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Newsletter 20th July 2024: If you’re not sure about something πŸ’•

Hi If you're stuck wondering whether should do something, try it, as it's the only way you'll know for sure. You can use this principle when you're thinking about something new and whether it would...

Newsletter 19th July 2024: Deal with constraints πŸ’• create quizzes with free software & huge savings on training

Hi We all have constraints as we try to build our businesses. If nothing else, there are only 24 hours in the day. And of those hours, most of us have very few available to work. But instead of...

Newsletter 18th July 2024: It’s not too late πŸ’• & declutter your digital life

Hi Is it too late to do what you want to do? The answer's yes if you keep waiting for all your ducks to be in a row. But it's not too late if you start now. Ducks never line up the way you want them...

Previous Newsletters

16th July 2024: New goals πŸ’•& get comfortable with selling

15th July 2024: Make the rest of the year better than the first half! πŸ’• plus new goodies and freebies

14th July 2024: Get better at anything πŸ’• plus over nine hundred dollars worth of free graphics

12th July 2024: Worthwhile idea? πŸ’• & free course to sell more books

11th July 2024: The most dangerous items on your to do list πŸ’• & how to stand out in a crowded market

10th July 2024: What is lurking here? πŸ’• plus our latest fun product to use and sell

9th July 2024: Picking cherries? πŸ’• plus mega freebie bundle SVG graphics

8th July 2024: Shorten your journey πŸ’• & easily create planners to sell

7th July 2024: How to deal with the whirlwind of change online πŸ’• new goodies and ending deals

5th July 2024: Filtering out what you need? πŸ’• & lock in low prices

4th July 2024: Delete that thing πŸ’• happy independence day and pick up a deal or two

2nd July 2024: Rinse and repeat πŸ’• plus so many steals and deals today

1st July 2024: For the second half try this πŸ’• free content and teach your own holiday sales course

30th June 2024: Is it the end or the beginning? πŸ’• and it’s the end as we know it for many deals today 🀣

28th June 2024: Can you handle it? πŸ’• last chance for deals and two new bonus reports

26th June 2024: The sooner, the better πŸ’• plus easier ways to sell services and create low content products

25th June 2024: Five minute gamechanger! πŸ’• plus new awesome offers and freebies

24th June 2024: Don’t worry about this πŸ’• and three awesome new deals

23rd June 2024: The most important task πŸ’• plus free automated marketing tools

21st June 2024: Take a hike for success πŸ’• + 3 awesome new products including our latest spreadsheet

20th June 2024: Change your day in 5 minutes πŸ’• plus ending deals (and new ones too)

19th June 2024: Worried about competition? πŸ€” plus brand new free template from me

17th June 2024: One year later πŸ€” plus hundreds of new free graphics

16th June 2024: Is this a problem for you? πŸ’• I have enough buyer traffic said no one ever

14th June 2024: Shedding bricks πŸ’• bonus addition and last day for 18 month smartphone planner

13th June 2024: Many ways πŸ’• 750 free watercolor graphics and create your own course fast

12th June 2024: Try handbag mode πŸ’• new fun memes, video training, and the kitchen sink

11th June 2024: Which business are you building? πŸ’• free content kit, crazy bonus, and new goodies

10th June 2024: Your friend and enemy πŸ’• & the secret is out

9th June 2024: Is your business this obvious? πŸ’• & mega giveaway

7th June 2024: When learning becomes earning πŸ’• our latest product & freebie to become email marketing expert

6th June 2024: On the right hill? πŸ’• three new offers & a huge free vintage clipart bundle

5th June 2024: Have you worked this out yet? πŸ’• products for a wide open market and last chances

3rd June 2024: Best use πŸ’• & time-saving money-making goodies

2nd June 2024: Heading for the hills? πŸ’• & new low-cost and free goodies for your business

31st May 2024: Hesitating? πŸ’• & Friday offer and something special for little ones

30th May 2024: Which camp are you in? πŸ’• & amazing and rare offers

29th May 2024: Not now πŸ’• & awesome new and ending deals

28th May 2024: What to stop πŸ’• & our latest spreadsheet with early bird bonus

27th May 2024: This is a dead cert πŸ’• & deal with the hustle culture

26th May 2024: Keep a list for this πŸ’• & don’t miss the 5 new and 5 ending deals today

