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I was making a reminder poster in Canva for my office wall today (as you do when you’re supposed to be working LOL) so I thought I’d share it, because I often find that I’m not the only person who needs to be reminded of such things 🤣

This is the poster but you can download directly it in US Letter or A4 version if you want it in full size. (No need to sign up or anything.)

Good training plus action equals  business success

A timely reminder sent with love from one who buys a lot of courses only to have them stack up on her hard drive!

If you tend to do the same, I hope it helps.

With internet marketing courses, there might be a six-figure or even a million dollar business within your reach if you implement.

But there’s only a full hard drive at the end of the rainbow if you don’t!


Seamless profits cover

I love creating patterns with the tool recommended in Bart and Britt’s new course.

I’ve sold a fair few patterns myself in the past year and used them over and over to make products to sell. So I know this works and how simple it is to make beautiful original and unique patterns.

I’m almost sorry the secret is out! 🤣

But there’s more in this course than I knew and extra free tools in the bonus that I wasn’t aware of, plus seven places to sell your patterns, (five more ways than I use now!) so you can be sure that I’m getting stuck into my copy as well.

This one is a steal at $19 for such a lucrative business idea. Pick it up here.

Note there is also a $9 upgrade with two video trainings that give you even more options for beautiful seamless prints.

Bonus: If you buy the product (with or without the upgrade) through my links above send your receipt to me at to get my new millionaire bonus report  (see below)💖💖💖


Today’s EXTRA BONUS for any purchase through my links marked with  💖💖💖  in this newsletter is my millionaire plan. I first wrote this in October 2021 and a surprising amount of water has flown under the bridge in the past  few months so I’ve updated it with my current plans to achieve the same goal. 😊

Millionaire plan 022

Buy anything marked 💖💖💖 through any of my links in this newsletter today then send me your receipt (to and I’ll share my thoughts and plans with you. On top of any other bonuses you see in the newsletter.


If you took Marian’s Mello course, you will know the style of teaching you get from Marian with short easy to follow videos. 😊

Now she has her already low cost Creativity for the Terrified training on sale.

You can get it for 20% off with coupon code CFTT20 today.

It’s for novices, those who have tried and failed to create beautiful graphics, and those who are plain terrified! But there’s a ton in it, I didn’t know, and I’m not terrified at all!

Using PowerPoint and readily available FREE software, you will learn in dozens of short easy to digest videos

  • how to create color schemes in two ways
  • how to convert your colors into 5 types of background images.
  • how to mix the background types to make more background variations.
  • how to use photos on your phone to create blending layers to make more background variations.
  • how one FREE program can convert your images into cartoons, watercolors, and even abstract designs you can use on their own or as a blending layer.
  • how to create sticker designs, motifs, and washi tape in PowerPoint and how to add the backgrounds you have made to make them unique.

Once you have followed the directions a few times, use Marian’s “What happens if?” process; – press a button, add more layers, motifs and see where it takes you. 😊

Bonus: Purchase the course through my link to get my limited time bonus 💖💖💖 Just send your receipt to me (


low content product bootcamp

I couldn’t resist this one 😊 A done-for-you training course to sell in an area I’m already very familiar with and at a steal of a price. If you’d like to create your own training course or you just want to know how to do this yourself, grab this launch deal fast to get that great price, and you’ll also get Content Sparks extra bonus (and mine see below) until the 9th!

Bonus: If you buy through my link, you’ll get a $20 voucher to use in my store, as well as my extra time-limited millionaire bonus. I triple heart this one!  💖💖💖 Just send me your receipt (to


Stephanie is one of my favorite online peeps and it’s her birthday today. Happy Birthday, Stephanie!

She’s celebrating with a gorgeous freebie gift for you: her Wildflower One Good Thing a Day Journal

She’s also offered a super generous flash 57% off sale on anything on her site. Use coupon BDAY57 to get the discount. You can use it multiple times, but hurry because it will be all over once the cake has been eaten on Monday at midnight. 🎂

Wildflower One  Good Thing Journal

Bonus: Spend $25 on Stephanie’s site through my link and my millionaire bonus will be yours! 💖💖💖  Just send your receipt to me (


All the birthdays are coming at once LOL

Cindy is offering 55% off all her brilliant, super clear, and easy to follow courses until midnight Sunday, February 6.

If you’re missing any of them, pick them up this weekend (otherwise wait a year until she’s 56 🤣 just kidding LOL Seriously, get them now and don’t think twice!)

See them all here and USE COUPON CODE 55 to get the discount.

For the best deal, join Cindy’s six figure membership and get access to ALL 44 products and much more including coaching. You can read about her membership here.

