“Nobody wants my product”

There’s nothing worse than putting your heart and soul into something and then finding out that no one wants it.

Illustration of a woman who is confused by low sales figures

Not making sales?

It’s so frustrating when you work hard to create a product but no one buys it.

Even after you do everything you can to promote it.

You know your product is good, but you may as well have lain on the couch and binge watched your favorite drama series on Netflix for all the good it did you to launch.

Other products in the same niche sell.

Why not yours?

It’s not that you’re charging too much. Your pricing is standard for the niche.

You sigh and ask yourself if your market is just too competitive.

You may even put it down to that and start looking around for a gap you can fill, but the fact is, in any niche with buyers…

There’s always competition. 

If customers are searching for products like yours and seeing your offer but not clicking the buy button, then it could be down to a simple design issue (one you’re not even aware of!)

For some products (like printables), design IS the product, so you know it’s important to change that if your products are not selling.

For others, it may seem unfair, but design matters just as much.

Most customers buy with their eyes and hearts, not necessarily their heads.

Products with better  “packaging” leave others in the dust.

And when you’re working online, packaging means the design of the sales page and the image you use to represent your product.


“But I’m not a graphic designer…”


That’s okay.

Who has time for a four-year degree anyway? You have a million and one other things to do.

Most people working online are not trained graphic designers.

But some of your competitors, especially those whose products fly off the shelves, understand the importance of design.

They have team members with degrees in graphic design or they have studied the principles of design and follow them religiously.


Can’t I just use Canva?

There are tons of courses around teaching you how to use graphic design tools like Canva, but it’s not enough to have a good knowledge of the buttons to click.

Thinking you know how to design just because you know Canva is a big mistake.  It’s as easy to mess up wth Canva as you can without it.

Result: your final product looks unpolished or unprofessional in some way.

And that means other products sell and not yours.


messy graphics desk

“My Book Covers Sucked…”

I know how it feels to have a product that doesn’t look as professional as others in a  crowded marketplace.

I studied graphic design at Edinburgh College of Art because, as an author, I wrote so many books that hiring a designer was prohibitively expensive and my book covers frankly sucked.

And during my diploma course, I found out why!

There are all those secret rules and principles that designers understand that I knew nothing about.

The rules are not rocket science. You just need to follow them, but when you don’t…

…designs just don’t work.

Yet the rules can be easily learned by non-designers.

You just need to know how.

INTRODUCING, One Hour Graphics… 

Discover how to compete with professional graphic designers by improving the graphics in every single one of  your projects.

one hour fonts course

Grasp the principles designers know and use automatically without the 4 year college degree

Watch the short videos and use the easy guides included and you’ll be done!

And all in less than an hour! 


Six short no-fluff videos covering

  • the common mistakes non-designers make with graphics (the ones you don’t even know you’re making that ruin your designs!) and how to easily correct them
  • how to deal with color, layout, proportion and balance with confidence
  • how to choose the best images for your projects
  • how to save time and effort when selecting and dealing with graphics



Transcripts & Slides

You’ll get:

  • a fully-edited transcript (25 pages)
  • copies of the slides to download

Together these make an easy reference to consult in the future. No need to rewatch the videos.



Graphics Checklist

Graphics Checklist

Run every item you create through this checklist to ensure it’s ready to publish or sell. Eliminate all the mistakes that make your designs look unprofessional.

Graphics Resource List

Graphics Resource List

A handy list of reputable paid, free, and public domain image sites. Easily source the best images you need for your work.

Graphic File Types

Graphic File Types

Confused about the different types of graphic files? A handy guide so you know which files to choose for your work. 

Social Media Image Sizes

Social Media Image Sizes

Each social media company has its own image size requirements. Here’s a useful guide so you know the sizes you need to create for each platform.

Armed with the videos and guides in this no-fluff course, you’ll know how to make every design you do more polished and professional so you can attract more buyers to everything you create

Grab this masterclass for non-designers and all the guides.

Just $67

yes please I want this


Is this for you?

Yes, it is if…

  • Your products are not selling well and you fear your designs are not as good as they could be
  • You think your designs are great, yet your products are not selling (You don’t know what you don’t know!) 
  • You’d love to compete with all the professional designers in your niche without having to spend 4 years learning graphic design at college
  • You want to learn to do this yourself  rather than having to pay big bucks to a graphic designer. 
  • You want control over your own designs without having to wait for someone else to make changes. 



Do I need any particular software?

No, this course applies to every kind of program that you use to create graphics  including (but not limited to) Canva, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Affinity. It even applies to the documents and emails you put out (if they contain graphics.) 

I am clueless about design. Will I really be able to pick this up in an hour?

Yes, the course has been designed so that, even if you’re a beginner, you can pick up everything you need to know in less than an hour. This includes watching the videos and going through the bonus guides.  If you have a little knowledge, the course will serve to fill in any gaps you have.  If you’re an experienced, professional graphic designer, you don’t need this at all! 

Does this course cover selecting and using fonts? That’s the thing I have most trouble with.

It’s true, fonts are a big problem for non-designers. But I cover everything you need to know about fonts in our One Hour Fonts course. If you don’t already own this course, you’ll be able to purchase it with a big ($40) discount making it just $27 after you purchase the One Hour Graphics course. So it’s better to get both. 

How can I become an affiliate for the One Hour Graphics course?

If you would like to promote the One Hour Graphics course to your audience, you can become an affiliate on the Thrivecart platform here

If you have a different question…

If you have any further questions, you can always reach me at [email protected]

Don’t let design problems derail your sales…

Grab this masterclass for non-designers and all the guides.

Just $67

yes please I want this

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