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Newsletter 26th November 2023: What matters πŸ’• ending deals & brand-new offers!

Hi If you have something big you want to achieve, it's generally not the action steps to achieve it that are the problem. It's everything else that gets in the way. The trivialities of life...

22nd November 2023: How to get on faster πŸ’• & more whole store discounts

Hi Apparently, there's a saying in Alcoholics Anonymous that all progress starts with telling the truth. So when you're making your plans for the week, the month, or the year to come, ask...

Newsletter 24th November 2023: Who are you shopping for? πŸ€” & brand new deals and bonuses

Hi If you're shopping today (and if you are, it's a good day to get an amazing bargain or two) remember who you're shopping for. Are you shopping as an entrepreneur who needs training, tools, and,...

Previous Newsletters

23rd November 2023: Quick note πŸ’• thank you, freebies from me, & a $20 gift voucher

22nd November 2023: How to get on faster πŸ’• & more whole store discounts

21st November 2023: Achieving the impossible in 2024 πŸ’ my special deal & 99% off for writers

20th November 2023: Easier buying decisions πŸ’• & shiny new offers

19th November 2023: Still working on it? πŸ’• & doors closing today

17th November 2023: Broke, overwhelmed, or tired? πŸ’• & awesome new things

16th November 2023: What a waste! πŸ’• & new goodies for your business

15th November 2023: England today πŸ’• new courses, babies, and lady bosses

14th November 2023: Blinkers needed? 😟 & some brand new deals + 500 freebie graphics

13th November 2023: The only reason πŸ’• & some handpicked deals

12th November 2023: How to expand time πŸ’•& new goodies

11th November 2023: Refunding πŸ€” & new ideas / freebies for you

10th November 2023: Quitting πŸ€” & free lead magnet pack

9th November 2023: As if you mean it πŸ€” & awesome new products and freebies

8th November 2023: Are you an avoider or a limiter? πŸ€” & one more win

7th November 2023: Circles πŸ€” plus awesome free digital shop training and last chances

6th November 2023: Ten year thinking πŸ€” & 130+ new freebies as well as deals you don’t want to miss

5th November 2023: I went to the dark side 😊 & new sales and freebies

3rd November 2023: Focused on results? 😟 last chance for 75% off and our latest product

2nd November 2023: Do less πŸ€” free 2024 template & another thing on my buying list 😊

1st November 2023: Joining the crazy? πŸ€” & awesome early deals

31st October 2023: The universal recipe πŸ€” images that speak to you & free mockups

30th October 2023: I don’t believe it πŸ€” this really is the end of an era (x 3) & important topics

29th October 2023: Ups and downs πŸ€” & the one dollar email

28th October 2023: How long will it take? πŸ€” & new goodies to help you succeed

27th October 2023: How to deal with change πŸ€” + a license to print money

26th October 2023: How to be great πŸ€” + new fun income stream & roll back deal

25th October 2023: Obstacles? πŸ€” & new must-get deals

24th October 2023: The next six months πŸ€” niche journals & free 50 digital product ideas

23rd October 2023: Do you relate? πŸ€” & do not miss this + 30 special free graphic sets

22nd October 2023: A mouse? πŸ€” & two new freebies to grab

21st October 2023: Done for the year 😊 & awesome new goodies

19th October 2023: No waiting required πŸ€” & shop closes for good

18th October 2023: A special shop in Berlin πŸ€” & dime sale gorgeous digital planners to check out quickly

17th October 2023: Like fine wine πŸ€” plus new & retired goodies

16th October 2023: Putting things off πŸ€”

15th October 2023: Be mindful of this πŸ’• & a few shiny new things

14th October 2023: When things go wrong πŸ’• & awesome things for you

13th October 2023: Success made quicker πŸ’• useful templates and cute freebie

12th October 2023: Do you do this too? πŸ’• & my brand new cute product

11th October 2023: My why πŸ’• & new profit-building launches

10th October 2023: Just three things πŸ’• & grow your business for free

9th October 2023: Is that all there is? 😱 & 4 new freebies

8th October 2023: Second guessing πŸ’• feeling stuck? & 9250 lifetime elements?

7th October 2023: Love this… πŸ’• & lots of new goodies

6th October 2023: Getting started πŸ’• & my $27 product for free + weekend flash sale

5th October 2023: Too much competition? πŸ€” & 36 free content creation tools (awesome!)

