Newsletter 9th May 2021: 😊 Look what I bought today! Not sorry!

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I’ve been trying to put a brake on my buying habits lately.

I love that little shot of dopamine you get when you buy a thing just a little bit too much. 😍



But today, I took a sensible decision(!) to buy a Pinterest course for my business, because

  1. it came highly recommended from someone I trust who is actually using this to make a difference in her business
  2. the course creator is a Pinterest expert (and her own business relies on her being an expert and staying up to date)
  3. this is much more in depth and current than I’ve seen with many Pinterest courses including ones I’ve paid much more for
  4. it is kept up to date – important in the ever-changing world of Pinterest but there’s no expensive monthly fee involved
  5. it provides a step by step method for promotion using Pinterest that is easy to follow to get results.

What did I buy?

It’s a Pinterest course called Scheduling Shortcuts by Amy Leblanc. The title is uninspiring but the content is far from it.

It has detailed pinning methods that not only work in 2021 but also save time and effort (and who has enough of that?).

Amy creates and schedules pins for many businesses. It’s her bread and butter and she has real life day-to-day experience seeing exactly what works.

I’m about to start pinning seriously and consistently, and I’ll try out her Waterfall Method of pinning and her Back to Back Pinning Method to see which works best for my business.

I’ll start without Tailwind using the manual method in the course and progress to using the scheduling tool Amy uses every day in her business with great effect. Apparently Tailwind has just released a Forever Free Plan which allows you use the scheduler, Tailwind Create and Tailwind Communities for free!

I’ll excited to try that out.

There is a ton of content in this course, but I’m particularly looking forward to diving into juicy sections like:

  • Update to the Update (#2) Start Pinning Smarter — THIS IS A GAME CHANGER!
  • Manual Pinning Smarter (Pinterest Native Tools Update)
  • Product Tagging Update
  • Fastest Way to Fix Your Product Tagged Pins
  • Group Boards: What You Need to Know (and yes, they STILL WORK!)

Anyway I bought Scheduling Shortcuts 

And I’m not sorry.

Not at all.

This one won’t gather dust on the digital shelf for sure. If you’re thinking of using Pinterest in your business, take a look now, as it’s due to double in price tomorrow.

As Amy says ” If you’re on the fence about joining, now is the time! I’m so excited about the results students are getting lately, especially when so many bloggers are just plain giving up on Pinterest.”


Have a great week ahead, work hard, use up all that lovely PLR, and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.)




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