Newsletter 9th December 2022: Rich kid, poor kid 💖 lots of zero or low budget goodies today

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You know I think we entrepreneurs are often like kids in a candy store, who only have a set amount of pocket money for a snack.

We can’t choose one chocolate bar because it means letting all the rest go.

So we’re the poor kid who ends up with nothing, having changed our mind too many times but never quite getting to the checkout.

While the kid who makes a decision, and opts for one choice, gets the chocolate.

How many different business ideas have you taken down from the shelf but not worked on long enough to bear fruit?

What would it mean if you went all out on one business model in 2023?

Which chocolate bar will you choose? 💖


Look out for today’s freebies in the P.S.



life reset

I love these pocket money deals with commercial rights from Jennifer at Health and Wellness PLR.

Her latest is a bundle with 8 unique modules including a new lead magnet, 5 detailed articles, 75 original prompts (split into 3 categories), 3 journals, 3 workbooks, and 7 eCovers to go with the printable items.

And as always, all of these include the editable source files which means you can effortlessly open them up, change anything around, and completely customize them to your preference.

Just $7, but ONLY for the next few days.

Take a look at everything here:



monica spreadsheet workshop

If you’re looking for an easy business model to start, this one may have your name on it!

This weekend deal from Monica Froese is a workshop on creating and packaging up handy spreadsheets and checklists to sell.

There are only 2 billion Google sheets and Excel users on the planet so you could do worse! 🤣

And Monica mentioned in another training I was on that she is basing a whole new part of her business on spreadsheets with a dedicated premium domain so you can be sure she’s really looked into this business model.

Awesome value for just $27 this weekend (instead of the regular discounted $47 deal) and you can get an extra 20% off with coupon code HOLIDAY20 making this even cheaper.

Get all the details here:

My bonus: If you purchase the spreadsheet training through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the list at the end of this newsletter. 💖💖💖



pfp confidence-pack

The “Boost Your Confidence to Get Everything You Want Out of Life” Report + Planner Pack (plus extra report templates and graphics) is just $11.90 for today (saving 70%)  as part of the 12 daily Christmas deals offer from Publish for Prosperity.

Alternatively, you can snap up all the daily deals plus even more bonus packs in one package for just $97 on the same page.

Take a look at what’s included in both options:

My bonus: If you purchase the $97 option through my link, you can choose any two bonus reports from the list at the end of this newsletter. 💖💖💖



lizzys christmas party

It’s that time of year again when Elizabeth Goddard launches her amazing Christmas Party giveaway and this year is bigger than ever.

Scoop up freebies worth $15,700 in her regular cost-free goody bag.

340 products!

A whole bunch of valuable items for everyone in that.

But if you have the budget for it, treat yourself to the premium goody bag and for just $100 get 120+ programs that are each worth $100 – $500 (giving you a total of $41,300 worth of products for $100.)

This is an awesome way to snap up all the premium training you need for a spectacular 2023 at very little cost.

Get all the details and access the goody bags here before they disappear:

As there are over 450 things in this years party bags combined, be selective about what you choose to avoid getting overwhelmed!

You have until January 18th to choose once you’ve signed up.

My bonus: If you sign up for the premium goody bag with my affiliate link above, I have an exclusive bonus for you just for this purchase. I’ll share the review of my current business in 2022 and my plans for a new business model in 2023 including how I’ll use particular items in the two goody bags. You can also choose two additional bonus reports from the list at the end of this newsletter or a voucher for $40 to spend in my online shop. Just send your receipt to [email protected] with your choice(s). The business plan will be available at the end of the party promo 15th December as I need time to dig into all the goodies first, but you’ll receive the rest of your bonus within a day or two of your claim.



30 Day Quit Drinking Challenge Graphic

Every year, more than 10% of Americans resolve to quit drinking for a month in January and we in Europe do exactly the same!

