023: Why your business is like baking πŸ₯° & freebies and last chance to get…

15th April 2023: More or less? πŸ€” & awesome weekend deals and freebies

14th April 2023: What you should do 😱 & sell more with gorgeous visuals

13th April 2023: The best promotion strategy 😊 & free training to make Q2 your breakout quarter

11th April 2023: The reverse to do list πŸ₯° monsters end & extra challenge bonus

10th April 2023: Two things you need (and don’t be me) πŸ€” & new (and ending) bits and bobs

9th April 2023: Use your four superpowers πŸ₯° & new freebies and deals

7th April 2023: The right teacher πŸ€” & other good things

6th April 2023: Do you need more info? πŸ€” & awesome deals for the long weekend

5th April 2023: What if nothing works? πŸ’– & my latest monster product & other awesome deals 🀣

4th April 2023: You’re wasting your time doing this πŸ€” new deals and freebies

3rd April 2023: I don’t feel like it πŸ€” & last day for a few goodies or did you miss them already?

2nd April 2023: No details required πŸ’– & get **half back** on how to draw books generator

1st April 2023: Getting good at anything πŸ€” & new month, awesome freebies and other goodies

31st March 2023: Make it happen – here’s how πŸ₯° & it might be an expensive weekend 😱

30th March 2023: Good or great? πŸ€” awesome free and paid goodies today

28th March 2023: What are you doing?πŸ€” officially gobsmacked + freebie to work less this summer

27th March 2023: What are you about to do? πŸ₯° + flipbook creation and other good things

26th March 2023: Progress πŸ€” last chances & more goodies for you

24th March 2023: Relatable help πŸ₯° + too much new and free to fit in (will add next time!)

23rd March 2023: Easy way to simplify your to do list πŸ₯° + my new product & free work at home workbook

22nd March 2023: Don’t do this to yourself πŸ€”

21st March 2023: Useful feedback? πŸ€” + new goodies

20th March 2023: Hustle free πŸ₯° & good things starting and ending today

19th March 2023: Like a baby πŸ’ & a new bonus report

18th March 2023: Keep on going πŸ’– & sales, freebies + bonuses aplenty

17th March 2023: Continuous adventure πŸ€” big sales & spreadsheets for profit plus double bonus

16th March 2023: Instant results πŸ€” & instant freebies

15th March 2023: One day soon πŸ’– & my new course inside

14th March 2023: An easy “no” πŸ€” and 850+ items for $17

13th March 2023: A million ways to profit πŸ’– & new ways!

12th March 2023: Save yourself a ton of grief πŸ€” & new bonus report

10th March 2023: Need to change? πŸ€” & more new and free things

9th March 2023: What to do today πŸ’• & free digital shop accelerator training + oodles of new things

8th March 2023: Be less smart πŸ€”πŸ€£ & my new design training for free

7th March 2023: Don’t know what to do first? πŸ’•

5th March 2023: Another thing (x 100) πŸ€” & take control in 2023

3rd March 2023: Too busy? πŸ’•

2nd March 2023: Ask yourself these questions πŸ€” & last day for spreadsheet launch pricing

1st March 2023: Stiff competition? 😱 start a new business & free journal and workbook

28th February 2023: How to make things easier πŸ’– get your course done & last chance for so much

27th February 2023: Last minute again πŸ€” so many things ending and new beginnings

26th February 2023: Start and finish πŸ’– & 50 free 😊 inspiring content ideas

24th February 2023: The gap πŸ€” & lots of new goodies

23rd February 2023: How to deal with the crazy 😊 & something different from me

22nd February 2023: It’s not the right time 😱

21st February 2023: How to have fewer distractions πŸ’•

20th February 2023: Change without stress πŸ€” & awesome ideas to uplevel your business

19th February 2023: Limitless energy ⚑ & journal freebie pack with commercial rights

17th February 2023: One way to get streets ahead πŸ’– new goodies today & last day for $20 giftcard

16th February 2023: What works for you? πŸ€” & so much for so little

15th February 2023: Nail the basics πŸ’– a freebie to get today

14th February 2023: Don’t know what to do? πŸ’• new discounts galore & $20 coupon

13th February 2023: The secret of your future πŸ’• $20 gift card for everyone

12th February 2023: Busy doing the wrong things? πŸ€” + new freebies and other goodie

10th February 2023: Shortest path to success πŸ€” & free Pinterest course

9th February 2023: Less noise… πŸ₯° & lots of new goodies

8th February 2023: Just a quick reminder to download the free goodies before time runs out

7th February 2023: Don’t wait for your version of perfect πŸ’– 50% off everything & 1000+ free graphics bundle

6th February 2023: Your perfect business πŸ’– & last chance ever

5th February 2023: The success gap 😊 & ways to fill it…

4th February 2023: The key to success πŸ’– & new goodies

2nd February 2023: The way to take action πŸ€” & new product from me + free $3K training bundleπŸ’–

1st February 2023: So true πŸ€” & new bonus report πŸ’–

31st January 2023: Like a fish 😊 last chance to save

30th January 2023: Too much to do? πŸ₯° follow these ladies and succeed

29th January 2023: Too harsh? πŸ’– making bacon & prices about to double

27th January 2023: Get results πŸ’– new goodies & awesome freebies

26th January 2023: New beginning (or not) πŸ€” & new goodies and last chances

25th January 2023: Happy side of the seesaw 😊 & a brilliant new bundle including my new journal

24th January 2023: Half the time πŸ€” 100 freebies & something from me you can’t afford to neglect

23rd January 2023: Breaking your bad πŸ’– & a perfect business model and bonus combo?

22nd January 2023: No labels πŸ’– & 6 new deals and freebies

20th January 2023: Win the game πŸ’– & more new things than you can shake a stick at!

19th January 2023: Be the ten per cent πŸ‘€ how to win the chatgpt war (ethically) + 2 new freebies

18th January 2023: One vicious circle to avoid 😱 & free-to-use anywhere creation from me

17th January 2023: Even with a whole apple orchard… 😱 new deals and freebies

16th January 2023: The best choice for you! πŸ’– & a few new things and last chances…

15th January 2023: Why are you doing that? πŸ€” new deals and freebies

13th January 2023: Not quite ready? πŸ€”

12th January 2023: Box of chocolates πŸ€” go deeper and flourish

11th January 2023: Unexpectedly wealthy… πŸ’­ & amazing $3 deal

10th January 2023: Expectations πŸ€” new things & last day news

9th January 2023: Do it badly! πŸ’– + two remarkable new content packs

8th January 2023: It’s a gift! πŸ’– + new useful freebies and deals

6th January 2023: Missing from your site (probably not what you’re thinking) ? πŸ€” & get a free quality ebook to sell

5th January 2023: Your projects 😊 & two new bonus reports πŸ’–

4th January 2023: A little bit obsessive and my office woes 😊 & 55 ways to save money

3rd January 2023: You’re right! πŸ’– get the word written for your site & $238 in free graphics

2nd January 2023: Be a pearl fisher πŸ€” so many deals ending and freebies

1st January 2023: The one thing a day strategy πŸ€” make it easy for yourself this year!

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