4th October 2023: Reasonable effort only πŸ€” last days & something to finally get done

3rd October 2023: Good to remember πŸ’• just a few hours left & awesome new goodies

2nd October 2023: Guilty! πŸ€” & what I just bought (get in under the wire too)

1st October 2023: Wasting your time? πŸ€” & new goodies to share

14th September 2023: Planning something awesome? πŸ€” & other news…

13th September 2023: Climbing high πŸ€” & don’t miss out on today’s goodies

12th September 2023: About the things you’ll do this weekπŸ€”

11th September 2023: And your strategy is…? πŸ€” & new goodies for you

10th September 2023: Every little thing πŸ’• & check out the freebie section (available today only)

8th September 2023: 10x your motivation πŸ’• & a special double bonus to help Michelle

7th September 2023: When you can 😊

6th September 2023: Mix it up πŸ’• & fresh new products for your business

5th September 2023: The best you πŸ€” six figure systems for $5

4th September 2023: Minimize this one thing πŸ€” free 100k workbook & should you buy a bundle?

3rd September 2023: Life changing 101 πŸ’• labor, pixels, zen, & shadows

1st September 2023: This sort of works πŸ’• & lots of new goodies

31st August 2023: How to instantly improve your life πŸ€” & awesome free thank you page training

30th August 2023: Failed again πŸ€” & what I’ve been doing lately

29th August 2023: JGI wisdom πŸ€” & latest product from me & free pin training

28th August 2023: The success puzzle πŸ€” & be unstoppable

27th August 2023: Here’s hoping πŸ€” & low prices ending

25th August 2023: Are you missing this step? πŸ€” new goodies & freebies

24th August 2023: Reach any goal πŸ€”

23rd August 2023: Blueprint for success πŸ€”

22nd August 2023: Adulting today πŸ€” new offers, freebie & rollback

21st August 2023: Feeling behind? πŸ€” & new Canva template kits and training

20th August 2023: The secret to getting there πŸ€” & new free goodies

18th August 2023: Trying 3-3-3 πŸ€” 4 new goodies + last chances to save

17th August 2023: How high?πŸ’•

16th August 2023: It’s enough πŸ’•

15th August 2023: Big changes πŸ’• new goodies & last day for 2024 Smartphone Planner

14th August 2023: How to find an awesome idea πŸ’• & dare to be unique

13th August 2023: How to be consistent (easily) πŸ’• two super new freebies + awesome flash sales

12th August 2023: What to do when you’re too busy πŸ’• new regular feature & help in case you missed out

10th August 2023: What you don’t know 😱

9th August 2023: When you don’t feel like working 😱

8th August 2023: Does your business pass these two tests? πŸ’•

6th August 2023: Is this what’s missing from your business? πŸ€” new $9 offer

5th August 2023: I laughed, but… πŸ€” & new freebie to set yourself up for success

4th August 2023: Is it just me doing this? πŸ’• & 3 brand new goodies

3rd August 2023: Check this one thing πŸ’•

2nd August 2023: Improve everything in five minutes πŸ’•

1st August 2023: Everything you need in 3 questions πŸ’• & free no-opt-in comprehensive email training

31st July 2023: When things are not working… πŸ€” it all goes down tonight & double bonus

30th July 2023: How to get exceptional results πŸ€” & don’t miss this lifetime deal

29th July 2023: Two beliefs you need πŸ’•& new awesome freebie

28th July 2023: Are you worried about this? πŸ’• & $7 summer flash sale

27th July 2023: Try this … or give up πŸ€” & so many good deals ending

26th July 2023: Which “c” are you today? πŸ€” new goodies & free tips to share with your audience

25th July 2023: Did you lose $100 yesterday like me? πŸ€”

24th July 2023: The important difference πŸ€” free polka dot planner & 70% off self development

23rd July 2023: Are you doing that again? πŸ€” new goodies & last chances

22nd July 2023: The best, most magical result πŸ€” & step by step help

21st July 2023: Future guarantees πŸ€” & so many goodies…

20th July 2023: Easy way πŸ€” last chances + gorgeous free secret bundle

19th July 2023: Not smart enough? πŸ€” new spreadsheet and free pack of articles

18th July 2023: Your future – this not that? πŸ€” new offers and freebies

17th July 2023: Get excited… πŸ€” extra $597 bonus today only

16th July 2023: The four-sentence business plan πŸ’• new & ending awesome offers

15th July 2023: High price πŸ€” rare deals and freebies

14th July 2023: Your path to success πŸ€” new deals and freebies

13th July 2023: Silent dollars πŸ€” new goodies & free 6-module course from Angela

