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Newsletter 26th September 2022: Like a lumberjack 🀣 low-end offers are the bee’s knees

Hi I don't know why I find it so hard toΒ work on one thing until I get it done, but I do. Today I've been like a lumberjack sawing away at one tree and making a mark on it, only to move onto the...

Newsletter 25th September 2022: Big things today πŸ’• & promote your 10-day

Hi Thought for the day if you're battling (or about to battle) with a big, meaty (or meat-free 🀣) project ... and often, when time is short, ten minutes at a time!Β  πŸ’–...

Newsletter 23rd September 2022: My face 😱 plus awesome new things and freebies

Hi If you feel like you're not getting enough done, join the club! There's always so much to do when you're in business for yourself. When one project is done (if ever!) there's more that you could...

Previous Newsletters

22nd September 2022: Needing a vacation πŸ€” & there’s something on everyone’s mind

21st September 2022: I’m so glad to be wrong (again 🀣)

20th September 2022: My big rocks 😱 & new things!

19th September 2022: I was okay until the horse…😒

18th September 2022: Minus one project πŸ€” & last chance for many awesome deals and freebies

17th September 2022: The best day πŸ’• & join me on Elizabeth’s free 10-day offer training

16th September 2022: Something different…πŸ’•

15th September 2022: Too busy looking πŸ’– & 13 awesome products for $7

14th September 2022: Once but not twice πŸ’– & more goodies

13th September 2022: Start with something πŸ’– & oodles of new things for you

12th September 2022: Will I or won’t I ? πŸ€” & free training

11th September 2022: Zoom in 😊 & lots of freebies

10th September 2022: Just free things for you today πŸ’–πŸ₯°

9th September 2022: Better times are coming πŸ’•

8th September 2022: Fake work? πŸ€” & shiny new things

7th September 2022: Animal problems 🀣 & last chance $20 gift card

6th September 2022: You and me 40 days older πŸ€” exclusive rights

5th September 2022: Take care of this today? πŸ˜€πŸ₯° a $7 unicorn and today-only sales

4th September 2022: Why not you? πŸ€” & free pinterest training

2nd September 2022: Subtraction magic πŸ€” & $20 gift card for you

1st September 2022: Dealing with roadblocks πŸ€” & free training for course creators

31st August 2022: Are you sitting comfortably? πŸ₯° 550 free creative stock photos

30th August 2022: How to make things happen – a game changer πŸ€” & an awesome free course

29th August 2022: Is this your problem, too? πŸ€” & summer jamboree sale

28th August 2022: How to get motivated πŸ€” and templates from a jar

27th August 2022: Truth, right here πŸ’•

26th August 2022: What will they say? πŸ€” challenge time & another awesome freebie

25th August 2022: The one about opening doors πŸ₯° & an awesome freebie

24th August 2022: She rewrote it to change everything πŸ₯° & new freebie & deals

23rd August 2022: How long does it take? πŸ€” & one skill you can’t do without

22nd August 2022: Consistency is overrated πŸ€” & awesome new freebie and deals

21st August 2022: Go you πŸ’– & 30 free fillable content ideas

19th August 2022: What to do first 😊 & a 40% off coupon

18th August 2022: No more broken plates 🀣 & free perpetual traffic (or almost)

17th August 2022: The best training course ever? πŸ€” and my new book on Amazon

16th August 2022: Another thing I love about online business πŸ₯°

15th August 2022: What are you thinking? πŸ€” & join us today

14th August 2022: A great day to… 😊 and a new fun product

13th August 2022: Sharing some pics today πŸ’• and some awesome new and ending deals

12th August 2022: If you can’t get started πŸ’– & best value training for starting online

11th August 2022: A peachy gift for you πŸ₯°

10th August 2022: I’m someone who…πŸ’– flash sale on some of the best courses

9th August 2022: Perfect for Affinity users πŸ’– no template left behind!

