Newsletter 6th November 2021: Getting help + another freebie from me🎁 grab it before it disappears

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Today’s freebie (see the P.S. below) is a printable to keep track of the movies you’ve seen or the movies you want to watch.

We all love a good movie, right?

But what about your own movie.

Are you starring in it or are you playing a bit part in someone else’s script?

Are you doing business your way? Or are you just an extra, part of the crowd?

Make sure you’re the hero in your own story.

The one who drives the action and gets the result.

Write your own script and pick a great supporting cast of co-stars.

Deep thoughts for a Saturday!

But important anyway.

Heroes don’t go it alone

I’ve had a really good year in business but I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without help.

Great customers and mentors and friends! Thank you!

And of course, help from my team of one 😊 my VA Kareen.

We all start from somewhere, but if you’ve yet to build a team at all, I’d say, start sooner rather than later.

If you want to build your team in 2022, start planning it now. It’s never too soon to think about it.

I took a really expensive course to help me recruit, but I also bought this course recently because I’m thinking about growing my team in the future.

It’s by the owner of the agency that the expensive course advised using (and that I did use to find my VA!) There’s no one who knows more than this guy about employing great people overseas.

The VA course is definitely worth diving into if you’re seriously looking to grow your business soon. And $49 is a lot less than the $1300 I paid. Ouch!

Great course on rare sale…



I love Michelle’s Passive Income Planner Girl course because it has everything you need to build a business on Etsy and then teaches you how to take it way beyond that.

And the whole emphasis is on building quality, meaningful, and beautiful products as the cornerstone of your business.

Not churning out ugly pages that no one is going to buy.

It’s not a cheap course, but it’s worth every penny even at full price.

And at 50% off, it’s well worth the investment. I paid full price for this one and don’t regret it!

Get more details here. And use code HOLIDAYSALE to make it half price.

And there’s a bonus from me, too. If you buy the course through my link, send your receipt to me at jan@simplehappiness.biz and I’ll verify your purchase and send you a $70 voucher to spend in my store.

New Bundle: Plan Your Life and Business

We all have mixed feelings about bundles. They can be a bit overwhelming, I agree, but they are usually such great value that I can rarely resist one.

And I don’t think there’s a single bundle I’ve had buyer’s remorse over.

The thing is, you might not be able to use everything in a bundle right now, especially if you are right at the beginning of your business.

But that’s okay. 

If you’re still mired in building your list or website, or busy with different projects, you might not have the capacity to use all the products for a while.

But once you get a chance, you’ll be glad of all the assets you have that you got for pennies on the dollar. You’ll be able to pick and choose the products you make from all the content you have available and you’ll have a training library at your fingertips for all you need to know.

You can release that value at any time and profit.  Even six months or a year later.

The Plan your Life and Business bundle is full of products you’ll want to go back to. Buy this one if you can afford to.

It’s a good investment and there are many items in it that you will be glad you own.

You’ll get my Product Planner included too which you can both sell and use. 😊

BONUS: Use my link and get two $20 vouchers to use in my store making this even better value as you’ll get back more than you spend! Just send your receipt to me at jan@simplehappiness.biz

Graphic of a Product Planner

New! Start Up Workbook

This comprehensive start up workbook has all you need to plan at the start of your business (and frankly many things you should have in your plans, but probably don’t) even if you already started.) This is one I’m going to grab for myself! Get it during launch (ends November 9th) for 50% off with coupon code STARTUP

complete banner for a new business

New: Marian’s Gunpowder Plot Sale

Did you know that the 5th November is celebrated in the UK with bonfires and fireworks?

It’s when we commemorate the foiled attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605 by Guy Fawkes.

We’ll be inside covering Alfie dog’s ears as he’s not a fan of fireworks 😱

Anyway, Marian is having a sale on all the courses on her site to mark the occasion.

Use coupon GUY1605 to save 20% on everything until November 9th.

I love Marian’s courses because she always has info to share you don’t find anywhere else and she gives her courses in short 5 minute bites. Even if you only have a tiny chunks of time you can learn a lot.

New! Ekit Leadership pack

Alice has another great pack with a huge amount of quality content, perfect for coaches and those in the business and self development niches.

Grab this latest ekit to take the work out of creating content, giveaways, and products for your shop for some time to come. See everything on offer for just $14.95 here. Amazing!

ekit for leadership


New! Winter Bucket List

Cold weather is about to hit the northern hemisphere so it’s time to make the most of the season no matter what the weather brings with this cute Winter Bucket list!

This versatile set of designs with PLR commercial rights has been created to give you and your customers a heap of ideas to last the whole winter.

You can mix and match the designs and backgrounds or use the blank templates provided in Canva and Powerpoint to create your own designs and add your own ideas.

These printables make a great lead magnet for bloggers, and you can use them yourself to have the best winter ever too.

Just $9.95 with coupon code WINTER21

Take a look here.

Graphic of a Winter Bucket List

Ends tomorrow: Karon is having a flash sale

Karon of Marketing Words has put her most popular training courses and tools on sale with 50% off for the next few days (ends November 7th)

Use code FALL50 to save big! 

I’ve been affiliate marketing for most of the years I’ve been working for myself but I still learned something from Karon about cookies just yesterday!

Here’s just some of what you’ll find in her sale. Take a look at what’s on offer and fill in the gaps in your  education at half price.


Ruthie’s New Zentangle Coloring Pages

I’ve never gotten into the craze for adult coloring, but these are the kind of pages I’ll go for if I ever do – gorgeous zentangle-style hand-drawn designs and enough intricacy to make a beautiful final result.

flower coloring in the zen style

These 12 ZenStyle Flower Coloring Pages with commercial rights are on sale until November 9th. Use coupon code FLOWERS10 to save $10 on the already low price.

Get your site content done fast

If a website is on your list, but you’re stuck creating the pages because you don’t know what to write, look no further than Andrea’s new product. Her “Fill in the Blank” templates will help you get all the important pages of your website written in a flash. And those lucrative product review and resource posts that you can stack with yummy affiliate links!

Simply fill in the blanks (just like it says on the tin lol!) and you’ll be done in no time!  This product is just $12 with special launch discount code TAKEACTION

Andrea specializes in time saving products for those of us who have too little time but want to get a lot done. I can’t believe how much she’s achieved with two little ones and a new born and no help! Looking around Andrea’s store, I wanted to grab so much, so take a look and see what she has to help (but if you’re tempted by the get “unstuck” writing bundle, hang on, because you can snag it for just $7 when you get the Fill in the blank template pack.)

listen with grace


Have a great weekend, and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.





P.S. Here’s your daily planner freebie with commercial rights.  As a thank you for reading, there’ll be a new freebie printable in my newsletter every day for the rest of November. All are in a coordinating design created specially for this series so they form a set. You will be able to mix and match the individual printables to create a fantastic product. They also come with Powerpoint and Canva templates so you can use your own designs if you wish. And you’ll get PLR commercial rights to sell or give the printables away.

Each one will disappear at midnight Pacific (or more likely when I get around to it the next day!)

Here’s today’s freebie (or click on the image below)

Day 5 of Freebies




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