Newsletter 3rd September 2021: Is this the best way to learn? 😎 Last chance to get Di’s course for a steal & a $7 launch

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I keep having too much to say for an email subject line LOL

That’s because there’s so much going on in this corner of the online business world!

I can’t squeeze it all in. Not even close.

I aim to pick out the best of what’s there for you. But even so, it seems like there’s a lot to look at lately.

We are sooooooooo lucky to have all these opportunities, but it does make for a lengthy email. 🤣

Sorry about that.

Best Way to Learn?

Do you learn best by sitting in front of a training video at your PC?

Or from a book?

I love learning in both of those ways, but it’s not how things stick in my head.

I have to take the theory and test it out for that. And talk to others about it. And try out different variations.

Push the limits.

And fail a lot too.

That failing part sucks. 😱

But if you aren’t failing in some things, you’re not trying hard enough (or so I tell myself 😞)

The other way I learn is by paying it forward, sharing what I found out, and hoping it helps.

That’s how I decided on my bonus for Di’s course and coaching (still available but only for today).

It’s my take on the information and how exactly I do things in my business compared with Di.

Neither wrong, just different.

These are my notes just from the intro LOL What can I say? I write a lot and Di’s course is good!

More details below.


ENDS TODAY: Last Chance for my bonus and all Di’s training courses for one low fee

Di Heuser has a brilliant new course in the making “Sell the Shovel.” It’s her latest in a stream of great courses.

I just started going through the many modules that it already has today. There are a lot more to come.

Color me impressed.

This is going to be an all-encompassing course on creating a low content business specifically aimed at those selling low content products with commercial rights (PLR) such as journals, planners and printables, but from what I’ve seen, a whole lot of the course is valuable to any business selling digital products.

And it has everything a beginner would need as well as covering new ground for those already in that market.

Not only that, Di actively requests ideas for new modules so the training is only going to get better and better over time.

It’s a fantastic deal at the pre-sale price of $397 (a $600 saving) and that is the best option if you don’t like monthly subscription charges. Pay once and you’re done.

But this price ends today and then the sales page will disappear until the course is complete and the savings disappear too.

If $397 is too much for your budget to get your hands on the course and amazing bonuses for a lifetime, there are other ways to get access.

Firstly there’s a two-pay payment plan so that may help if you would like lifetime access.

Secondly, FOR TODAY, THE LAST DAY of the PRE-SALE, consider joining Di’s Creative Business Academy membership instead as you will get all her past and future training for $67 a month including this course and coaching calls with Di!

That was a no-brainer for me even though I have a successful low content PLR business myself.

There are always differences in how people run their businesses that we can learn from, right?

Take a look at everything included in her new course and then look at all the training in her Creative Business Academy membership before you decide.

My bonus: If you buy the new course through my link, you’ll get my detailed notes on the training. I started my PLR shop in March and it’s already a full-time living for me, but I don’t do everything exactly like Di does. As my bonus, you’ll receive my comments on every single module with my tips on how to implement the course and extra strategies. How to claim: send your receipt to [email protected] and I’ll verify your purchase and get back to you. The bonus is already loaded up with my first reactions and I’ll send access details tomorrow once Di’s pre-sale ends. This will be fun!

If you sign up to Di’s Creative Business Academy ($67 option) through my link instead, I’ll still provide the same bonus, but obviously if you stop being part of the academy, your access to my bonus strategies will stop too 😊

Make this Your Best Fall Ever 

The fall/autumn (US/Brit language) thing always gets me. How can I wish people the best fall ever? It’s like asking them to trip over or something. LOL But I digress, and going with the flow of most of the Internet, it’s fall season coming up and with it our new set of printables a “Fall Bucket List” to give you and your customers the best few months ahead.

Within the pages, you’ll find over a hundred suggestions for the season! I’m using this one myself 😊

JUST $7 until September 14th with COUPON CODE FALLSPECIAL

Although you can use these exactly as they are, you get editable templates in both color and black and white in both Canva and Powerpoint US Letter and A4 sizes so you can add your own designs and ideas if you wish.

These are great as a stand alone product or lead magnet. They could also be used in combination with other fall journals and printables to create a unique new product combo.

So many possibilities!

Get your copy here

Fall Bucket List Graphic





$5 for for 8 products

A bundle of eight fantastic PLR products that cost just $5 TOTAL That seems crazy!

Why so much for so little?

This deal is meant to introduce those who buy the bundle to eight low content creators.

Many entrepreneurs don’t understand that PLR commercial rights products can be a huge benefit for a business, giving you something to sell or give away without spending days or weeks of your own time.

And that you can tailor them to your own branding and market.

But whether you know that already or not, you can still benefit from the $5 bargain of the year😊

Grab it here

Have a great weekend and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.

I left some really good ones out today because I ran out of time/space 😭





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