Newsletter 9th February 2022: Yes, you can! 🎉 don’t miss out on last day offer and new quirky pages

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You might wonder, at times, whether you can do this thing (this thing being build this business, create this email sequence, promote this product, get over this tech hurdle or whatever you’re wondering about.)

I know I have my moments of doubt.

But those doubts are not facts; they are only fleeting thoughts at the back of our minds.

Little monkeys playing tricks with our brains.

And unfortunately, if you let them, they will affect your whole life.

Because if the thing you want to do can be done…

If other people before you have done it…

Then you can do it too.

No two ways about it.

If your life depended on it and you had a gun held to your head, you would do the thing, one way or another, you’d get it done.

So it’s not a question of can or can’t.

It’s a question of will you or won’t you make the effort to work through the parts you find difficult and get over the hurdles?

No one can make you do it.

No coach, no accountability group, no mentor, or trainer.

Only you.

You can stop listening to the monkeys chattering in your brain and start today, but will you?

That’s the million dollar question. 💖


Our Quirky 2022 calendar and matching planner proved so popular last year that we’ve added a new product Quirky Pages with many more options so that you can create a whole series of original products to sell in your shop.

I love the original cute dotted pattern in ice cream colors that comes with the product, but the beauty of it is that it is so easy to replace with your own design (or any digital paper) to get an entirely new look that’s all yours and your alone.

You can do it in Canva or Powerpoint just by changing the background.

Here are the Quirky pages. Get them for just $14.95 with coupon code QUIRKYDEAL (regularly $27) until Thursday 17th.


If you missed out on all the quirky goodness in the past, you can get the bundle of four Quirky products (on the same page) for one low price instead.

Just $27 with coupon code QUIRKYBUNDLE (regularly $67). (We set the price low enough to be worth it even if you have one or two of the other products.)

This special price ends on Thursday 17th as well.

Bundle of Quirky Pages Graphics

24 papers included with either option.

Digital Papers of Quirky Pages

Change background easily and swap out the template section too to anything you want.

Quirky Pages



Today’s EXTRA BONUS for any purchase through my links marked with 💖💖💖 in this newsletter is my plan for making $3k a month on KDP in 2022. It’s a pretty achievable goal but not without organized and systematic effort from you😊

amazon 3K planner

Buy anything marked 💖💖💖 through any of my links in this newsletter today then send me your receipt (to [email protected]) and I’ll share my thoughts and plans with you. On top of any other bonuses you see in the newsletter. (This report is coming out tomorrow so don’t worry if you don’t hear back right away 😊)


When you’re building a website or creating any product, you’re faced with a decision that many people get stuck on: choosing a set of colors that work.

There’s more to it than meets the eye (literally).

And you can’t publish or launch until you’ve made that decision.

If you’re stuck at that point, or would like to make those color decisions more easily from now on, grab this Color Your Brand training and workshop so you can ask all the questions you have on color choice.

So much value for an amazing introductory price of just $17! (save 65%) 

Promo workshop color your brand

Get all the details of the training and workshop here.

My bonus: Purchase this already super value training through my link to get my limited time bonus 💖💖💖 Just send your receipt to me ([email protected])


Amy has a brand new training course out today Positivity Printables Made Easy about creating and selling positivity printables which are so popular today.

The kind that make everyone feel better about their lives.

And which work well in many niches.

This training will show you both how to create AND sell these lucrative printables.

It has to feel good to spread joy and make a profit while you do it!

we made easy 
 for printable positivity

Take a look at this very comprehensive yet low-cost training here.

My bonus: Buy through my link and get a $15 voucher for my store as well as my new report. 💖💖💖Just send your receipt to me ([email protected])


If you took Marian’s Mello course, you will know the style of teaching you get from Marian with short easy to follow videos. 😊

Now she has her already low cost Creativity for the Terrified training on sale.

You can get it for 20% off with coupon code CFTT20 today.

It’s for novices, those who have tried and failed to create beautiful graphics, and those who are plain terrified! But there’s a ton in it, I didn’t know, and I’m not terrified at all!

Using PowerPoint and readily available FREE software, you will learn in dozens of short easy to digest videos

  • how to create color schemes in two ways
  • how to convert your colors into 5 types of background images.
  • how to mix the background types to make more background variations.
  • how to use photos on your phone to create blending layers to make more background variations.
  • how one FREE program can convert your images into cartoons, watercolors, and even abstract designs you can use on their own or as a blending layer.
  • how to create sticker designs, motifs, and washi tape in PowerPoint and how to add the backgrounds you have made to make them unique.

Once you have followed the directions a few times, use Marian’s “What happens if?” process; – press a button, add more layers, motifs and see where it takes you. 😊

Bonus: Purchase the course through my link to get my limited time bonus 💖💖💖 Just send your receipt to me ([email protected])


low content product bootcamp

I couldn’t resist this one 😊 A done-for-you training course to sell in an area I’m already very familiar with and at a steal of a price. If you’d like to create your own training course or you just want to know how to do this yourself, grab this launch deal fast to get that great price, and you’ll also get Content Sparks extra bonus (and mine see below) until the 9th!

Bonus: If you buy through my link, you’ll get a $20 voucher to use in my store, as well as my extra time-limited millionaire bonus. I triple heart this one!  💖💖💖 Just send me your receipt (to [email protected])

Have a great week and I’ll be back soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.




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