So here’s the perfect workbook to help the “quitters” in their efforts. The 30 Day Quit Drinking Challenge actually has 31 days 🥰 so it can be turned into a Dry January challenge for customers right away if you wish but it’s a product that will also work all year long.

The fully editable template for the workbook is available in both Canva and Powerpoint in A4 and US Letter sizes and has 42 pages with additional pages for covers and background options.

Just $17 (regularly $27) during launch with coupon code QUITDRINK

The launch ends at the end of day Tuesday 13th December midnight Pacific

Get all the details here:



carmens advent calendar

Carmen has just brought out this gorgeous template so that you can use the free version of Canva to create an advent calendar for your business, giving customers or subscribers a gift every day for 12 or 25 days.

And you also get to sell the product to others as this comes with commercial rights to edit and sell.

Get your thinking cap on and use it for other occasions as well as Christmas!

There’s video training included (for your own use only) on how to set this up.

I already bought a more expensive and complicated system to do this but I think I’ll get this one too.

Just $25 during launch with coupon code ADVENT20 (regularly $47)

Get all the details here:

Launch ends on Monday 12th.

My bonus: If you purchase the Advent Calendar product through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the list at the end of this newsletter. 💖💖💖



lynette 12 days

Lynette has a different deal every day for 12 days at 50% off for one day only, or you can grab all 12 deals today for just $97.

Each product includes editable templates and more, giving you a product to sell as your own and the promo graphics to go with it.

See today’s AFFILIATE MARKETING FOR BEGINNERS WORKBOOK deal here: (ends midnight)

Or take a closer look at everything in the bundle here:

My bonus: If you purchase any of the daily deals through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the list at the end of this newsletter.  If you buy the bundle through my link, you can choose two. 💖💖💖



personlized christmas

Great new product to create hugely popular personalized kids’ stories.

You get commercial rights to stories and all the graphics you need to create as many unique products to sell as you like , but the price is so low it would even be worth it just to create illustrated stories for the kids in your own life!

Take a look at this novel product here:

The price rises with each sale, but it was still well under $20 when I looked just before sending this email.

My bonus: If you purchase the Christmas story product through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the list at the end of this newsletter. 💖💖💖



design cuts 5 offer

I snapped this one up as soon as I saw it.

Somehow, I can never have too many graphics to play with.  🤣

But you need to see all the packs up close to see the value and potential.

Take a look here and get inspired:



Tools for motivation logo

It’s no secret that being able to handle emotions is the difference between success and failure, unhappiness and joy.

And the latest enormous pack of content from Tools for Motivation is perfect for creating courses and infoproducts to help your audience handle their feelings and get control of their emotions.

There’s too much content to list it all here.

Take a look at all the content and products you could create here (and see the big discount you will enjoy during the launch):

Discount ends on the 9th

My bonus: If you purchase the content pack through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the list at the end of this newsletter. 💖💖💖



tshirt planner

Michelle has just released a planner with commercial rights for those selling in the popular T-shirt niche.

This is a hot business right now with many people looking to start a small business selling T-Shirts both online and at festivals.

With this 40-page template you can jump in on this low competition niche and provide a much-needed planner to those new business owners.

And as Michelle sells in the T-shirt niche herself, she has used her experience to create this very useful tool.

Just $17 with coupon code TSHIRT for a few days.

See everything included here:

Offer ends 10th December.

My bonus: If you purchase the planner through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the list at the end of this newsletter. 💖💖💖



club pin content

The December content has just dropped at Club Pin.

Topic: Goals & Intentions.

Get both November and December content when you subscribe for $10 a month.

This is a fantastic chance to join the club and see how much value you get for so little!

Stick around for great content every month to sell in your shop or give away along with social media graphics and mockups to promote it.

Take a look here:

My bonus: If you purchase Club Pin through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the list at the end of this newsletter. 💖💖💖



simplify your lfe

This month’s done-for-you content kit from Passion for PLR is Simplify Your Life.

A hugely popular topic!