12th July 2023: Which strategy works? πŸ€” my latest launch and a special freebie

11th July 2023: When you have bills to pay πŸ€” new freebies, & build you business with $5.39 kits

10th July 2023: Have you chosen well? πŸ€”

9th July 2023: Worth a thought πŸ€” & awesome freebie & new products

8th July 2023: A fresh start? πŸ’• ending offers & freebie to sell more journals

7th July 2023: Now πŸ€” Thrivecart price hike and free worksheets

6th July 2023: Three things to succeed πŸ€”

5th July 2023: Unfocus (for a while) πŸ€”

4th July 2023: FOMO freeπŸ€” that’s true independence

3rd July 2023: Three quick but important questions πŸ€” & new freebies and offers up to 80% off

2nd July 2023: Don’t give up πŸ€” & free planner worth $60 with commercial rights

1st July 2023: Time to start over? πŸ€” new month, new goodies

30th June 2023: Stocks or skills πŸ€” new things and last chances

27th June 2023: All change πŸ’• & FREE guide and gift card

23rd June 2023: Giving you an extra 2 weeks πŸ’• & $15 gift card to celebrate summer

22nd June 2023: Consistency, but how? πŸ€” & last chances and new help πŸ’•

21st June 2023: Why I disagree with the gurus πŸ€” & new goodiesπŸ’•

20th June 2023: Are you following? πŸ€” & free but too important for the free sectionπŸ’•

19th June 2023: Something important πŸ€” & lots of new treatsπŸ’•

18th June 2023: It’s a thin line πŸ€” my bc stack bonus, freebies, and other goodies πŸ’•

16th June 2023: Lighten your load πŸ€” & new bonus report, freebie, and deals

15th June 2023: Lucky (not just grateful) every day πŸ’• my latest launch is live (plus a vault of freebies)

14th June 2023: How to get it all done ❀️ & crazy new deal

13th June 2023: New you, new life ❀️ free and awesome new tool

12th June 2023: 100% πŸ€” new goodies and freebies

10th June 2023: πŸ’– A new life-changing success tip πŸ’– & last chance to profit from so many goodies

8th June 2023: Super productive procrastinating 😊 plus a new coping workbook and 40% off sale

7th June 2023: Why I’ll buy your product 😊 & unlimited content and accountability

6th June 2023: Do you have this right? πŸ€” & next steps for my new site

5th June 2023: Ready for success πŸ€” & another brand new free mega bundle today

4th June 2023: How long does it take? πŸ€” & free resources that normally cost more than $4K

2nd June 2023: Do this hourly πŸ’•

31st May 2023: Build the bridge πŸ€” a starter plan that works & ending today

30th May 2023: Never be stuck πŸ€” find your style & so many ending deals

29th May 2023: Strategy for promo πŸ’– plus today-only deals & free training/templates

28th May 2023: Beat the 90% odds πŸ€” save 70 or 80% & ending deals and freebies

27th May 2023: What to do about information overload πŸ€” and excessively good freebies and offers

26th May 2023: Profound πŸ€” 85% off sale and other memorial offers

25th May 2023: What are you saying? πŸ€” & our latest launch πŸ’– freebies & offers

23rd May 2023: Pushing buttons πŸ€” & a once a year deal

22nd May 2023: What you do πŸ€” & awesome freebies today (clipart & blog content) + two new bundles

21st May 2023: Alfie says stop already πŸ’– & free create-a-workbook training

19th May 2023: Stepping stones πŸ€” a crazy good offer (or six) & more freebie templates

18th May 2023: Not making enough? πŸ€” plus ending deals, steals, and freebies

17th May 2023: Thinking of trying something else? πŸ€” free promo mockups & end of an era sale

16th May 2023: Like baking bread πŸ€” my latest launch & free ebook to increase your subscriber count

15th May 2023: The end of the road 😱 plus freebies and new goodie

14th May 2023: Empowering thought πŸ€” & awesome new freebies and other goodies

12th May 2023: Where to start… πŸ€” & news and freebies

11th May 2023: Things could be great, but… πŸ€”

