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If you think about it, every day you wake up, you have another opportunity to do something amazing.

24 precious hours.

It’s a gift!

For much of the day, you might take care of necessary tasks for yourself and others.

You sleep, and eat, and look after your family, maybe go to work for someone else, care for your fur babies.

Enjoy those moments like it’s your last day on earth because nothing lasts forever.

Including life.

You’ll also have time you can spend how you like.

Maybe only ten minutes here and there.

Maybe hours.

How will you spend that part of your gift today? And the next day? And the day after? What will you do with these gifts?

There are no wrong answers!

It’s your life and you choose what to do with it. Choose what makes you happy. 💖


See today’s awesome freebies in the P.S.



systemize and automate

The Systemize and Automate Your Business Like a Boss workbook is a fantastic resource when you want to get on top of your business and manage it rather than having it take over your life.

The steps in this workbook cover operating procedures, content creation, promotion, sales and delivery, customer support, and client onboarding with specific ways for you to create and/or improve systemization and automation in that area of your business.

You can get it for 50% off but only for today (ends midnight EST) using coupon code 50.

Get more details here:

My bonus: If you purchase the kit through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the link at the end of this newsletter 💖💖💖



I almost missed this. My emails are crazy lately with so many new subscriptions from signing up to all the Christmas freebies. 😱

Anyway, better late than never.

Marian with her usual no-fluff step-by-step video training provides you with 4 ways to create UNIQUE coloring pages for free in Inkscape.

Her Quick Coloring Pages course is just $15 until the end of day so grab it now if you want it.

Get all the details here:

My bonus: If you purchase the training through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the link at the end of this newsletter 💖💖💖



chatgbt empire

ChatGPT Empire is a brand new course on how to generate any type of text for free, from articles to eBooks, from reports to product reviews.

I must admit I’m slightly stunned by this application.

The English is so good.

Of course, as I was saying in my “what’s missing” piece above, you need to add your own personality and style, but you need never fear a blank page and not knowing how to start again!

This course is just $17 during launch.

Well worth it to get the most out of this AI phenomenon

Get all the details here:

My bonus: If you purchase the training through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the link at the end of this newsletter 💖💖💖




To sell you have to be visible.

But how do you do that exactly?

The latest collection from Val and Rayven is chock full of valuable strategies and workshops that will show you how.

Scoop up the Be Seen Visibility Bundle for just $47 ($3,178 in value)

Get all the details on of awesome resources in the bundle here:

My bonus: If you purchase the bundle through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the link at the end of this newsletter 💖💖💖



bonus reports

It’s a while since I created any new bonus reports, but I just finished these and they are now available to select for products that are marked with  💖💖💖

I’ll remove some of the older ones from the newsletter shortly as I’ll continue to create new ones and I don’t want the list to get too long.

As usual, I have a whole list of topics I want to share with you, but if there’s anything you’d like to hear about in particular, I’m happy to consider suggestions as well. Just hit reply to this email and let me know.

If the images are two small to read the titles, you’ll find them marked as new in the list at the bottom of the newsletter. 😊



morning routine

These beautifully designed planner pages with PLR Rights are perfect for those who love to color, but you could also add your own colors and turn it into a colored planner for your customers or choose the full color option.

Lots of beautiful pages in this, and at a special price for launch.

Save 30% with coupon code MORN on any of the options (B&W, color or bundle of both).

Get all the details here:

Launch sale ends 9th January.

My bonus: If you purchase any of the options through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the link at the end of this newsletter 💖💖💖



55 Ways to Save Money Workbook Graphic

This printable “55 Ways to Save Money” workbook is perfect for customers who are struggling to make ends meet and want to make to most of the money they have.

And it comes with PLR commercial rights.

Along with the ready-made PDF version, you’ll get a set of templates in both Canva and Powerpoint so you can make and sell either this product as it is or your own unique version.

Just $13.50 (half price) during launch with coupon code SAVEMONEY.

Get more details and see the video of the pages here:

After purchase, on the download page, you’ll also get the chance to get a matching financial planner for just $10.

Financial Planner Graphic

The launch ends at the end of day Tuesday 10th January (midnight Pacific)



Beckys financial bundle

This new product from Becky is not just a printable financial planner.

There’s also a digital version and it comes with a set of 35 graphics and stickers that you can use in any of your products.

You could make an absolutely fantastic and unique product by combining elements from different products (such as mine above) to make your own fantastic planner and workbook kit.

This is the kind of thing that differentiates your offers from others out there and makes your shop do better than others.

The printable version of Becky’s planner is available for just $17 during launch using coupon code FINANCE10

Add in the digital planner for just $10 more.

Get all the details here:

Launch ends: 13th at midnight CST.