23rd May 2024: Always have one of these up your sleeve πŸ’• 60% off & 5 ways to double sales

22nd May 2024: Are you in danger of this? πŸ’• & a celebration of quitting sale

21st May 2024: Make it easier πŸ’• & price rising as we speak for this amazing value bundle

20th May 2024: Bad practice 😟 & five products for the price of one

19th May 2024: Well that sucked 😟 & new giant content pack

18th May 2024: If you only do this one thing πŸ’• huge freebie summer clipart bundle

17th May 2024: How to decide whether to try something πŸ’• free summer vacation template

16th May 2024: The best advice I can give πŸ’• & I bought this for my own new site

15th May 2024: The best option πŸ’• create songs, printable shop, or digital planners with ease

14th May 2024: A good time to quit? πŸ’• open your store without a hassle & my new product

13th May 2024: Which option will you choose? πŸ’• free content pack & new goodies for your business

10th May 2024: What you already know πŸ’• new goodies & last chances

9th May 2024: Make peace with this πŸ’•& launch in three hours

8th May 2024: Quick success booster πŸ€” & get your visuals right to sell more

6th May 2024: Too clever πŸ€” & three new flash sales

5th May 2024: How to beat your competition πŸ€” & make matching sets for more traction

3rd May 2024: More bathing required? πŸ’• & something I used to do now got easier

2nd May 2024: You have this choice today and every day πŸ’• & last chance today for some things

30th April 2024: Are things going fast enough for you? πŸ’• & how to succeed with low content

28th April 2024: A successful mess πŸ’• plus awesome new goodies

26th April 2024: It’s timeπŸ’• plus free inspiring content prompts

25th April 2024: Delete delete delete πŸ’•

24th April 2024: The easy or hard way πŸ€” & worry-free pretty graphics

23rd April 2024: No swans πŸ€” plus my latest spreadsheet for mental health

22nd April 2024: How to learn at lightning speed πŸ€” plus new goodies

21st April 2024: Rules of business πŸ€” last chances plus my new freebie for easy summer profits

19th April 2024: How much? πŸ€” plus two business-changing new products

18th April 2024: Impressive or not? πŸ€” plus two awesome free content packs

17th April 2024: Multiple projects for the win πŸ€” & offers and freebies for the win too

16th April 2024: Checklists for everything? πŸ€” new goodies & 51 free wedding graphics packages

15th April 2024: πŸ’• Missing out on work or fun? 😊 Croatia pic & awesome new things

11th April 2024: Find it, don’t fix it πŸ€” & 52 lead magnet ideas for all niches

10th April 2024: It’s a fact & new goodies to boost your business

9th April 2024: Procrastination lies? & new goodies

8th April 2024: Valuable procrastination & another excellent ai freebie

7th April 2024: Keep it to yourself 😊 & total eclipse deals

6th April 2024: Your zone of genius πŸ€”

4th April 2024: Buying time πŸ€” and lots of new goodies

3rd April 2024: Oversimplification nonsense

2nd April 2024: Why not me? πŸ€” awesome new goodies and free design training

1st April 2024: Expensive freebies? πŸ€”

31st March 2024: Before I forget to tell you about this

29th March 2024: Turn the page πŸ€” my latest product and a game changer for content

28th March 2024: It just takes one second πŸ€” the easiest business & last chance for journal creator university

27th March 2024: Ideas πŸ€”

26th March 2024: Powerful idea πŸ€” & awesome freebie

25th March 2024: Starting and finishing πŸ€” & succeed with adhd

24th March 2024: Downs and ups πŸ€” new Alfie pic & massive sales

21st March 2024: On the right path? πŸ€” & so many new goodies with bonuses

20th March 2024: Luck from motion πŸ€” last chances & new income or traffic streams for you?

