Newsletter 8th April 2021: ūüí°‚ö°LAST CHANCE! Create a Business from One Planner¬†

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A Business From One Planner

It hasn’t been the year for parties so far. But that’s starting to change.

People are making plans.

Cautiously. But they’re getting ready to celebrate in style again.

All around the world, family and friends will be planning to get together to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other events.

And that’s where Becky’s¬†¬†Happy Blooms Party Planner¬†comes in.

Isn’t it pretty?

But this planner is¬†not just beautiful; it’s exactly what people need to plan the best celebration ever.

The planner has 45 printable pages to meet every need.

And it comes with full commercial rights so you can sell it in your store just as it is or with your own design.

Put it up in your store quickly ready to meet the tidal wave of planning that’s about to start.

The Happy Blooms Party Planner launch ends tomorrow, so grab this planner while you can for just $27 with coupon code:  PARTYTIME

happy blooms party


ūüí° IDEA: Don’t Stop There¬†

Once you have Becky’s product, don’t just put it in your shop and sell the hind legs off it.

For better results, be the business with more to offer your customers. (The “Do you want fries with that?” of the printable world.)

Any customer who is planning a party, needs more than a planner, right?

They need invitations. They need menu cards. They might like welcome posters, gift tags, banners, and group games printables. And maybe a fun quiz. They might like wine bottle wrappers or printable place mat covers.

You know, all the million and one things that we love to decorate our parties with.

Your Happy Blooms Party planner could include a coupon that promotes a whole range of party printables and your party printables could promote your planner.

You see how this works?

Don’t sell one product to every buyer and call it done.

Follow through with the extras. Delight your customers with more of the things they need and want.

Don’t worry.

You don’t have to create the extras all at once.

Put the planner up.

Create one extra thing.

Then another and so on.

A Party Empire wasn’t built in a day. But, you could reap the rewards of a few hours here and there¬†spent creating extra pretty things to sell.

Bonus Papers

Becky includes a set of pretty papers and covers so you could use them in different ways to create items to match your planner.

But you don’t have to use Becky’s design.

You could have your own unique range with matching planner using her templates and your design.

If you’d like more design ideas,¬†buy the Happy Blooms Party Planner¬†through my link here¬†and I’ll put a set of 3 additional alternative covers and backgrounds in the bonus area in your account on Becky’s site by¬†Monday.

Bundle Up

Once you have a few printables made, you could delight your customers by offering a bundle of matching products for a lower cost.

Always get an email address from Etsy

If you’re selling from your own store, you’ll get an email. But this used to be tricky if you had an Etsy store.

To be able to follow up with customers

1. put an offer in the download pdf file for each product and have customers sign up with their email to get a coupon or special deal

2. get the customer email from Etsy when they buy anything. See Carmens training on how to do this.

Think expansion and profit ūüėć

Enjoy the rest of the week, and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.)



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P.P.S. Look out for my new journal launching tomorrow


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