10th May 2023: Laptop safety net πŸ’• & new low-cost deals and freebies

5th May 2023: Some days πŸ’• get prepared – few hours only

4th May 2023: Simple πŸ€” & 3800+ free fonts for commercial use

3rd May 2023: Look below the surface πŸ’– & one of the biggest sellers

2nd May 2023: This made me laugh 🀣 don’t start with a blank page + free email training I rate

1st May 2023: Monday magic πŸ₯° + my double bonus with over a million ideas for your shop

30th April 2023: Be the odd one out πŸ€” & free and low-budget training

28th April 2023: Dropped the ball? πŸ€” & lots of new deals and freebies

27th April 2023: Everyday dreams πŸ€” & last few hours for the plr bundle of the year

26th April 2023: Wait, what? πŸ€” last few hours & huge free watercolor bundle

25th April 2023: Long way to go? πŸ€” even more freebies & latest quirky digital planner

24th April 2023: The free lunch πŸ₯° & 100+ freebies (including 2 from me) and 75% off sale

23rd April 2023: Learn anything faster πŸ₯° new planners and freebies

22nd April 2023: Reframing the blips πŸ€” & more new deals and freebies

21st April 2023: Make it yours πŸ€” & another potential business model (or two)

20th April 2023: Shaking things up 🀣 πŸ₯° where I’ve been & all the news…

16th April 2023: Why your business is like baking πŸ₯° & freebies and last chance to get…

15th April 2023: More or less? πŸ€” & awesome weekend deals and freebies

14th April 2023: What you should do 😱 & sell more with gorgeous visuals

13th April 2023: The best promotion strategy 😊 & free training to make Q2 your breakout quarter

11th April 2023: The reverse to do list πŸ₯° monsters end & extra challenge bonus

10th April 2023: Two things you need (and don’t be me) πŸ€” & new (and ending) bits and bobs

9th April 2023: Use your four superpowers πŸ₯° & new freebies and deals

7th April 2023: The right teacher πŸ€” & other good things

6th April 2023: Do you need more info? πŸ€” & awesome deals for the long weekend

5th April 2023: What if nothing works? πŸ’– & my latest monster product & other awesome deals 🀣

4th April 2023: You’re wasting your time doing this πŸ€” new deals and freebies

3rd April 2023: I don’t feel like it πŸ€” & last day for a few goodies or did you miss them already?

2nd April 2023: No details required πŸ’– & get **half back** on how to draw books generator

1st April 2023: Getting good at anything πŸ€” & new month, awesome freebies and other goodies

31st March 2023: Make it happen – here’s how πŸ₯° & it might be an expensive weekend 😱

30th March 2023: Good or great? πŸ€” awesome free and paid goodies today

28th March 2023: What are you doing?πŸ€” officially gobsmacked + freebie to work less this summer

27th March 2023: What are you about to do? πŸ₯° + flipbook creation and other good things

26th March 2023: Progress πŸ€” last chances & more goodies for you

24th March 2023: Relatable help πŸ₯° + too much new and free to fit in (will add next time!)

23rd March 2023: Easy way to simplify your to do list πŸ₯° + my new product & free work at home workbook

22nd March 2023: Don’t do this to yourself πŸ€”

21st March 2023: Useful feedback? πŸ€” + new goodies

20th March 2023: Hustle free πŸ₯° & good things starting and ending today

19th March 2023: Like a baby πŸ’ & a new bonus report

18th March 2023: Keep on going πŸ’– & sales, freebies + bonuses aplenty

17th March 2023: Continuous adventure πŸ€” big sales & spreadsheets for profit plus double bonus

16th March 2023: Instant results πŸ€” & instant freebies

15th March 2023: One day soon πŸ’– & my new course inside

14th March 2023: An easy “no” πŸ€” and 850+ items for $17

13th March 2023: A million ways to profit πŸ’– & new ways!

