Newsletter 5th May 2023: Some days 💕 get prepared – few hours only

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Some days it would be so easy to throw in the towel and just laze on the sofa like a sloth munching Doritos.

And tbh some days that actually happens.

But not often.

The thing is, we know it’s not always easy to be in business for yourself.

You can’t phone in your effort and get away with it.

So we have to make the difficult choice to work most of the time even when we are the boss and no one is making us do it.

As Jerzy Gregorich more eloquently says…

“Hard choices, easy life
Easy choices, hard life.”

Which hard choices do you need to make today to enjoy a much better future?   💖


See today’s freebie selection in the P.S.



monica bf workshop

I call this getting prepared well ahead of time! LOL

But anyway, Monica Froese has her Exploding Your Black Friday Sales Quick Win Workshop on sale today, so it’s a good time to snap that up while the price is so low and start thinking about BF before it suddenly hits you in face. 😱

Just $27 (normally $47)

Get all the details here:



hjc distracting new tech

This PLR Toolbox includes:

▶️ 5 Long-Form Blog Posts – Attract visitors to your website with five long-form blog posts.
▶️ 5 Content Upgrades – Once visitors are on your website, entice them to join your email list with content upgrades for all five blog posts. Each upgrade includes three to four editable worksheets in PowerPoint format, available in both A4 and 8.5×11 inches (US Letter).
▶️10 Journal & Planner Templates – Take your customers’ journey to the next level with custom-designed journal and planner templates. These templates are fully editable in PowerPoint and come in both A4 and 8.5×11 inches (US Letter).
▶️40 Social Media Videos – Elevate your marketing strategy with 40 quick Instagram Story and Pinterest-ready videos. Share valuable tips and insights to capture people’s attention.
▶️30 Social Media Ideas & 50 Journal Prompts – Delve into even more marketing & product ideas with tons of journal prompts and social media ideas.

The standard price is $67, but until 12th May you can get it for $33.50 with the code NEWTECH50 (50% off).

Explore everything here:

My bonus: If you purchase the toolbox through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the list at the end of this newsletter 💖💖💖



ta website maintenance plan

Created by a web developer with two decades of experience, these easy-to-use checklists and worksheets cover all aspects of website maintenance, including security, performance, content, design, and usability. You won’t have to worry about missing any crucial elements of website maintenance again.

Since the Website Maintenance Plan comes with a commercial use license, you can rebrand it to sell as your own or use with your clients with no design work or content writing. It’s all done for you.

Just $23 during launch

Get all the details here:

Launch ends May 9th

My bonus: If you purchase the plan through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the list at the end of this newsletter 💖💖💖



content sparks logo

Staying on top of your finances is essential when you’re in business.

Sharyn from Content Sparks has just put together eight hand-picked essential finance courses (all with commercial rights) in a limited time sale, including two brand new ones, so that you can help your audience stay in control.

You can do these courses yourself and sell them to your customers, making them doubly valuable, even without the discount.

Take a look at everything available in the sale here:

Ends May 10th at 11:59 pm (PT)

My bonus: If you purchase any of the training courses through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the list at the end of this newsletter for each course you purchase. 💖💖💖



senior community event planner

Becky just launched this Senior Community Event Planner with PLR commercial rights.

This is a market with high demand throughout the year and this planner is versatile enough to be used over and over again for different events.

Printable and digital bundle options available.

Use coupon SENIOR10 to save $10 off now through May 10th!

Get all the details here:

My bonus: If you purchase any of the options through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the list at the end of this newsletter 💖💖💖



Weight Loss Tracker graphic white background

Our latest product is this Weight Loss Tracker that you can brand as your own.

Tools that help people lose weight sell hand over fist on Etsy and this will make a great addition to your store.

Customers just have to enter their starting point and goals, and then log their weight to show progress on the dashboard.

They also have the option to track calories and body measurements and to add progress photos to their sheet for extra motivation.

You can easily add your own design ideas to make your version of the Weight Loss Tracker unique.

Full simple instructions with screen shots are included (28 page instruction booklet) for editing the spreadsheets.

The Weight Loss Tracker uses Google Sheets which most customers will be familiar with and have free access to, but it doesn’t rely on any spreadsheet knowledge.

Just $17 during launch. (Regular price $37)

Save weeks of effort creating a product!

Get all the details here:

There’s a bump offer on the checkout page of a seller’s pack for $7 to help you get the product to market quickly.

An upsell after purchase will offer an Activity Calculator Spreadsheet with 50+ customizable activities for just $7 which would make a handy additional product or bonus for the Weight Loss Tracker.

Activity Calculator graphic white background

Launch ends Thursday 11th May midnight Pacific



melody spreadsheet bundle

If you’ve been reading my newsletter for a while, you’ll know I’m a big fan of selling spreadsheets.

We’ll have a new weight loss tracker out for you this week too, but first I recommend that you run, don’t walk to pick up Melody’s latest release.

This set of awesome spreadsheets designed for bloggers and affiliate marketers can be sold in your shop to help other businesses get on top of their finances and can be used in your own business too!

