Newsletter 7th January 2022: Simple miserable business success & more new things.

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My business makes me happy because I enjoy what I’m doing day to day.

I love the process, the actual work.

I love the people I work with.

And I love the results.

But if you’re just relying on the results to make you happy, that’s not gonna wash.

Of course, revenue and profit are important. We all need to eat and pay for a roof over our head.

But don’t strive for profit in a way that makes you miserable.

There are at least 1001 ways to make your living online and even more out in the real world.

Life is too short not to enjoy what you do.

I’m not saying throw it all up in the air in a fit of “I hate doing this and I’m outa here.”

Make your “escape” in a sensible way especially if you rely on your income to keep body and soul together.

But don’t plan a future of work that makes the time drag even if it will bring in a million bucks.

That’s simply a way to be miserable.

And the worst kind of success.

NEW: How to Use Templates to Streamline Your Business

Looking forward to diving into this one myself. When my VA started working for me, one of her tasks was to create the operating procedures for my business and we have continued to use them ever since, adding to them when we do something new and updating them find a better way to do something. Like magic if I’ve forgotten how to do something, there’s a process for that, and no need to remember what to do.

How to Use Templates to Streamline Your Business walks you through that process, but as it’s white label, you can also add your branding and sell it.

It includes modules on:

Where to Use Templates in Your Business
Types of Templates (And When to Use Them)
How to Create Your Templates
How to Start Using Templates in Your Business
Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Templates and more!

Take a closer look here. Save up to 67% if you get it this week.

Bonus from me: To encourage good business practices, I’ll offer a $35 coupon bonus if you buy the Blaze package through my link in this email and a $20 coupon bonus if you buy the Beacon package through my link.


April creates great quality PLR, brilliant for boosting the content on your site as well as creating products.

She will have three new things on 52% off sale every day in January, but if you missed the ones you want, don’t worry because you can see all the deals here. 😊

Use code 2022 to get 52% off everything.


Fantastic value and so cheerful it almost makes me want to go to the gym LOL Grab this amazing Health and Fitness pack with commercial rights for just $9.95. including three bonus guides.

Take a  look at everything in detail here 

So much for so little!


NEW: Stop the Procrastination and Get Things Done EKit Value Pack

There’s even more in Alice’s latest Ekit Stop the Procrastination and Get Things Done, just out, also with commercial rights so you can use it to create a product to give away or sell.

The value pack is available for just a few days and at a tiny launch price.

You’ll see everything here.


NEW: Lynette’s 30 Day Workbook Learning to Let Go

Another brilliant product with commercial rights. Lynette’s 30 Day Learning to Let Go workbook is perfect for coaches and those in the self development niche who need a product to sell or a lead magnet.

Take a look here and use coupon code LETGO for your launch discount until the 11th.

lynette let go

NEW: Becky’s Valentine Planner with commercial rights

The graphics in Becky’s Valentine Planner pack are original and hand-painted so you know they won’t be all over the web.

Flip through all the pages here (both the digital and printable planners) and use coupon code VALDAY to buy either the printable with $10 off for $17 or the printable and digital pack combo for $27 until January 17th.

Valentines day print bundle

ENDS SUNDAY: Julie’s Full Color Planners & Journals Course

Color has been given a new lease of life on Amazon with the introduction of a lower cost option for printing in color. Now self-published journals and planners can compete with low cost printed products from the far east. It’s a huge opportunity!

If you want to get your share of this lucrative market, Julie has a new course to help you out even if you’re a complete beginner.

I just published my own full color book and I love how it turned out so I’m looking forward to doing more of that.

Julies full color planners

This course is on sale for just a  few more days as the course begins on Monday 10th January. From that point, you’ll be able to follow along with the instructions to create your own set of beautiful colored products, the kind that sell like hot cakes on Amazon.

This course is for sale on WarriorPlus with no upsells. Everything is included in one product.

My bonus: If you buy through my link, get a $40 voucher to use in my store. Just send your receipt to jan@simplehappiness.biz.


You can also get 50% off all Coach Glue planners this month including new ones so you will have even more to offer your customers.

Choose anything on this page and use coupon code 50 to get the 50% discount making most of these substantial products a fantastic deal at just $23.50 instead of $47.


Mosaic Digital Planner

If you loved the design of our November freebie series, you’ll love this digital and printable planner set with PLR commercial rights.

You can choose either the digital or printable option or buy both in a value packed bundle.

Find all three options, a video (with a small sample of the pages) and more details on this page.

During our launch sale, the digital planner is just $17 with coupon code MOSAICDIGITAL  (regularly $37)

The printable planner is also $17 with coupon code MOSAICPRINTABLE (regularly $27)

For best value, buy the bundle of both printable and digital planners together for just $27 with coupon code MOSAICBUNDLE (regularly $47)

Beautiful Art Work

gabbys art

If you’d like some special art work for your planners, journals and other digital products, look no further than Gabby’s Year End Sale

Gabby is selling all the art work from the past year (25 packs!) for one low price. You cannot pass on the rights to these graphics in PLR products but you could make a fantastic original and not seen everywhere product for Etsy or KDP with this beautiful work.

Take a look at everything here and use COUPON 2021BUNDLE making 25 graphic packs just $37 (a $50 saving!) until the 9th

Enjoy your weekend and I’ll be back soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good






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