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Be More Alfie

My puppy Alfie is outside digging every day in the back yard (or garden as we say here in Scotland.)

We tell him to stop. He stops for 5 minutes, then he digs again.

We bring him in. His digging is thwarted.

Until he gets to go outside again.

Then he’s back.


Result – he hasn’t quite reached Australia yet, but there’s a pretty big hole in our lawn.

Just as well he looks at me with those big innocent eyes as he trails dirt across the kitchen floor.

alfies contrite look

Bless his little digging paws!

In business, you need to be as determined as Alfie. 

You’ll get thwarted. Of course you will.

Not everything will work, and that sucks.

You’ll get a bad review.

People will unsubscribe or not buy your beautiful creations.

Your software will blow up.

Or your hard drive crashes.

Whatever happens. Don’t stop.

Regroup. Then get digging again.

And you’ll succeed.

One pawful of earth at a time.

Just like my four-legged excavator pal.

I like digging in another way

I dig every day. And that’s through the pile of offers that land in my inbox.

An avalanche of emails.

Sometimes, I want to say, “Enough already. I know about email marketing or Powerpoint or design.”

But I don’t, because there’s always something new to learn.

New tips. New tricks. New processes. New strategies.

I also like to dig around to find the teachers who don’t show up in my inbox all the time, but who have a lot to offer.

Because if you only learn to do the same as everyone else in your corner of the Interwebs, how will you stand out?

I don’t see many people talking about Suzi because she belongs to the blogging world rather than the PLR/low content world.

Her sales page talks to bloggers, but her strategies work for anyone.

I’ve taken her Printables by Number course (and I keep going back to it as she adds more and more elements to it.)

It’s amazing.

Number course

There’s so much in this course to help you build your business. If you get it:

  • You’ll expand your skills.
  • You’ll increase your product range and quality.
  • You’ll have more places to sell your products.

It’s a fantastic course by someone who knows their stuff (and makes a fortune from doing not just teaching). It’s like those courses that some people charge $997 for.

This one is truly a steal at the usual price of $97 

But just now you can get 33% off with COUPON CODE: SUZI33

SUZI33 Coupon

Take a look at everything that’s included in Printables by Number here It’s a huge amount that will take your business to another level. Don’t miss out!

Here’s to a fantastic week, keep digging, and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.)




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