Newsletter 7th December 2020:  Alfie’s first snow and an idea for 2021

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If you’re like me, you’ll be glad to see the back of 2020. Don’t get me wrong, some wonderful things happened. I met some great people (all at a distance, mind you) and started a new business. And let’s not forget about Alfie – one of the best things about 2020. Here he is wondering what happened to his lawn last week. Yes, winter has arrived in Edinburgh.

alfie in snow


But on the whole, looking at you pandemic, the year could have been better (spot the understatement.)

So, now it’s time to plan for a better year.

A new business or side hustle for 2021?

If you have yet to decide on a business, here’s an idea for one income stream you can start now and have up and running in no time.

Selling digital planners.

Although there are courses on how to make digital planners, I recommend you start with ready-made planners that you can instantly sell. Like these beauties by Melody:

digital journals


You can buy Melody’s planner toolkits for so little money, it doesn’t make sense to start from scratch.

In fact, for a short time you can buy  a bundle of SIX of her fully-dated and linked ready-made to sell digital planners plus 48 covers and 25 watercolor backgrounds with a big discount.  Use

TURKEY10: to get $10 off any individual planner
TURKEYTOES: to get $50 off the SUPER BUNDLE

Melody spent many many days linking every page so that they work beautifully (and you don’t have to do that painstaking part) and her designs are gorgeous and varied so they appeal to a huge audience.

  • You can sell the beautiful designs as they are AND
  • Use the extra covers and backgrounds in the super bundle to make more planners to sell AND
  • Add your own touches to the planners to create unique designs

giving you a whole variety of planners in your product arsenal.

Not only that, you can use the drag and drop templates provided on the pages to change the internal format of every page, too, if you like.

Your own unique products for a steal.

Take a Look

These planners sell like hot cakes

Unlike printable planners, digital planners sell all year long. And if you’re wondering where to sell your digital planners, look no further than Etsy where they are very popular and command a good price.

If you know nothing about Etsy, you’ll find some help on the site itself, but instead of trying to figure it all out on your own, grab a low-priced course that spells out what you need to do step by step.

I’m a big fan of D’vorah’s teaching style and I love her Etsy course currently 30% off. (Use COUPON code BOOST30 )

That’s where I started, and it has all the info you need to set up and make a success of Etsy.

Lately, I also joined Carmen’s Etsy Insider’s Club which includes a course for beginners, regular new lessons, templates, and a printable product to sell each month. These monthly extras are well worth the price of entry to me, and as an extra special bonus of membership, Carmen also arranges promos to help her students increase their visibility on Etsy.

But the promo I want to tell you about today was organized by Melody with her Thursday Kitchen Sink group. (My new favorite day of the week!)

FREEBIE alert 

To get an instant feel for Etsy and what works there,  take a look at the first Annual Holiday Sparkle event.



Here you’ll find a great free giveaway where everyone wins a prize printable bundle as well as a chance to win much more.

You’ll also get easy access to forty or so shops to browse offering 50% off their whole inventory — a simple way to see what’s possible with a new Etsy shop and what you could create very quickly with your new digital products.

In any case, have fun exploring all the shops, favorite the ones you’d like to go back to, and bag yourself a bargain while you’re there.


1. It doesn’t really matter what business model you choose

Selling digital planners is just one business model of many. You don’t have to choose this one. Of course, you don’t. But if you want to have any kind of business or side hustle, you do have to choose something. And this is one of easiest, lowest cost businesses to start.

2. Once you’ve chosen a model, stick with it

Give whatever business model you choose a chance. Give it all you’ve got. Don’t decide it doesn’t work at the first hurdle because no business model is without hurdles. You just have to learn to get over, round or through them to succeed.

3. Choose one business model at a time

For best results, focus on one thing and become an expert in it before getting distracted by another potential source of income. This is something I find really difficult because I have acute Bright Shiny Object syndrome, but I know it makes sense to grab one idea and run with it.

Have fun this December, stay safe, and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones that will truly make a difference to your business)

All the best



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