Newsletter 6th September 2021: Too much competition! 😱 I quit!

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Have you ever found yourself wanting to give up because there’s just too much competition out there?

Too many people in your niche?

Too many books on your topic already on Amazon?

Too many printable sellers?

Too many courses and someone just brought out a course on the very thing you wanted to teach?

It happens all the time. And many would-be entrepreneurs do give up, usually before they even put a toe in the water.

I gave up on at least five great business ideas before I realized there’s always space for one more. 😊

It’s one of those lessons that took me some time to learn.

The thing is, there may be a ton of competition out there online, but none of the people you think are competing with you have exactly your knowledge, your experience, or your way of phrasing things.

They are not you.


If you’re blogging or coaching or creating online products, you’re not selling a commodity like a can of beans.

You’re selling what you uniquely put into your work and how you package it and present it for sale.

So really the competition is not with others out there unless you are just throwing  identical “can of bean” products out there.

It’s with yourself.

Will you or won’t you take action?

Will you create the best products you can, put them out there and sell them?

Or will you shake your head and say there’s too much competition and give up?

I hope you’ll jump into the fray and give it your best shot.

The labor will be worth it. 😊

Happy Labor Day!  

It’s the last day for most of the great sales going on this weekend.

One I missed yesterday / last day today

See everything on Becky’s site


Suzi’s Printables by Number sale

One of the best printables courses on the market and It’s a steal with 25% off the already low price with coupon code BTS2021

Get all the details then grab it quick before the coupon disappears.

number-based print

Carmen’s End of Summer Sale (ends today)

Take a look at what you’re missing and grab some bargains with coupon code ENDOFSUMMER35

No one does pretty planners, journals, stickers, and mockups like Carmen and she has training to show you how to use them too!

carmen summer sale

Lynette’s 2021 Passport last chance (ends today)

Last year, I bought two of Lynette’s passports so I could pick up 12 of her fantastic products for 70% off this year.

If you missed out then, Lynette has brought back the 2021 Passport for a few days this weekend. Click on the link or image below to see everything you can use it on  right now and the eight additional fantastic products coming before the end of the year.

See all the details and get your 2021 Passport here.

thrive anywhere

Get out of your Comfort Zone 


So much ready to use content for $11.95!

I’m grabbing this one 😊 because with the commercial licence you can do so much with it. There are prompted journals, posters, cards, an ebook, articles. The whole nine yards! And it’s also a great concept that we all need, because it’s too easy to get stuck in a cozy little rut and let your life drift by.

Take a look at everything you receive

sm comfort zone


Meet the Content Creators $5 Sale ends today

I included a Floral Birthday Calendar in this crazy sale, but you’ll get the birthday calendar and another SEVEN products for your fiver that you can immediately sell or use to build your list. You can even edit these products and add your own designs, colors and branding if you wish and make them unique.


Don’t let this sale bargain of the year pass you by. The price will double soon! What else could you do with that fiver? It’s like winning the…oh yes I could do that with this weeks prize but I already got this LOL

Grab it here

Make your content unique! Just a few hours left

One of the easiest ways to make your website, workbook, or freebie unique is with beautiful digital paper and designs. It’s easy to make your own (and pretty addictive once you start!) and you can even sell the designs you make on sites like Creative Market and Creative Fabrica.

Faith has launched a new course Digital Papers Masterclass with three easy ways to make these designs. She’ll show you methods in Canva, Powerpoint, and Procreate. Until tonight you get all three courses for just $67 or one for $27, no coupon code required.  Faith’s teaching is very easy to follow. If you’ve found other graphics training too complicated, try again with Faith.

digital papers


Make this Your Best Fall Ever 

Our latest set of printables is a “Fall Bucket List” to give you and your customers the best fall ever in the months ahead

Within the pages, you’ll find over a hundred suggestions for the season! I’m using this one myself 😊

JUST $7 until September 14th with COUPON CODE FALLSPECIAL

Although you can use these exactly as they are, you get editable templates in both color and black and white in both Canva and Powerpoint US Letter and A4 sizes so you can add your own designs and ideas if you wish. Or use the ideas already there in all kinds of ways. So many possibilities!

Get your copy here

Fall Bucket List Graphic

Have a great Labor Day and week ahead.

Create a business that makes you feel like you’re winning, and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.




P.S. And of course, there’s always one or two more I didn’t have time/space for.

Get 45% off all regularly-priced items in Jenn’s Health & Wellness PLR Store with coupon yaylaborday45 until Tuesday


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