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What happened to managing your own time? Being able to take days off when you wanted? To the freedom of being your own boss?

Some days, it feels like all you’ve done is swap one job for another and now you’ve got a boss (YOU)  who makes you work constant overtime.

And if you’re not actually working, you’re thinking about work, or telling yourself you really should be working.  

That’s no way to live your life. 

I know exactly how that feels. My name is Jan Small and I’ve been in business for myself since 2005, spinning all the plates, trying to do far too much. Sometimes succeeding and getting it all done. Sometimes not so much. 

Until recently, it’s always been a battle between me and my never ending To Do list.  I worked hard and made good money from all kinds of activities like coaching, writing, Ebay, blogging, affiliate marketing, and a whole lot more.

But I was always frazzled.

I tried many things to get on top of my multi-page task list. Some of them even worked for a week or two. 

In 2020, I even employed a VA to cut down my workload, but guess what I did? 

I took on even more work!

Lately, it’s been a different picture, though. I still work hard in my business and still get a lot done. And there are still five or six ways I make money in my business. If anything I’m busier than ever in my working hours.

But now I’m at peace with my level of work.  I take days off. I walk in the hills with my dog. I feel more in control. And less stressed. My efforts are more manageable, more aligned with where I want my business to go, and that’s paying dividends in terms of revenue.

Many will tell you to focus on one thing. But that’s not for me. I would die of boredom in  a day. 

The truth is, you don’t have to focus on only one thing. I’m convinced most entrepreneurs are not built to do that. 

But if you want to achieve a lot and succeed in a business with many facets as well as enjoy your life,  you need a system to get in control of your work.  

After all, you may have many business tasks and ideas, but you only have one life.

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The ultimate course to get control of your business and take back your life

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Introducing the FREEDOM System

The Freedom from Overwhelm course is a step by step proprietary system for taking back control of your business so you can have your life back AND enjoy your work.

Introducing, the FREEDOM system. Week by week, in short practical modules, you’ll discover how to manage the key parts of your business that are pulling you down and keeping you stuck in stress and overwhelm.

In the FREEDOM system, you’ll discover how to: 

  • deal with those days when you have so much to do, you feel like a deer in the headlights
  • conquer a mile long to To Do list and take away the stress of knowing how much you have to do
  • finally eliminate the burden of hundreds of emails a day while still staying in the loop
  • get organized online and off – so you can find what you need in moments
  • create your ideal working environment in whatever corner of your home you work
  • defeat information overload and tailor your perfect learning experience


what you get


A step by step course to deal with your overwhelm so you can start enjoying your business again. Originally designed to be taken over 12 weeks with eight modules plus scheduled catch up weeks however the whole course will be immediately available to you so you can go at your own pace.  Join the Freedom from Overwhelm Facebook group for support and additional training if needed.

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Each module has a main workbook plus supplementary workbooks and action sheets related to the theme of the module. All strategies are apply-them-right-now practical and realistic. No fluff to wade through.

and you’ll also get all these bonuses



A fun and useful undated calendar with the gooky characters from the course.



An extra anti-procrastination challenge to do whenever you need it.  



A printable planner that you can use for the 12 weeks of this course and/or for any other sprint projects you want to focus on.

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frequently asked questions

What if I can’t dedicate much time to this? I’m already overwhelmed!

The idea is that the modules save your time rather than waste it! Each module is in bite-sized chunks containing practical strategies that you will WANT to implement right away to save time. Short, fluff-free training for the win!

What if I have a limited budget?

You don’t need to spend anything extra to defeat overwhelm in your business with this system.  I may recommend a few things here and there. for example in module 4 “Eliminate Digital Clutter” I recommend some products for online storage for digital files but I also mention free options for those on a limited budget.

Can you really help me, I have so much to do?  

The more you have to do, the more you’ll benefit from this system. The sooner you get control of your workload, the better you’ll feel, and the more you’ll get done without feeling stressed. 

I’ve taken a ton of time management courses, what’s different about this one? 

This is not a typical time management course teaching you to get more done (although it does include some unique strategies for that.) It’s really a course about doing the things that count in a way that sets you free to enjoy both your business and life without stress.

When will I receive the course? 

Freedom from Overwhelm is a digital course and you will get immediate access to all the content. No need to wait! As soon as you enroll, you can get started right away and take it at your own pace. However, I suggest you space it out over a 12-week period so that you have time to take everything on board step by step without being flooded with new information and strategies.

is this for you? 


  • you already wake up feeling in control of your business every single day
  • you never get those panicky feelings as a deadline approaches
  • your Inbox magically empties itself every day
  • you can find everything on your laptop and in your office at a moment’s notice
  • you work four hours a week like Tim Ferriss


  • you frequently feel frazzled and worn down by your workload, and you don’t know when that’s ever going to change
  • you’re starting to think there’s too much to do to ever succeed with the time you have available 
  • you would love to enjoy your business more, and remember the reasons why you started it in the first place.
  • You work many more hours than Tim Ferriss and you don’t have a team to delegate to. You don’t even want one – you just want more free time to breathe!

If you want to get on top of your workload and feel in control every day, grab Freedom From Overwhelm with both hands, and you’ll be amazed how the strategies you’ll discover will have you falling in love with your business again