Highly functional spreadsheets, with complex calculations that appear simple, and a pretty format provide the very best combo to attract high-value buyers and these have it all.

Plus you get Melody’s extra generous rights, and bonuses, making the spreadsheets super easy to edit.

Melody’s bonuses include easy visual instruction guides for you and your customers as well as sample spreadsheets filled with dummy data so you have a head start.


If you need more help, there’s a bump offer of a live (but also recorded) customization workshop to help you with your spreadsheet for an extra $7.

Get all the details here:

***My double bonus: If your purchase Melody’s spreadsheets through my link, you’ll find an extra link in your account to get my double bonus.

idea generator

You’ll find a voucher for my store for $15 to more than cover the cost of your blogging and affiliate spreadsheet bundle purchase AND a link to get my spreadsheet idea generator tool.

This contains over a million spreadsheet ideas so you’ll never be at a loss for what to create next. 💖💐💕


If you don’t have a store to sell your goodies yet, don’t worry, help is at hand!


etsy kickstart course

Chelsea from PLR Friends has just launched her Etsy Kickstart Course which is perfect if you are just starting out and want a step-by-step follow-along method to start a business selling printable products on Etsy.

Get $20 off through Monday, May 8 with code ETSYKICKSTART20

Just $19

Save endless research trying to piece together what to do yourself.

Get all the details here:

My bonus: If you purchase the training through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the list at the end of this newsletter 💖💖💖



jr lang whole person stress

JR Lang’s latest bundle of done-for-you quality content is “The Whole Person Stress Management Blueprint: Managing Stress In All Areas Of Life And Self”

It includes 9 reports, 28 new articles, 8 editable checklists, graphics, social media content and so much more.

See everything included here:

On a dime sale, so the price is going up a tiny bit with each sale so don’t hang about too long.

My bonus: If you purchase the content pack through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the list at the end of this newsletter 💖💖💖



club pin may23

The Club Pin selection for May has been announced and it’s awesome!

It includes two workbooks with commercial rights plus mockups in both Pinterest and Instagram formats.

If you’re not a member of Club Pin, now is a great time to join as you’ll get two months content for one payment including this new content when it comes out today.

Just $10.

Huge value when you see all you get and the designs are top notch.

Take a closer look here:

My bonus: If you join Club Pin through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the list at the end of this newsletter 💖💖💖



bowes word list generator

The Word List Generator tool from Luke at Bowes Publishing is an easy way to generate various word lists for puzzle generation use.

It includes filtering features such as number of characters, consonants and vowels.

The tool also allows you to split word lists into separate files if required by your puzzle creation software.

After purchasing you will receive a license which you can then use to register here –

This is a pre-launch opportunity to lock in the price for LIFETIME access AND a commitment for a MINIMUM of 2,500 unique lists by the end of 2023.

What happens if Luke doesn’t meet the target?

You WIN either way! If he doesn’t make the target he promises you will receive a FULL refund AND a choice of product from his store for FREE.

Take a look at this awesome deal here:

My bonus: If you purchase the lifetime generator deal through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the list at the end of this newsletter 💖💖💖



marians design dashboard course.

Dashboard, Dividers and Tabs is Marian’s latest course in which she shows you how to use a free tool (Inkscape) to create different inserts for printable planners, journals and notebooks.

You can sell these individually or as bundles on Etsy, and on your website.

The course is great for a small budget as you don’t have to pay for any tools or graphics.

And it costs just $15 during launch.

Get all the details here:

Ends 7th May

My bonus: If you get the course through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the list at the end of this newsletter 💖💖💖



cool bean summer self-care challenge

Summer can be a busy and sometimes stressful time as we try to fit so much in, but it’s important to take care of yourself amidst all the activities and events.

This challenge is filled with 38 different self-care ideas for the summer months, along with daily charting for accountability and progress tracking.

The template has commercial-use rights and is editable with a free Canva account. It has 43 pages and includes A4 and US letter sizes.

Save $18 off the regular price with coupon code SSCC23.

Just $9 (reg $27)

There are two low cost upsells – one for a summer self care journal just $5 (bump offer on the sales page) and one for a vacation planner (after checking out) at $7

Get all the details here:

Ends Monday May 8th

My bonus: Get all three items through my link and you can choose any one bonus report from the list at the end of this newsletter 💖💖💖



sell tshirts on etsy

T-shirts are another great seller on Etsy but t-shirt selling is not so much fun if you end up with a garage full of t-shirts in every size and color!

However there’s an easy way to do it without ever having to touch a t-shirt – print on demand (POD) using companies like Printful and Printify.

And Kristie has a new 110 page blueprint showing you step by step how to do it.

This is exactly how she’s making a business herself selling t-shirts on Etsy.

Get all the details here:

My bonus: If you purchase the guide through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the list at the end of this newsletter 💖💖💖



april design kit

This gorgeous baking fun design kit is the latest monthly pack from Limitless Design Kits.

All of the artist created, high-resolution elements in the kit (250+ of them) can be used to create PLR, digital products, physical products, and TEMPLATES (to name a few) which is MUCH MORE than any typical commercial use license.

