Newsletter 7th August 2020: Canva Tip and Friday Frenzy

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After a busy week, it’s Friday at last. Yay! We are having a weekend at home in Edinburgh 2020 style.

I know a lot of you bought Ruthie’s bundle in the past week or so. If you did, please don’t let it gather dust on your hard drive There’s so much value in all the products you have access to. Start thinking about what you can change and combine to make entirely new and unique products or just add your logo. Then, get them up for sale or give them away to attract email subscribers.


A lot of PLR products are delivered only in pdf and pptx (Powerpoint) format.

If you would like to add your logo or include additional pages or text in a product, you can do that easily with Powerpoint or Canva, depending which program you prefer, though you can’t change the existing text in Canva.

Canva doesn’t accept PDF or PPTX format, however you can convert a PDF format file to a JPG or PNG file which you can then upload.

  1. Choose a conversion program. I usually use which is free.
  2. Upload your pdf and click convert
  3. Wait for conversion, then download your converted file.
  4. The converted file may be zipped, especially if a multi-page document. Unzip (extract) it.
  5. Open a new document in Canva the same size as your pdf.
  6. In the left panel choose Uploads then Upload an Image or Video. Select one or more of the png files to upload. You can upload several at once, if you like.
  7. Once a file has uploaded, drag it onto the new document, right click and select set image as background.
  8. Add your logo etc to the page

Pro Tip: If there are many pages repeated to make a whole journal, upload just one of those pages, add your logo and then create duplicates of that one page in Canva.


My friend Maria is having a Friday Frenzy sale, offering her very pretty “One Minute Journal” (130 pages) with PLR commercial rights for $30 off.

It’s a steal at $7, but it’s only available at that price for one day.

You also get alternative covers, 100+ motivational quotes, and 30 black and white patterns/coloring pages to use in your journals.

one minute journal

Take a look quickly before the deal disappears.



Whatever you’re up to this weekend, have fun, and stay safe




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