Is your list growing like crazy?

If that’s a NO, you probably need a better lead magnet

success is just out of reach

Not enough sign ups?

They told you that you needed a lead magnet, so you created a freebie that you thought would be useful  but potential customers pass right on by

Or they download it and you’re pretty sure they never open the thing.

They never go on to buy the product that you advertise at the end of it anyway. 

You know you should probably change it, but that one took you forever, and why would another one make any difference?

An irresistible lead magnet that attracts buyers like bees to honey feels right out of reach.

But it’s really not far away… 

“A bad lead magnet costs your business a fortune in lost revenue”


Ugh, yes. We’ve all been there!  

Not all lead magnets work, that’s for sure. 

And when they don’t, it’s a real problem. 

You don’t bring new potential customers into your business who land on your page. 

You can’t attract them from social media

And if you are trying to make your landing page and lead magnet the start of a funnel with a paid trip wire, it will cost you a fortune in lost revenue

Not to mention huge advertising costs if you want to use paid ads to bring people into your business. 

A poorly-performing lead magnet is bad news all round.


throwing money away


But there’s no magic behind creating an awesome lead magnet.

You can create one that works day and night, 365 days a year and use it to bring customers into your business.

And it doesn’t have to take weeks or even days to create.

You just need to know how…

INTRODUCING, One Hour Lead Magnets…


your lead magnet needs to give a delicious and easily consumable bite of the value you offer

One Hour Lead Magnets is a fast and easy training that will show you exactly where you’re going wrong.

You’ll find out how to create a unique and effective lead magnet in less than an hour!

Discover the difference between the lead magnet that builds your business and the one that is destined to gather digital dust.

one hour lead magnets course

In this jam-packed, no fluff training, you’ll discover

  • the few easy but vital steps you should take before you even think about creating a lead magnet
  • the absolute must-haves in any lead magnet (or you may as well not bother creating it)
  • the mistakes you may already be making that make your lead magnet ineffective (and how to correct them)
  • the 7 best lead magnet you can easily create in an hour (and how to create them)
  • the step-by-step system  to come up with your perfect lead magnet (and what to do with it once you have it!)
bee and honey

Armed with this no-fluff training, you’ll know how to pull subscribers into your business just like bees to a honeypot with the power of your irresistible freebie.

Just $67

yes please i want this



Is this for you?

Yes, it is if…

  • You don’t have a lead magnet.
  • Your current lead magnet doesn’t work
  • You want to attract more leads into your business
  • You want to introduce a different audience to your business
  • You want to build a list of subscribers who do more than download and unsubscribe.
  • You want to build an effective funnel that brings revenue into your business
  • You realize that high conversion at the top of your funnel is vital to your business
  • You don’t have weeks or even days of spare time to  make a lead magnet.



Does the course apply to every niche?

Yes, it doesn’t matter if you are selling to businesses or consumers, the principles of an irresistible lead magnet are the same. Just the topic and delivery might differ, but we will cover that.

Do you really mean just an hour?

It will be an hour or thereabouts to take the training. After that give yourself an hour to create your lead magnet. 

Does this class rely on AI to be able to create a lead magnet in one hour?

This training was created before ChatGPT became so prominent. If you love ChatGPT, you can use it to create your lead magnet even faster. And if you’re not a fan, the one hour creation time still applies.

What do I do with  my lead magnet once it’s made?

Once you have your gorgeous lead magnet you’ll need to promote it to the world. We will cover next steps for how to get it out there in the training.

If you have a different question…

If you have any further questions, you can always reach me at [email protected]

Don’t let a poorly performing  lead magnet derail your business…

Just $67

yes please i want this


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