If you are a member of Limitless Design Kits you can download the Baking Fun Design Kit this month (until mid May) and if you aren’t a member, you can join for the grandfathered rate of $27 and get it.

The kit will be available later to purchase for non-members but it will cost $97.

Get all the details here:

My bonus: If you purchase this membership through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the list at the end of this newsletter 💖💖💖



trello magic

I use Trello day in day out  to manage my daily activities, for instant access to the training courses I own, and to communicate with my VA.

But I forgot just how powerful it was until I looked at Kate Doster’s Trello Magic again – updated for 2023.

This is now 8 courses in one

▶️ Trello Basics Bootcamp 2023 (new tab hack!)
▶️ Trello for your Sanity (get organized!)
▶️ Trello for Traffic
▶️ Trello for your Email List
▶️ Trello-ing for Dollars
▶️ Trello with your Team
▶️  Adulting with Trello
▶️ Supercharging Your Trello Account

Plus access to over 27 boards, countless workflows, a boatload of easy-to-follow Trello quick tips, and 60 done-for-you social media posts.

Just $24 (regular price $79)

Time to take control of your business (and life)?

Get all the details here:

My bonus: If you purchase Trello Magic through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the list at the end of this newsletter 💖💖💖



pretty emails

Discover how to create awesome newsletters in Canva (that you can use in any email autoresponder) with this brand new course.

Includes templates with many different variations.

I bought it to send email newsletters for my new journal site as I plan to make my newsletters match my shiny new branding.

Take a look at all the details and get the Pretty Email Kit while the price is low!

My bonus: If you purchase the pretty email kit through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the list at the end of this newsletter 💖💖💖



When you buy 💖💖💖 marked products through my links you can choose any of the items in the list below.

To claim just send your receipt(s) to me ([email protected]) and let me know which bonus(es) you would like. I’ll verify with the vendor and send them right back to you, usually within a day or so.

latest bonus reports

Here are the currently available bonuses.

▶️ NEW! 10 ways to get miles ahead of those who rely too much on AI content
▶️ 25 ways to use a one-page printable to grow your business PLUS 12 ideas for types of VALUABLE one-page printables
▶️ What to do when your product doesn’t sell
▶️ My 2023 Plan for Amazon KDP (includes the (still relevant) 2022 plan for making $3K a month )
▶️ 0 Business Things I Won’t Be Doing in 2023 (that I did in 2022)
▶️ Aargh! exactly what to do when you feel like quitting
▶️ My millionaire plan (February 2022 update) for how I plan to retire with a lot of fun money
▶️ Simplify! 15 things I do to avoid getting overwhelmed
▶️ Graphics – my process for making PLR unique using graphics
▶️ 339 best-selling printable ideas
▶️ 25 ways to get more mileage from the PLR on your hard drive
▶️ 27 best converting lead magnet ideas
▶️ Boost your business by reviving old blog posts
▶️10 Steps to Creating a Winning Strategy for Your Next Project
▶️ 5 minute miracle start to make every day a success
▶️10 Ways to Make an Extra $1000+ this year
▶️10 Places to Sell Printables Other Than Etsy
▶️10 Reasons it took me ten years to make a living online (Find out how not to be me!)
▶️ Unstuck! How I take decisions in my business and move forward without fear
▶️ Easy! The Simplest Products that Sell to Create from Scratch
▶️ How to Find the Best Canva Templates to Elevate Your Brand
Be Unique! How to Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace by Finding Your USP

Have a great day and I’ll be back soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.





7 Creative Problem-Solving Skills You Need To Master (7 articles and 7 emails with commercial use)


cf pastel flower seamless patterns

Pastel flowers seamless pattern set


In case you missed it:

3800+ fonts free for commercial use 


seamless geometric pattern brushes

Seamless Geometric Pattern Brushes


FREE report “The Email That Never Fails To Bring Me $1000 Or More…Every Time I Send It Out!” from a stay-at-home dad who earns six figures

I always open this guy’s emails.

His stories are usually fun and behind most of them, there’s a useful lesson, too.

Watch and learn how he does that and think how you could apply it to your own stories.


cinco de mayo patterns

Free Cinco de Mayo patterns


free etsy summit goodies

NOW ON! Free ETSY SUMMIT with speakers who are already successful on the platform plus get the free goodie bag including the products you see above

Catch it quickly before it disappears for good!


FREE webinar from Michelle Watson at the Better Grind (a 5 figure digital planner seller on Etsy)

How You Can Start a Side Hustle Selling Digital Planners on Etsy Without Much Spare Time


fathers day slogans

Father’s Day Slogans


summer watercolor bundle

Huge Free Watercolor Bundle worth $260


Kates templates

Six free Canva templates


spring watercolor florals

Spring Watercolor Florals


Get 40 free Etsy listings


FREE font of the week from Font Bundles


Get ten free credits at (plus 2 free credits every month) if you sign up for their free account.

See what you can get for free: 


Today’s three surprise freebies from Creative Fabrica:


Get on the waitlist for Sparkflow. I’m not sure what it will do exactly, but I joined anyway, because why not? 🤣


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