8th August 2022: My #1 productivity tip

7th August 2022: Will you do this? πŸ€” free content and easy peasy book

5th August 2022: Alfie is two πŸ₯° & a flash sale

4th August 2022: Problems and solutions πŸ€” plus bright ideas and a gorgeous freebie

3rd August 2022: Sprinting to the finish, or are you? πŸ€”I have new things!

2nd August 2022: What are your intentions? πŸ€” & get your next lead magnet for the price of a latte

31st July 2022: About to give up ☹️ then… 😊 & free training πŸ’–

30th July 2022: Zigging and zagging ⚑& a new bonus report

29th July 2022: Little productivity hack πŸ’‘& peachy things from me today

28th July 2022: It’s a trap πŸ€” & four especially sweet new deals

26th July 2022: New plans? πŸ€”

25th July 2022: Big hairy goals πŸ₯° & free opt in ideas

24th July 2022: Where the crawdads sing πŸ’– & awesome deals today

23rd July 2022: One step to take πŸ’– & an awesome free journal with commercial rights

22nd July 2022: What if it all goes horribly wrong…? πŸ€” Our latest product πŸ’–

21st July 2022: What I know about you 😎 & free training guide

20th July 2022: There’s always something…& more awesomeness

19th July 2022: Confession time

18th July 2022: Your magical week πŸ’• & and let it go 🎈

17th July 2022: This is how we all do it πŸ’– 1-2-3-4 new things, plus freebies & ending deals

15th July 2022: Doing 10% πŸ€” awesome freebie today

14th July 2022: Double your output without stressing out πŸ’– $80 off my course

13th July 2022: Are you doing this just in case? πŸ€”

12th July 2022: Do this every day πŸ’–and some sweet new (and ending) deals

11th July 2022: Create great work more often πŸ’– & $2.5k in freebies today

10th July 2022: How to make this week count 😊 & last day for many things

9th July 2022: What you need more than action πŸ’– The best sale for 68 years!

8th July 2022: My newest freebie getting things done tip πŸ’– & even more new things

7th July 2022: Press the reset button πŸ”˜ & 1-2-3-4 new products including one from me

6th July 2022: Could this be why it feels so hard? πŸ€” & free course about freebies!

5th July 2022: Forget the details πŸ€” two new products and last days not to miss

4th July 2022: Six months to make a difference 😊 & new freebie, sale, and product

3rd July 2022: No doubt about it πŸ’• and new goodies galore

1st July 2022: Oh the relief! πŸ’– and big savings from Suzi


30th June 2022: The solution to all your problems πŸ’• & free report – 6 easy things to sell

29th June 2022: Last day for $9 deals 😊

29th June 2022: How much is too much?πŸ’‘& launch your course in 5 days freebie

28th June 2022: Are you ready to knock it out of the park? πŸ’‘

27th June 2022: Be a deliberate ignoramus πŸ€” and three shiny new things

26th June 2022: Are you next? πŸ’– & 3400 free fonts for commercial use

25th June 2022: Is the most expensive always the best? πŸ€” you be the judge

24th June 2022: Time to give up on templates? πŸ€” and three brand new things

23rd June 2022: My shortest ever email? πŸ€”…but the best $9 deals 😊

23rd June 2022: So many good ideas…three brand new things & last day of my retirement sale πŸ’•

22nd June 2022: Making hay and a mega retirement sale from me πŸ’–

21st June 2022: Medium rare

20th June 2022: This week is pivotal for you (and me) 😊 and free training you don’t have to sign up for

19th June 2022: Which gap is affecting you? πŸ€” great freebie today & last few hours for two mega deals

18th June 2022: Quantity = quality, what? πŸ’– new bonus and a new (to me) seller

17th June 2022: Be more sloth πŸ€” new shiny things and freebies

16th June 2022: Back from the future πŸ€” and don’t miss this…

15th June 2022: If you think it’s difficult πŸ’– and freebie – #1 secret top affiliates use to make more

14th June 2022: Be like Michelangelo πŸ’– so much ending, an exclusive bonus & freebie

13th June 2022: Swamped and my secrets are out! 😱 & 7 day profits freebie

12th June 2022: Prioritize this (not Doritos) 😎 & last chance for 5 great deals

11th June 2022: Never say never, but it’s limited πŸ€” instagram baby steps & profitable summer.

