Newsletter 30th July 2021: Email, email, and…more email 💌

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I have a love hate relationship with email. I think we all do.

I love the ones that come from friends.

And the ones that say I made a sale or a commission.

And I even love the emails from marketers who write interesting newsletters and present me with more ideas/squirrels/shiny objects than I can shake a stick at.

But what about the rest?  The ones I don’t love.

What happens to them?

I open them if their subject line sparks an interest.

Otherwise they go into my archive folder. A big black hole of emails never to be seen again except with a search.

I used to spend time filtering everything into different folders, but not any more.

Not since I worked out that 3 extra minutes spent on email a day equates to 18 hours a year.

That’s a lot of life that will never come back.

And that “archive and for goodness sake don’t catalog” strategy is perfect for dealing with hundreds of emails in no time at all.

And getting to inbox Zero

Every single day

It’s very freeing. Trying is believing.

All the details of that strategy are in the latest module of my Freedom from Overwhelm, Take Control of Your Business course.

If you missed the course launch, don’t worry, there is plenty of catch up time included to allow you to cover the fast action no fluff modules.

In any case, ongoing access will continue on Teachable so there’s no pressure to go through the whole course by a particular deadline.

Use coupon FREEDOMEMAIL to knock $80 off the price making the whole 12 week / 8 module course just $47 this weekend.

Peanuts for getting back in control of your business.

And a great return just for gaining an 18 extra hours of your life every single year. Never mind the rest of the email module or the other seven modules and bonuses.

no fluff all action pages

But what if you send email? A free education

One of the emails I love to receive is from a guy who has subject lines like these

❇️ Millionaire shares his strategy. Hold on tight – reality is a shocker

❇️ Sales tactic from a top hairdresser

❇️ The man Charles Darwin ripped off

❇️ This had me laughing out loud

❇️ Whipping Tom ( a TRUE and bizarre story)

Do you get these one too? If so you’ll know who I mean.

If not, sign up for his free report (which is also a great read) and enjoy the emails with the built-in free education on how to keep people interested (and still make a living.)

NEW! Academic/School Planner and Reading Journal 

Just launched our academic planner for this year with a perpetual calendar so you can use this to sell academic planners for years to come. The Academic planner comes with 39 pages – everything high school and college students need to plan their studies and have a successful school year.

The planner comes with CANVA/Powerpoint templates so you can easily brand and edit it in your chosen program.

You can get your own easy-to-customize product with commercial rights for just $12.95  (regular price $27) with coupon code SCHOOLDEAL

Academic Planner

There’s also an option to add a matching Reading Journal with an extra 30 pages for $9.95 (regular price $27) with coupon code READINGDEAL ;

Reading Journal Promo Ad

You’ll find details of the reading journal on the academic planner download page (and also in our shop if you miss it.)

NOTE: If you want both deals you’ll need to check out twice so you can use both coupons.

Last day for Mel’s Launch! Includes Digital Planner training! Don’t miss this!

Melody has just brought this huge bundle of digital planner gorgeousness out into the world.

 toolkit 15

The planner has 18 months of dated and HYPERLINKED pages – a total of 636 pages and 18,000 links. Try doing those yourself in a hurry!

Take this beautiful product and sell it as your own in minutes (or use it as the basis for a whole suite of unique digital planners.)

So many different page options, seeing is believing.

Take a look here

Just $17 What? 

I had to go and check the price because I couldn’t quite believe it!!!

Use coupon code 2022LAUNCH to get that price until the 31st

Double Bonus (for the launch only): Mel will do a LIVE WORKSHOP to show everyone how to customize their planners for ANY niche with the new Calendar Index and you’ll also receive a $20 coupon for my Simple Happiness shop from me already loaded into your account at Melody’s site if you buy through my link.

That’s right! Get more back than you pay!

Register for Ruthie’s Low Content Bundle Sale

Excitement is building for Sunday. I can’t wait to see what’s inside!

Get your early bird notice here You don’t want to miss this!

I’m still deciding what to offer as a bonus 💕

Ruthie 3rd Annual


Meanwhile you can get 60% off five times in Ruthie’s July 2021 sale here 💕 Take a look and save. TIP: 2021 planners are perfect to do an end of the year sprint (or you can update them for 2022 and be ready for year end.)

Have a great weekend and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.)





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