Newsletter 11th July 2021: 😯 What to do if you hate selling

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Hi Selling is one of those things you have to do if you’re in business. After all, there is no business unless money changes hands. You can create product after product, but if you don’t offer your products for sale, you may as well spend your time watching cat videos. My dog Alfie would give me his hard Alfie stare if I did that (or at least bark a bit). LOL Alfie chillin If you hate selling, one way to get over it is to make your offers such insane good value that you feel like you’re doing a good turn when you tell potential customers about your product. You might wonder if you’re a little bit crazy not to be asking for as much as the market will stand, like many seem to do. But with an insane offer, there’s no need to be pushy or salesy. The pressure is off. I kinda like that. You just have to tell people about the thing you have to offer and let them make up their own mind. Your product still won’t be for everyone. But that’s okay. You don’t have to sell to everyone. Your offer will find the people who want and need it and you’ll make some sales. And the funny thing is, you’ll often make more with an extra-generous offer than a big grabby one. You’ll be happy and your customers will also be happy about the fantastic deal they got. Win win all around An example My latest product is a case in point. Who sells a twelve-week course packed full of original life-and-business changing content for $37? That would be me with my Freedom from Overwhelm. Take Control of Your business course LOL Just over $3 a week, but actually much less because access doesn’t end after 12 weeks. Not much for a lifetime of taking your life back, getting the right things done, and loving your business. What can I say? I don’t want to spend my time selling. I enjoy creating products and running my business much more. And giving as much as I can. Take a look to see if this product is for you and if you want it, use COUPON CODE FREEDOM90 in the shopping cart to reduce the price to $37 until Tuesday. FREEDOM FROM OVERWHELM Any questions? Let me know. (Just reply to this email.) Have a great week ahead and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.) love Jan Jan P.S. If you were supposed to claim my course as your bonus for BC Stack and don’t know where to find the details, reply and let me know and I’ll get you fixed up. 💕

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