Newsletter 7th February 2021: All eyes đź‘€on the Superbowl? But free goodies here. đź’– Don’t miss out.

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Is this new to you too? 

I spotted a site this week that has these fun illustrations for unrestricted commercial use – the type of flat images you’ve probably seen around a lot lately.

fun illustrations

The good thing about this site (it’s called UNDRAW) is that you can change the colors by clicking on the default purple, enter your own hex color code, and have them match your brand rather than having to make changes inside a complicated graphics program. So, I entered a coral color and changed everything in one go…

fun illustrations 2

CLICK here to have fun exploring UNDRAW where everything is refreshingly free.

LAST DAY for this bundle and my bonus  

I love all the recent bundle goodness.

It’s the easiest low cost method by far of quickly building up a stash of products to sell and getting the training you need to build your business.

The Publishing Productivity & Profits Bundle costs just $27 for 30 amazing products worth over a thousand dollars (no upgrades to decide on) Superb value.

Productivity and Profits bundle

Take a peek to see if you can use this bundle in your business. (Spoiler Alert: the answer is YES!) Decide quickly because you only have a few hours to grab it.

You will then have weeks to download everything so there’s no rush once you have it.


My bonus

If you buy the Productivity and Profits bundle through any of my links in this newsletter, you can choose any two products from my Etsy Store for free.

What will you choose?

If you’re in business, I recommend the 50 simple ways to get more email clicks workbook AND the Focus on Your One Big Goal (12 weeks) workbook.

focus on your one

email clicks


To claim your bonus send your receipt to [email protected] with your choice of two Etsy products and I’ll send them right over.

Look around you. Is Clutter Taking Over Your Home?

If you feel like you’ve tried everything you can to get things under control and nothing you’ve tried has worked, you need the help of a real expert who has helped solve much worse cases.

My friend Eileen Roth literally wrote the book on getting things straight:  “Organizing for Dummies” and she’s touched so many lives over the years through her TV appearances, book, and also the courses that she personally runs with gentle humor and good grace. You will not be left alone with your clutter problems.

She would tell you herself she doesn’t have a splashy sales page with a million bonuses and popups to tempt you in, so don’t expect to be blown away with showy graphics when you click to find out more.

But what you will find is genuine help that is life transforming and worth its weight in gold.

If you need this, don’t miss this chance to get Eileen’s unique systems as well as her encouragement and support to transform your home into a place where you look around and can’t help but smile. And that’s just the first half of her training program…


Here’s to a good week ahead, stay safe, and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones that will truly make a difference to your happiness in life and business)

All the best



P.S. If you missed the other thing I’ve been up to, you’ll find your lost youth (if you lost it lol) here with my new course!

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