19th March 2024: Which info? πŸ€”

18th March 2024: Getting to the end πŸ€” & free 50 social media ideas

17th March 2024: Blocking all original thought πŸ€”

16th March 2024: Missing step in step by step? πŸ€” & new goodies

15th March 2024: Extreme ownership πŸ€” and limited time spreadsheet sale

14th March 2024: Passion missing? πŸ€” and 50 free mockups today only

12th March 2024: Good already? πŸ€”

11th March 2024: A good reason to procrastinate πŸ€”maybe should have put off decluttering my books 🀣

10th March 2024: Doing what you can πŸ€”

8th March 2024: Slow productivity to succeedπŸ€”

5th March 2024: Overwhelmed for no reason? πŸ€” & new goodies for you

4th March 2024: Blue-bottomed insects? πŸ€” 50 free gifts included

3rd March 2024: Scary πŸ€”

2nd March 2024: Great expectations πŸ€”


28th February 2024: Special staycation πŸ’• & one dollar content and one day only mega deal

27th February 2024: I’m a bit of a junkie πŸ€” extra bonus for love cash & 60 free products

26th February 2024: My secret past πŸ’• & new cute product from me

25th February 2024: you’re right πŸ’•

24th February 2024: free and happy? πŸ’• new goodies and ending deals

23rd February 2024: The most important step πŸ’•

22nd February 2024: but it takes so long and last chance for some awesome goodies

21st February 2024: Awesome when you think about it πŸ€” + free printable powerhouse guide

20th February 2024: Not motivated? πŸ€” new goodies & last chances

19th February 2024: This is everything πŸ€” new goodies & last chances

18th February 2024: Disappointed? πŸ€”

16th February 2024: So poor πŸ€”

15th February 2024: The A and I that actually count 😊 and the best value for peanuts

14th February 2024: Love your business like a baby πŸ’•

13th February 2024: What you want… πŸ€” & my latest quirky product

12th February 2024: I can’t even… πŸ€” freebies worth over $4k & last chances

11th February 2024: Chipping away πŸ€” the #1 secret to make more (freebie) & 450 free designs

10th February 2024: The potential trap πŸ€” & time-saving goodies for a steal

9th February 2024: Are you busy? πŸ’• find your low hanging fruit & follow the roadmap to success

8th February 2024: Regrets, I had a few… πŸ’• & great offers and freebies today

7th February 2024: Eat away at the gap πŸ’• & the easy way to create a $9 monthly club

6th February 2024: Decisions! πŸ’• & new goodies

5th February 2024: Upsides! πŸ’• & offers that start and end today…

4th February 2024: That’ll be a “no” then 😊 & get in quickly

2nd February 2024: Speeding along 😊 & time to sell

1st February 2024: New places and new starts 😊 & 170 free products worth $7500+

31st January 2024: If you don’t hear from me again…πŸ€” & 7 hours free Etsy classes

30th January 2024: Waste of $92… πŸ€”

29th January 2024: In the mud… πŸ€” fun new products & free design workshop

28th January 2024: Because people are people πŸ’• & awesome deals & freebies

25th January 2024: Because life and tech happen πŸ’•& get my brand new product in Ruthie’s bundle

24th January 2024: Most people πŸ’•

22nd January 2024: Mirror time πŸ€” & new goodies

21st January 2024: Do it anyway πŸ€” website or Etsy shop in no time & 2 new free goodies

20th January 2024: The x factor πŸ€” & any 10 items free!

19th January 2024: Your IC rating πŸ€” & new $9 deal

18th January 2024: Expensive habit πŸ€” & more free content and goodies for your business

17th January 2024: So that’s the one thing πŸ€” & no more faffing around

16th January 2024: Half and half experiment πŸ€” free kids journal bundle & new goodies

15th January 2024: Finishing soon? πŸ€” 4 new things & free training

14th January 2024: Update on the 22 habits πŸ€” & new goodies for you

11th January 2024: Chasing more… πŸ€”

10th January 2024: Drop the rest… πŸ€” + new goodies for you

9th January 2024: A different way… πŸ€” & a new toolbox & business

8th January 2024: Starting today… πŸ€”

7th January 2024: Do you care? πŸ€” & free 365 post ideas

6th January 2024: Avoiding the magic πŸ€” & free Canva training

5th January 2024: 46 mugs 🀣 & a few last chances

4th January 2024: Motivation 101 😊 & declutter your home like a boss

3rd January 2024: Crazy start to 2024 😊 & last day for 70% off

2nd January 2024: No holding back 😊 1k new free things & a few things running out

1st January 2024: In with the new 😊 & more freebie page

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