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I’ve been thinking today (always dangerous!) LOL

I blame it on this guy, who has a six-figure a year business and works 3 hours a day.

I seem to work early morning to late at night (it’s 11pm UK time and I’m still writing this!)

And I have six figures a year but only in Yen 😱

But what he calls work and what I call work are not the same thing.

Apart from a small amount of customer service and admin each day, he only considers it  work if a task takes him closer to making a sale.

So he spends his three hours making products and putting them up for sale then talking about them in his newsletter.

Three Hour Work Day 

So technically we could all have a three hour workday and just dump the rest of our tasks.

Or do them in our own time if we want to do them at all. Because they are totally unnecessary to earn six figures.

Quite a thought!

I’ve bought a handful of workshops from this guy. He only advertises them in his newsletter list which you can only join one way (by getting his free report.)

Once I’ve implemented his strategies, I’ll send you a pic of me doing nothing but sipping Pina Colada on a hot afternoon in the shade. (For some reason my head is now singing the Octopus’ garden LOL)

Meanwhile think about how many hours you spend NOT working but

  • looking at email and getting distracted
  • surfing Facebook and getting distracted
  • learning something irrelevant to the task you need to do next

Then stop and do the stuff that counts.

Including Sending Out Those Emails!

So many business owners, authors, and bloggers collect subscribers and then don’t send them anything much.

And when they do dare to contact their list, it’s apologetically, though they had permission to stay in touch.

If that’s you, maybe it’s because you don’t know what to say or how to say it.

Would you like a little help (not fries!) with that?

/email marketing fairy

Enter Email Marketing Fairy Kate who teaches everything you need to write a great email with a set of templates covering all the email situations you might find yourself in. Including

✨ breathing new life into a neglected list (3 part sequence)

✨ welcoming new subscribers to your list (10 part sequence)

✨ emails for when you mess up (3 templates)

✨ ordinary everyday what should I write? (30 templates)

and so much more (over 60 easy to use templates.) I’ve had the fairy goodness for over a year and every time I look at it, I get a fresh wave of inspiration.

If you own it already, take a look at it again.

If you don’t have it, get it now while it’s reduced from $97 to just $36

Get all the details HERE

How to Change Your Academic Planner

Becky has a set of high resolution hand-painted back to school graphics on launch at the moment. (Use coupon code COOLSCHOOL to save $10 through Monday, August 9th at midnight CST)

Perfect for all kinds of projects right now.


You could use these to decorate an academic planner like ours, currently on $12.95 special (use coupon SCHOOLDEAL to slash the price).

Academic Planner

If the colors don’t quite go, don’t forget that we provide a black and white plain version.

You could combine that monochrome template with a colorful background and Becky’s graphics to create something unique of your own.

Just an idea!

Don’t Forget the Bundle Goodness

There are just TWO days left to get Ruthie’s fantastic bundle of 40+ commercial rights products that you can give away or sell to build your business for a crazy $37 (and an even crazier $100 bonus coupon from me loaded onto Ruthie’s site and waiting for you if you buy through my link. Here’s a link to my store so you can see what you could get for that )

Ruthie just added three new products to the bundle to make it even better value, so take another look if you’re still thinking about it.

Also, if you’re truly serious about building a business at low cost, don’t forget to pick up Cecilie’s “you’d be crazy not to grab this one as well” bundle and get a $25 coupon from me for using my link.

I have contributed products to both of these bundles that just about cover the price of the bundle by themselves. But you get my products below along with a ton of others. Take a look at each of the bundles. There’s sure to be a lot you can use to build a successful business well before the end of 2021.

My contribution to Ruthie’s Bundle

Instagram Puzzle

I included THREE of these cool Instagram templates like the one above that sell for a king’s ransom on Creativemarket along with full instructions for how to change the text and images and how to load the nine images on Instagram. Trust me, the order you load the images is super important for how the thing looks LOL

Click on this link or on the image above to see what else is inside Ruthie’s bundle this year. You’re in for a treat!

My Contribution to Cecilie’s Building a Biz 2021 Bundle

One Positive Thing a Day

I contributed this 39 page one positive thing a day journal with commercial use rights to Cecilie’s  Building a Biz 2021 bundle Find out what else you can grab from the array of goodies waiting for you on her site. Take a closer look

If you get both this bundle and Ruthie’s, and the coupons from me, you could kick start your business empire and have a whole host of products on your shelves within a week.

Have a great week and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.)




P.S. Too much to read today? Just ignore your email including mine and do something to put another thing up for sale  😊 or  Get a fairy to help with your emails, then buy Ruthie’s bundle and the Build a Biz 2021 bundle and put them to good use creating your business empire!


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