10th June 2022: What to do for the rest of your life πŸ€” & niche planning kit with commercial rights πŸ’–

9th June 2022: Where are your feet? πŸ’•

8th June 2022: I’m doing this wrong (again) ☹️ new bonus & a digital P.S. freebie today πŸ’•

7th June 2022: The computer said no ☹️

6th June 2022: Try on different shoes in business (or life) πŸ€” & don’t miss today’s freebies

5th June 2022: Building a difficult habit πŸ€”

3rd June 2022: Sell more (with one sentence) & bundle resistance is futile 🀣

2nd June 2022: What you don’t know πŸ€” & today’s freebie

1st June 2022: Your successful summer? 😎 and a month of freebies

31st May 2022: Don’t set a goal you can achieve… wait, what? πŸ€” & so many endings

30th May 2022: Slap doubt in the face 😎 70% off sale and a new summer bundle πŸ’•

29th May 2022: You, in a year from now…? πŸ’•

28th May 2022: Do it anyway because… πŸ’–

27th May 2022: Be more lumberjack πŸ’• $20 bribe continues…

26th May 2022: A penny (or $20) for your thoughts πŸ’•

25th May 2022: Not what you learned in school 😊 & new things for pennies

24th May 2022: Potential blips & new fun & chic products for today 😊

23rd May 2022: Where are you on the success continuum? πŸ€” plus exciting new tools

22nd May 2022: Smart unlearning and play πŸ’–free classes + three things ending

21st May 2022: Thought for the weekend πŸ’• a brand new product from me ($10) & other news

20th May 2022: Have you decided… ? πŸ’• & new superdeals

19th May 2022: When things get tough, do this… πŸ’– and new sales with bonuses

18th May 2022: Paying attention πŸ’• & new quirky product

17th May 2022: We’re all a little mad around here 🀣 & two new bonuses πŸ’•

16th May 2022: Build an empire with this πŸ’–

15th May 2022: Are you on a waitlist? πŸ’– stop already!

14th May 2022: Yes, you can πŸ’– 30 days to skyrocket your traffic and other news

13th May 2022: What do you expect of yourself? πŸ’• and last chance to save $50

12th May 2022: What to do if you get easily distracted πŸ’–

11th May 2022: Build a scalable income, starting today πŸ’–

10th May 2022: The perfect cheese keeps moving 😱 & great activity niche + flash sale

9th May 2022: What are you thinking? πŸ’– and last chance for so many goodies

8th May 2022: Divide and conquer technique πŸ’– last day & a niche in demand

7th May 2022: Confession time πŸ’– & deals for mothers and everyone else too

6th May 2022: Enough with the hamsters already πŸ’– and a new product from me

5th May 2022: You don’t have to do that…or that πŸ’• & more new things & freebies

4th May 2022: Ugh! I failed… 😱 and so much news

1st May 2022: Looking at the Mediterranean 😎 & last chance offers

29th April 2022: For those “I should do that” moments πŸ’• & free 52 page journal

28th April 2022: A huge help (sometimes free) πŸ™‚

27th April 2022: I had no choice… 😱 and my latest product out today plus a shiny new fun course

26th April 2022: Finding “the one” in business & don’t miss out – last day deals

25th April 2022: Gone in a flash ⚑ and $2115.99 for $27

22nd April 2022: Another time saver πŸ’• & stock your shop for 5 or 10 dollars!