Get 50% off this month with Launch Code: SIMPLEDEC

Take a look at the details here:

My bonus: If you purchase both the Simplify Your Life through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the list at the end of this newsletter. 💖💖💖



fresh start bundle

I’ve seen a lot of bundles come and go in 2022.

All of them are great deals.

I don’t buy every single one because some of them are better deals than others 🤣

But this one is awesome with 44 products for just $37 including over 20 training courses and 18 products you can sell.

Does the Fresh Start Bundle have your name on it?

Take a look and see all the things that could benefit you and your business and then decide:

My bonus: If you purchase the Fresh Start Bundle through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the list at the end of this newsletter. 💖💖💖



leonie academy

This is one of the best deals around, even among all the Black Friday noise.

Don’t spend your BF budget on things that you’ll forget by Christmas, treat yourself to a year of Leonie coaching and training for just $99.

I’m all in with this one!

Build your business in 2023 with Leonie – there are some great planning tools included as well as all her courses.

Get all the details here:

My bonus: If you purchase the membership through my link, you can choose any two bonus reports from the list at the end of this newsletter. 💖💖💖



holiday sale michelle

Michelle and Aimee of Secret Owl Society have kicked off Black Friday early with their 50% off sale.

🎟️ Enter the code HOLIDAY in the coupon code box on the checkout page to claim your discount.

But note that the discount will decrease over time, so the best time to buy is now if you want anything in the sale.

The products included are

The Passive Income Planner Girl course (1600+ students including me!!!)
Canva Template kit
Digital Planner template Kit
PDF Glow up
Design your own Digital Magazine

See all their gorgeous products and training here:

My bonus: If you make any purchase through my link, you can choose any one bonus report from the list at the end of this newsletter. (Two if you spend over $50) 💖💖💖



When you buy 💖💖💖 marked products through my links you can choose any of the items in the list below.

To claim just send your receipt(s) to me ([email protected]) and let me know which bonus(es) you would like. I’ll verify with the vendor and send them right back to you, usually within a day or so.

latest bonus reports

Here are the currently available bonuses.

▶️ My plan for making $3K a month from Amazon KDP in 2022
▶️ Aargh! exactly what to do when you feel like quitting
▶️ My millionaire plan (February 2022 update) for how I plan to retire with a lot of fun money
▶️ Simplify! 15 things I do to avoid getting overwhelmed
▶️ Graphics – my process for making PLR unique using graphics
▶️ 339 best-selling printable ideas
▶️ 25 ways to get more mileage from the PLR on your hard drive
▶️ 27 best converting lead magnet ideas
▶️ Boost your business by reviving old blog posts
▶️10 Steps to Creating a Winning Strategy for Your Next Project
▶️ 5 minute miracle start to make every day a success
▶️10 Ways to Make an Extra $1000+ this year
▶️10 Places to Sell Printables Other Than Etsy
▶️10 Reasons it took me ten years to make a living online (Find out how not to be me!)
▶️ Unstuck! How I take decisions in my business and move forward without fear
▶️ Easy! The Simplest Products that Sell to Create from Scratch
▶️ How to Find the Best Canva Templates to Elevate Your Brand
Be Unique! How to Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace by Finding Your USP

Have a great day and I’ll be back soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.





How to Use PLR Content to Increase Sales

This is an awesome in depth article and video from Alice at Ekithub (better than some courses!) Take a look if you’ve been wondering about using PLR (also known as commercial rights or done for you content) or you have  stash of it on your hard drive that you haven’t used!


In case you missed it: 

Don’t forget, Lizzie’s bundle with 340 awesome freebies!


winter coloring pages

FREE Coloring Pages for adults Amazing that these were created with AI!


Epic blog post pack (includes the content for the post and for a content upgrade freebie): How to Boost Your High-Ticket Sales with Social Selling


watercolor romantic flowers

Watercolor romantic flowers 


DB Christmas alphabet

Design Bundles Christmas Doodle Alphabet (love this!):


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