Newsletter 8th August 2021: ⛱️ How to make your summer last forever

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I took time off this morning to take a course that was nothing to do with business.

I know, right?

That’s a thing. LOL

This one caught my eye as time seems to be speeding up as I race towards my sixtieth birthday in a few days.

“How to expand time and live a full life,” it promised.

So apparently, to cut a long story short, what you have to do is stop doing so much routine stuff and have a wild ride instead, doing all the things, going to all the places, taking risks, and making memories.

The more moments you have to remember, the longer your life (or your summer) will seem in retrospect.

Whereas the more dull your day to day life, the longer your days will seem in the present—the minutes will seem like hours, but you won’t remember a thing and it will feel like your life rushed by with nothing to remember when you look back.

You need days infused with novelty and emotion to make your life feel longer.

summer long and happy

That’s why when you’re eight, summer seems to last forever, exactly because it’s your first time doing so many things and everything is an adventure with high emotion attached.

It seems we need more drama in our lives.

But I’d prefer it wasn’t the kind of drama we’ve just had (and some of us are still going through 😱)

The past couple of years will be memorable in retrospect for sure—the loved ones we lost, the fear of simple acts like going to the store, the times we weren’t allowed to go anywhere or do anything.

But I could do without prolonging that kind of memory, even though I’m sure we’ll be remembering living through history in twenty years!

So I’m going to make my own memories with family and friends.

And travel once I can.

Spend money on experiences not things.

Work on this business I love, so there’s money to spare for those experiences not just food and taxes.

Does that make sense where you are in life?

Let’s all make a big splash!

Or is it just me, having a big birthday life angst moment? LOL

Summer Bucket List 

This wasn’t what I was supposed to be promoting today but I’ll just mention it as it seems a shame not to given my thoughts above. This gorgeous set of summer bucket list printables with commercial use rights is still just five dollars if you use code 5BUCKS.

Summer Bucket List

Give it away or sell it with personal use rights only or use it to plan some memories of your own.

Ongoing Bundle Magic

Thank you to those of you who bought Ruthie’s bundle through my link and got your $100 voucher. You’ve been doing all the shopping in my store and products have been flying off the virtual shelves. I hope you enjoy all the extras and the bundle goodies 😊

If you missed it, Ruthie will be back in January with another great bundle, but meanwhile there’s the Building a Biz Bundle 2021, another no-brainer purchase that you can use to build a business in no time at all. And this one includes some great training. Buy though my link and receive an automatic voucher with your purchase for $25 off your cart total in my store.

You can see my “One Positive Thought a Day” Journal that I contributed to the bundle in the promo image here. Take a closer look on the site though because there are so many more great products in this bundle than you see here.

Building a big bundle

More Low Cost, High Quality PLR and Training

Remember, if you buy it, use it!

Make memories or rent or shoes, whatever you need or want—but in any case, make bank with every product you buy!

▶️  Jenn at Health and Wellness PLR has launched a Productivity and Motivation pack and priced it at only $9.95 through Monday, August 9. This includes a report, cover design and 15 articles for one low price.

▶️ Fran at The Happy Journals PLR Club has some new training on Organizing Your Content to Get More Done. This topic is one I love and I have a course myself Freedom from Overwhelm which covers similar ground and more, but the thing is you can always learn from new ideas, new people. Fran’s course is currently on launch at $27 and is well worth investing in along with mine. If you also want my course, wait until later in the week to purchase it as I’ll put it on sale for my birthday.  Save your dollars for experiences!

▶️ LAST DAY One of the best ways to make revenue in your business is by selling courses. Creating them is one thing, marketing quite another kettle of fish. Handy then that Melissa and Nicole are having a weekend sale on their Course Launch Planner which guides you through mapping out a 6-figure course launch in a weekend. Save 50% with promo code 50 through Sunday, August 8 and give your course the kickoff it deserves. Or you can sell the planner to others and profit that way.

▶️ Power of Purpose printables so much for one tiny price $11.97—journals posters,cards. Snap this one up! You can use it in so many places, it will save you oodles of precious time even if you don’t put these products up for sale (which you totally can!)

Have a great Sunday and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.)




P.S. One great memory from lock down—getting my first ever puppy, cockapoo Alfie. I only ever had goldfish and hamsters as pets when I was a kid. You can’t take them for a walk LOL

Early days (September 2020)

early days

And now

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