21st April 2022: Biggest time saver by far (but you probably won’t like it) ☹️

20th April 2022: Doing it solo πŸ’– sell printables from your own site & a lucrative market to explore

19th April 2022: No more blank pages, new things, and a gorgeous freebie πŸ’–

18th April 2022: Do less & make more πŸ’• last days and new things

17th April 2022: E ☹️ and F πŸ˜€ days & free email training

16th April 2022: The pandemic finally caught me ☹️

15th April 2022: 356 too many

14th April 2022: Whatever “they” say, don’t buy…plus 50% off deal and two more new things

13th April 2022: How to earn more from your business πŸ’•new planner & flash sales

12th April 2022: If you don’t know what to do… here’s a simple solution πŸ’•

11th April 2022: Just put it out there & lots of new goodies including my latest product 🏑

10th April 2022: Mind the gap πŸ’•assume nothing, and get what you need before these deals disappear tonight

9th April 2022: You’re not behind πŸ’• but don’t miss out on deals ending soon

8th April 2022: What to do if you get nothing done all day… & new flash sales, steals and deals

7th April 2022: Do this instead…& last few hours, don’t miss out 😢

6th April 2022: Your future self, bonus news, and amazing new things

5th April 2022: When you start something… πŸš€ 60% off and new goodies

4th April 2022: How to 100x the value of anything, free training & an exclusive new bonus

3rd April 2022: how to be happy in business (and life) ~~~ plus emails that sell

2nd April 2022: Another chance plus two new bonuses πŸ’–

1st April 2022: Finally back in business πŸŽ‰ All new products & bonus news

27th March 2022: Please don’t pay me anything (not a joke) ☹️

26th March 2022: Weekend decluttering for your mind πŸ’– plus daily money and freebies for all!

25th March 2022: Lucky you and the lazy way to success πŸ’–

24th March 2022: Wet feet πŸ’• & three new things

23rd March 2022: The finishing rule πŸ’• and my latest product

22nd March 2022: When you’re out of options ⭐ free gift card & new priceless workshopπŸ’•

21st March 2022: Power hours, four ending things and a new flash sale

20th March 2022: Three things to quit right now πŸ’– new things and free PLR course and challenge

19th March 2022: Slip ups πŸ’– and did you catch the free training?

18th March 2022: Annoying quotes and a 57% discount

17th March 2022: How to make green (with envy) a thing of the past! & more free training

16th March 2022: How to grow your list πŸ’– and new freebie training

15th March 2022: The next two weeks are critical & a new product from me πŸ’–

14th March 2022: The next two weeks are critical & a new product from me πŸ’–

13th March 2022: My biggest source of overwhelm…& so many freeeeeebies

12th March 2022: Stop and think (tomorrow) & another lifetime deal πŸ’•

11th March 2022: It’s the right time & a lifetime deal

10th March 2022: The worst promotional strategy ever 😱

9th March 2022: Feel like you’re not ready? 🎁 & don’t pay for this calendar

8th March 2022: If you’re doing it solo, that’s okay, dive in!

7th March 2022: Last day to use your gift card and get my secrets ⭐ more new things

6th March 2022: Profit streaks, low content intel, and new stuff. ⭐

5th March 2022: πŸ’– Magical numbers + new things

4th March 2022: First birthday thank you ($17) gift card, inside scoop πŸ’–+ new things

3rd March 2022: Build on what’s working ⭐ and shiny, new things πŸ’–

2nd March 2022: How to enjoy your work more & get crafty ⭐

1st March 2022: Rock star good & new perpetual profit! πŸŽ‰


28th February 2022: One of six checkpoints & three brilliant new things! ⭐⭐⭐

27th February 2022: Changes ahoy! 😊

26th February 2022: With or without your help 😊 and 15 money making course ideas

25th February 2022: You 2.0 ⭐ & how to make more from printables πŸ’–

24th February 2022: I need… & my latest done-for-you product to get organized (and sell) πŸ’–

23rd February 2022: Quit while you’re ahead (really!) and two shiny new things

22nd February 2022: The best thing to do πŸ’– last days & pretty new products

21st February 2022: What will you do with it? πŸ’– and new bonus and products

20th February 2022: My 2c has paws 🐢 and new goodies πŸ’–

19th February 2022: Does your to do list need a re-set? ⭐ new freebie and last day for pre-sale on canva success kit