My bonus: If you buy either the printable planner or the bundle through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the link at the end of this newsletter 💖💖💖



website copywriting templates

Copywriting is the hardest form of writing because every word counts.

And it’s easy to get stuck when you don’t know what to write.

Copy for your website is even more difficult because you need copy that converts and that matches your brand.

Karon from Marketing Words has created a set of awesome templates to help you write the copy you need for your web pages include your home page and your about page as well as copy for your products and services including suggestions in the right tone of voice to match your brand.

Just $23.50 during launch ($40 after)

Get all the details here:

Ends January 8th.

My bonus: If you purchase the templates through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the link at the end of this newsletter 💖💖💖



vintage shabby kit

Michelle has just launched this shabby chic vintage journal kit with a cute puppy, kitten and Valentine theme over at her PLRNiche store.

The template kit has 23 pages with everything from journal covers to Valentine trading cards and you can easily swap out the images with others from the public domain to make brand new and unique items to sell as the kit comes with PLR commercial rights.

These kinds of vintage ephemera kits are hot sellers on Etsy.

Just $17 during launch with Coupon Code: VALENTINE23 (regular price $35)

Get all the details here:

Ends January 9th at Midnight CST

My bonus: If you purchase the kit through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the link at the end of this newsletter 💖💖💖



Use Lynette’s new Flexpass to get any six products at Thrive Anywhere at a huge discount.

The pass works either on existing products or on any which she releases over the next year (usually two per month.)

Lynette’s products always look good and can easily be changed to reflect your own branding before selling.

See everything available here (so many good products already to choose from!)

You’ll find details on the Flexpass here:

My bonus: For each Flexpass you buy through my link, you can get two bonus reports from the list at the end of this newsletter or a $30 voucher for my store. If you buy more than one pass, you can mix and match and and choose whether to have separate vouchers or one big voucher.  💖💖💖



leonie academy

If you’re making plans for the New Year, now would be a good time to join Leonie’s membership as you’ll get the planning tools you need included.

In fact you get instant access to all of Leonies’s training and tools.

And it’s the purchase that keeps on giving because you’ll get all of the training and tools that Leonie releases all year too!

Just $99.

Get all the details here:

leonies life and business goal planners

My bonus: If you purchase the membership through my link, you can choose any two bonus reports from the list at the end of this newsletter. 💖💖💖



When you buy 💖💖💖 marked products through my links you can choose any of the items in the list below.

To claim just send your receipt(s) to me ([email protected]) and let me know which bonus(es) you would like. I’ll verify with the vendor and send them right back to you, usually within a day or so.

latest bonus reports

Here are the currently available bonuses.

▶️ NEW! My 2023 Plan for Amazon KDP (includes the (still relevant) 2022 plan for making $3K a month )
▶️ NEW! 10 Business Things I Won’t Be Doing in 2023 (that I did in 2022)
▶️ Aargh! exactly what to do when you feel like quitting
▶️ My millionaire plan (February 2022 update) for how I plan to retire with a lot of fun money
▶️ Simplify! 15 things I do to avoid getting overwhelmed
▶️ Graphics – my process for making PLR unique using graphics
▶️ 339 best-selling printable ideas
▶️ 25 ways to get more mileage from the PLR on your hard drive
▶️ 27 best converting lead magnet ideas
▶️ Boost your business by reviving old blog posts
▶️10 Steps to Creating a Winning Strategy for Your Next Project
▶️ 5 minute miracle start to make every day a success
▶️10 Ways to Make an Extra $1000+ this year
▶️10 Places to Sell Printables Other Than Etsy
▶️10 Reasons it took me ten years to make a living online (Find out how not to be me!)
▶️ Unstuck! How I take decisions in my business and move forward without fear
▶️ Easy! The Simplest Products that Sell to Create from Scratch
▶️ How to Find the Best Canva Templates to Elevate Your Brand
Be Unique! How to Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace by Finding Your USP

Have a great day and I’ll be back soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.





free canva templates from jennifer

10 FREE Canva templates from Jennifer


rustic garden clip art

Rustic Garden Clip art


In case you missed it:

If you haven’t seen the content at yet, you’re in for a treat.

Here’s a link that will get you ten free downloads (or one big download like an ebook worth ten credits) when you create a free account.

Take a look around and you’ll find tons of content to make your job easier this year.

Just add a few words of your own to make it unique before you sell or use it on your site.

You’ll also receive two extra free credits a month so you’ll have a checklist or article or two to use without too much effort on a regular basis.

An awesome offer from them.


hygge water color collection

Hygge Watercolor Collection


free live pinterest bootcamp

Nadalie is doing a live round of her awesome FREE 5 day Pinterest Bootcamp in January.

So much value in this at no cost!

Sign up here:


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