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Newsletter 17th April 2024: Multiple projects for the win 🤔 & offers and freebies for the win too

Hi I've seen lots of advice about focusing on one thing until you get it done. And I agree with all of that advice. Except I can't make myself follow it. 🤣 I don't seem to have the type of mind that...

Newsletter 16th April 2024: Checklists for everything? 🤔 new goodies & 51 free wedding graphics packages

Hi Checklists are handy. They help you to get stuff done, for sure. And you'll be much more productive if you use a to do list and check things off it than if you just drift through the day. But you...

Newsletter 15th April 2024: 💕 Missing out on work or fun? 😊 Croatia pic & awesome new things

Hi Working hard doesn't mean missing out on all that life has to offer. Especially when you're working on your goals and dreams. At least, that's what I'm telling myself as I get back to work after...

Previous Newsletters

11th April 2024: Find it, don’t fix it 🤔 & 52 lead magnet ideas for all niches

10th April 2024: It’s a fact & new goodies to boost your business

9th April 2024: Procrastination lies? & new goodies

8th April 2024: Valuable procrastination & another excellent ai freebie

7th April 2024: Keep it to yourself 😊 & total eclipse deals

6th April 2024: Your zone of genius 🤔

4th April 2024: Buying time 🤔 and lots of new goodies

3rd April 2024: Oversimplification nonsense

2nd April 2024: Why not me? 🤔 awesome new goodies and free design training

1st April 2024: Expensive freebies? 🤔

31st March 2024: Before I forget to tell you about this

29th March 2024: Turn the page 🤔 my latest product and a game changer for content

28th March 2024: It just takes one second 🤔 the easiest business & last chance for journal creator university

27th March 2024: Ideas 🤔

26th March 2024: Powerful idea 🤔 & awesome freebie

25th March 2024: Starting and finishing 🤔 & succeed with adhd

24th March 2024: Downs and ups 🤔 new Alfie pic & massive sales

21st March 2024: On the right path? 🤔 & so many new goodies with bonuses

20th March 2024: Luck from motion 🤔 last chances & new income or traffic streams for you?

19th March 2024: Which info? 🤔

18th March 2024: Getting to the end 🤔 & free 50 social media ideas

17th March 2024: Blocking all original thought 🤔

16th March 2024: Missing step in step by step? 🤔 & new goodies

15th March 2024: Extreme ownership 🤔 and limited time spreadsheet sale

14th March 2024: Passion missing? 🤔 and 50 free mockups today only

12th March 2024: Good already? 🤔

11th March 2024: A good reason to procrastinate 🤔maybe should have put off decluttering my books 🤣

10th March 2024: Doing what you can 🤔

8th March 2024: Slow productivity to succeed🤔

5th March 2024: Overwhelmed for no reason? 🤔 & new goodies for you

4th March 2024: Blue-bottomed insects? 🤔 50 free gifts included

3rd March 2024: Scary 🤔

2nd March 2024: Great expectations 🤔


28th February 2024: Special staycation 💕 & one dollar content and one day only mega deal

27th February 2024: I’m a bit of a junkie 🤔 extra bonus for love cash & 60 free products

26th February 2024: My secret past 💕 & new cute product from me

25th February 2024: you’re right 💕

24th February 2024: free and happy? 💕 new goodies and ending deals

23rd February 2024: The most important step 💕

22nd February 2024: but it takes so long and last chance for some awesome goodies

21st February 2024: Awesome when you think about it 🤔 + free printable powerhouse guide

20th February 2024: Not motivated? 🤔 new goodies & last chances

19th February 2024: This is everything 🤔 new goodies & last chances

18th February 2024: Disappointed? 🤔

16th February 2024: So poor 🤔

15th February 2024: The A and I that actually count 😊 and the best value for peanuts

14th February 2024: Love your business like a baby 💕

13th February 2024: What you want… 🤔 & my latest quirky product

12th February 2024: I can’t even… 🤔 freebies worth over $4k & last chances

11th February 2024: Chipping away 🤔 the #1 secret to make more (freebie) & 450 free designs

10th February 2024: The potential trap 🤔 & time-saving goodies for a steal

9th February 2024: Are you busy? 💕 find your low hanging fruit & follow the roadmap to success

8th February 2024: Regrets, I had a few… 💕 & great offers and freebies today

7th February 2024: Eat away at the gap 💕 & the easy way to create a $9 monthly club

6th February 2024: Decisions! 💕 & new goodies

5th February 2024: Upsides! 💕 & offers that start and end today…

4th February 2024: That’ll be a “no” then 😊 & get in quickly

2nd February 2024: Speeding along 😊 & time to sell

1st February 2024: New places and new starts 😊 & 170 free products worth $7500+

31st January 2024: If you don’t hear from me again…🤔 & 7 hours free Etsy classes

30th January 2024: Waste of $92… 🤔

29th January 2024: In the mud… 🤔 fun new products & free design workshop

28th January 2024: Because people are people 💕 & awesome deals & freebies

25th January 2024: Because life and tech happen 💕& get my brand new product in Ruthie’s bundle

24th January 2024: Most people 💕

22nd January 2024: Mirror time 🤔 & new goodies

21st January 2024: Do it anyway 🤔 website or Etsy shop in no time & 2 new free goodies

20th January 2024: The x factor 🤔 & any 10 items free!

19th January 2024: Your IC rating 🤔 & new $9 deal

18th January 2024: Expensive habit 🤔 & more free content and goodies for your business

17th January 2024: So that’s the one thing 🤔 & no more faffing around

16th January 2024: Half and half experiment 🤔 free kids journal bundle & new goodies

15th January 2024: Finishing soon? 🤔 4 new things & free training

14th January 2024: Update on the 22 habits 🤔 & new goodies for you

11th January 2024: Chasing more… 🤔

10th January 2024: Drop the rest… 🤔 + new goodies for you

9th January 2024: A different way… 🤔 & a new toolbox & business

8th January 2024: Starting today… 🤔

7th January 2024: Do you care? 🤔 & free 365 post ideas

6th January 2024: Avoiding the magic 🤔 & free Canva training

5th January 2024: 46 mugs 🤣 & a few last chances

4th January 2024: Motivation 101 😊 & declutter your home like a boss

3rd January 2024: Crazy start to 2024 😊 & last day for 70% off

2nd January 2024: No holding back 😊 1k new free things & a few things running out

1st January 2024: In with the new 😊 & more freebie page

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