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Our courses are designed to help you quickly improve your skills and get closer to your goals with actionable and practical steps.

All training uses the Thrivecart Learn platform, making it easy for you to access your course materials, learn at your own pace and on your own schedule, and track your progress as you work through each module of our no-fluff  training.

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One Hour Fonts

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover and it’s absolutely true, but every single person who comes across your work does exactly that.

Novice designers mess up fonts more than any other aspect of graphic design.

Learn what to do to avoid mistakes and get them right in this one hour, no fluff training.

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One Hour Graphics

People are more ready to buy if your products and sales page look good, but if you’re not a designer, how can you compete with those who can afford to pay designers?

Take a look at One Hour Graphics which will help you correct any novice mistakes you’re making so that your products look more professional and encourage more clicks on the buy button.

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One Hour Lead Magnets

Discover exactly how to create a free opt-in lead magnet that gets results for you AND your customers in this one-hour training and then create your freebie in just an hour!

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Freedom From Overwhelm

Get on top of your workload and take control so that your business grows and not your stress.

This course is designed to give you FREEDOM in short practical steps  over eight modules and twelve weeks because who has time to drop everything to a take a course? (But it’s all there if you want to do it quicker!)

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Ten Years Younger
Ten Years Younger in a Weekend

Lose ten years off your age in a weekend with the strategies in this course and have fun in the process as you update your look from top to toe.

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