18th February 2022: Two questions πŸ’– 40% off sale and a training bonanza

17th February 2022: When they ask you why… ☹️ two new things (and one last chance)

16th February 2022: Everything changes (and what to do about it) πŸŽ‰website help and so much more

15th February 2022: More sausages on the BBQπŸ’–<– crazy talk again 🀣 and new (non-edible) things

14th February 2022: All the good things πŸ’–pre-sale new template training and last few hours so many goodies

13th February 2022: Squeezing oranges (or something like that) <– crazy talk? 🀣

12th February 2022: Up against an obstacle? ☹️ 😊 and more new things plus bonuses

11th February 2022: Today is a great day to… 😊and lots of shiny new things

10th February 2022: You’re not bad at something πŸŽ‰ and sending instant traffic.

9th February 2022: Yes, you can! πŸŽ‰ don’t miss out on last day offer and new quirky pages

8th February 2022: When you’re stuck, use the SGI technique πŸ’–new bonus, workshops, & products

7th February 2022: When you don’t feel like doing the workβ€¦β˜ΉοΈ

6th February 2022: Two questions to ask yourself today πŸ’–

5th February 2022: I made you a free poster πŸ’–

4th February 2022: Dangerous expectations ⚑and shiny new bonus and freebie πŸ’–

3rd February 2022: Money First 🧧

2nd February 2022: How to start βž• finish your work πŸ’–

1st February 2022: Put the cart before the horse 🐴 new month, new bonus, new product

31st January 2022: A fantastic new freebie πŸ’– & what to do if you don’t want or can’t afford a VA

30th January 2022: Another plea for simple things & don’t miss out (last day for so much)!

29th January 2022: Make it simpleπŸ’–then build on it

28th January 2022: Genius tip from Andrea & shiny new things πŸ’–

27th January 2022: It’s a numbers game or is it?

26th January 2022: 6-0 6-0 6-0 for sure 🀣and my latest launch

25th January 2022: How weird is this? 🀣 & bonus for gorgeous new products

24th January 2022: Last day for your $15 gift card and 50% off

23rd January 2022: The secret they don’t tell you 🀣 and a gift card for you

22nd January 2022: You’re fired (me too!) 🀣 new bonus & something different

21st January 2022: A simple powerful quoteπŸ’–and the perfect seven dollar product?

20th January 2022: Which movie are you in? πŸ’– plus a new bundle with a difference

19th January 2022: Is this stopping you? 😒 & a few fun new things

18th January 2022: What corn dogs can teach you about business πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–

17th January 2022: The dog ate my homeworkβ€¦πŸ•β€πŸ¦Ί

16th January 2022: My worst failure of 2021😒 and weekend bonus

15th January 2022: Here’s the answer… 🎁 and new extra bonus

14th January 2022: When the easy button gets stuck, do this… 🎁 reminder, free digital planner

13th January 2022: Take the solo out of preneur πŸ’–success without the overwhelm

12th January 2022: New product from me πŸ’– and think about these six-figure questions for just one minute…

11th January 2022: Just putting it out there…and so much ending today 😒

10th January 2022: Are you working on the right things? πŸ’– plus extra bonus last day

9th January 2022: Extra bonus today and did you miss this gift?🎁

8th January 2022: 🎁Gorgeous gift, putting things off, and an apology… 😒

7th January 2022: Simple miserable business success & more new things.

6th January 2022: How risky is your business plan? πŸŽ€ and so many new things today.

5th January 2022: How to sell according to me 😊

4th January 2022: Extraordinary you…really! πŸ₯° and a belated gift

3rd January 2022: In deletion mode…another experiment 😍

2nd January 2022: Oh my word! πŸ’– and ending tonight tomorrow

1st January 2022: Happy new year & kiss those frogs

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