My bonus: Get a $10 voucher for each $30 you spend in Cindy’s birthday sale through my links or $20 if you join her membership through the link above. (You can choose whether to have several vouchers earned there rolled into one if you like)  You’ll also get my bonus report 💖💖💖  Just send your receipt to me (


We have just updated our popular spring cleaning checklists and planner! They now have monthly pages right up to the end of 2023 and we’ve also included Canva templates as well as Powerpoint so you can update them if you wish in your choice of program.

If you already have these products, the updated files are in your account, but if you don’t, this weekend is a great time to snap them up for your site, shop, family, friends, or you!

Sell your own checklists or planners this spring! Special low relaunch prices until Monday 7th February. Coupons are on the page.

Get all the details and take a closer look here.

Spring Cleaning Bundle Graphic


Boho Blooms family meal planner

So pretty! Your customers will enjoy using this beautiful Boho Blooms design planner to plan out their meals and grocery shopping.

The printable version has 23 cute pages and has PowerPoint and Canva templates in 8.5 x 11, 8 x 10, and A4 sizes.

For only $10 more, you get a 15 slide GoodNotes digital planner with 158 digital planner stickers that match the planner.

See everything here and use coupon code MEALPLAN to save $10 until February 14th.

Bonus: Buy any of the options through my link to get my millionaire bonus. 💖💖💖 Just send your receipt to me (


Grab tons of ready to publish and sell self care content with Alice’s latest offer including a 72 page journal, a 365 page planner, 10 checklists, 10 coloring pages, 11 page report and 10 articles (plus cards, wall art and more) for a steal. Choose what you want from this great offer here

Bonus: Make any purchase from Alice’s Self Care page through my link to get my limited time bonus 💖💖💖 Just send your receipt to me (

self care printables


This one is topical with all the bad weather hitting the states just now. 😱

Please stay safe and warm American friends 💖

Maybe we should all be planning for the worst and hoping for the best in these uncertain times.

In any case, it’s good to be prepared for an emergency and this handy Emergency Preparedness Plan workbook helps you plan for and respond to disasters should they arise.

Use code EMERGENCY to grab this product with commercial PLR rights for half price during launch until February 8th.  (Oopsie, if you tried to use my misspelled coupon code yesterday. Sorry about that. You definitely don’t spell emergency like I did 🤣 and thank you to those of you who persisted, found my mistake, and bought anyway!)

Take a look at everything included here.

Bonus: Purchase the plan through my link to get my limited time bonus 💖💖💖 Just send your receipt to me (

Emergency Preparedness Plan


Chronic Illness PLR Article pack

Chronic illness can completely take over your life. This PLR pack from Jennifer is a great way to offer guidance to your audience about everything from setting personal boundaries and taking care of their kids, to improving their sleep and using various pain management techniques.

This 25 article pack on chronic illness, perfect for your health or illness related blog, is less than $10 for 5 days only. No coupon required.

Bonus: Buy any two article packs from Jennifer and send your receipt to me ( to get my bonus. 💖💖💖

Jennifer’s huge “about to be retire from her site” pack was still available last I looked 20 packs of articles for $17 (worth over $400) so check that out too if you don’t already have it. 😊


Gabby’s new dating content pack (5 blog posts with commercial rights) goes perfectly with her accompanying planner template in Canva and Powerpoint. Or choose just the planner alone. Get special launch pricing until Sunday on either option. See all the details on this fantastic product here The coupons are on the page.

Dating content and planner

Why I like this: Gorgeous design and great content = marriage made in heaven LOL Scoop this one up to sell to those in the relationship niche. I also love the beautiful original graphics that come with this. Scroll to the bottom of the page on Gabby’s site to check them out!

My bonus: Purchase either option after clicking on my link to get my bonus (see above) 💖💖💖 Just send your receipt to me (


The Kitchensink Thursday calls with Melody Wigdahl have been a cornerstone of my calendar for over a year with their eclectic mix of social chat (new friends!), list building events, and common sense online training.

And now there’s the Kitchensink Plus membership which is proving even more valuable.

Each month in the Plus membership, you receive a set of gorgeous limited edition printable and digital planners, journals, and lead magnets with commercial rights plus many other extras.

Along with these, you get live training (which is also recorded) on how to use the products to fill out your product line and build your business.

Grab the latest limited edition products and training today and get $10 off every month forever with coupon code KSPLUS 

kitchen sink plus

Note: If you join now, you’ll get the January and December products now as well as February with your first month’s membership. There couldn’t be a better time to buy!

My bonus: Get a $40 coupon code to use in my store for buying through my link above, covering more than the cost of your payment, plus this qualifies for the extra bonus 💖💖💖  Just send your receipt to jan@simplehappiness,biz

Enjoy the weekend (stay warm and safe if the weather is bad!) and I’ll be back soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.



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