12th March 2023: Save yourself a ton of grief πŸ€” & new bonus report

10th March 2023: Need to change? πŸ€” & more new and free things

9th March 2023: What to do today πŸ’• & free digital shop accelerator training + oodles of new things

8th March 2023: Be less smart πŸ€”πŸ€£ & my new design training for free

7th March 2023: Don’t know what to do first? πŸ’•

5th March 2023: Another thing (x 100) πŸ€” & take control in 2023

3rd March 2023: Too busy? πŸ’•

2nd March 2023: Ask yourself these questions πŸ€” & last day for spreadsheet launch pricing

1st March 2023: Stiff competition? 😱 start a new business & free journal and workbook

28th February 2023: How to make things easier πŸ’– get your course done & last chance for so much

27th February 2023: Last minute again πŸ€” so many things ending and new beginnings

26th February 2023: Start and finish πŸ’– & 50 free 😊 inspiring content ideas

24th February 2023: The gap πŸ€” & lots of new goodies

23rd February 2023: How to deal with the crazy 😊 & something different from me

22nd February 2023: It’s not the right time 😱

21st February 2023: How to have fewer distractions πŸ’•

20th February 2023: Change without stress πŸ€” & awesome ideas to uplevel your business

19th February 2023: Limitless energy ⚑ & journal freebie pack with commercial rights

17th February 2023: One way to get streets ahead πŸ’– new goodies today & last day for $20 giftcard

16th February 2023: What works for you? πŸ€” & so much for so little

15th February 2023: Nail the basics πŸ’– a freebie to get today

14th February 2023: Don’t know what to do? πŸ’• new discounts galore & $20 coupon

13th February 2023: The secret of your future πŸ’• $20 gift card for everyone

12th February 2023: Busy doing the wrong things? πŸ€” + new freebies and other goodie

10th February 2023: Shortest path to success πŸ€” & free Pinterest course

9th February 2023: Less noise… πŸ₯° & lots of new goodies

8th February 2023: Just a quick reminder to download the free goodies before time runs out

7th February 2023: Don’t wait for your version of perfect πŸ’– 50% off everything & 1000+ free graphics bundle

6th February 2023: Your perfect business πŸ’– & last chance ever

5th February 2023: The success gap 😊 & ways to fill it…

4th February 2023: The key to success πŸ’– & new goodies

2nd February 2023: The way to take action πŸ€” & new product from me + free $3K training bundleπŸ’–

1st February 2023: So true πŸ€” & new bonus report πŸ’–

31st January 2023: Like a fish 😊 last chance to save

30th January 2023: Too much to do? πŸ₯° follow these ladies and succeed

29th January 2023: Too harsh? πŸ’– making bacon & prices about to double

27th January 2023: Get results πŸ’– new goodies & awesome freebies

26th January 2023: New beginning (or not) πŸ€” & new goodies and last chances

25th January 2023: Happy side of the seesaw 😊 & a brilliant new bundle including my new journal

24th January 2023: Half the time πŸ€” 100 freebies & something from me you can’t afford to neglect

23rd January 2023: Breaking your bad πŸ’– & a perfect business model and bonus combo?

22nd January 2023: No labels πŸ’– & 6 new deals and freebies

20th January 2023: Win the game πŸ’– & more new things than you can shake a stick at!

19th January 2023: Be the ten per cent πŸ‘€ how to win the chatgpt war (ethically) + 2 new freebies

18th January 2023: One vicious circle to avoid 😱 & free-to-use anywhere creation from me

17th January 2023: Even with a whole apple orchard… 😱 new deals and freebies

16th January 2023: The best choice for you! πŸ’– & a few new things and last chances…

15th January 2023: Why are you doing that? πŸ€” new deals and freebies

13th January 2023: Not quite ready? πŸ€”

12th January 2023: Box of chocolates πŸ€” go deeper and flourish

11th January 2023: Unexpectedly wealthy… πŸ’­ & amazing $3 deal

10th January 2023: Expectations πŸ€” new things & last day news

9th January 2023: Do it badly! πŸ’– + two remarkable new content packs

8th January 2023: It’s a gift! πŸ’– + new useful freebies and deals

6th January 2023: Missing from your site (probably not what you’re thinking) ? πŸ€” & get a free quality ebook to sell

5th January 2023: Your projects 😊 & two new bonus reports πŸ’–

4th January 2023: A little bit obsessive and my office woes 😊 & 55 ways to save money

3rd January 2023: You’re right! πŸ’– get the word written for your site & $238 in free graphics

2nd January 2023: Be a pearl fisher πŸ€” so many deals ending and freebies

1st January 2023: The one thing a day strategy πŸ€” make it easy for yourself this year!

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