Newsletter 31st March 2021: 😍(LAST FEW HOURS) Low Cost In-Depth Canva Design Training

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I have to admit, I hated Canva when I first tried to use it.

Mainly because it wasn’t Photoshop. Or Affinity Photo. Which I knew how to use.

But over time, I used Canva here and there, and then I found myself using it more and more.

Until now, I use it every day and love it!

It just took some getting used to.

And it’s far faster than the big programs for doing a whole lot of tasks.

Plus you can get stuff done on your tablet or phone with the mobile app if you have nimble fingers. (My friend Andrea is an ace at that but I have two left thumbs.)

That said, if you’re frustrated by Canva, it’s not just you. A lot of people feel that way about it, even though it also has raving fans..

There’s a lot more to Canva than meets the eye, and it’s probably the features you’re not familiar with that make it so useful (and fast!)

Last Few Hours (Ends Midnight EST) Low Cost Canva Training 50% off

Even though I thought I knew Canva pretty well, I signed up for Kara Fidd’s Confidently Canva last night, because it’s often the little details you don’t know that make the most difference.


Kara is a graphic designer with ten years experience and she’s built a business out of selling Canva templates. I like her teaching style (I already have one of her design courses) and she knows the program inside out and back to front. As she was having a half price launch deal, I thought I’d give it a go at less than $30.

Just scrolling through the lessons, I’m amazed at how many aspects of the program I wasn’t aware of. And Kara has a couple of great bonuses, too, that I’m looking forward to getting stuck into.

What I like about Kara is that she teaches not just the mechanics of the program, but also how to use it like a graphic designer would, so that anyone can create professional-looking images in the fastest way possible.

There’s so much teaching here that will bring your graphic design skills (as well as your Canva skills) up a notch for a tiny $28.50 price.

But it’s the last day for that 50% relaunch price. (Kara completely reworked her Canva Mastercass program to make this one, adding all the new Canva features, new videos, new printable content, new bonuses. If you bought Canva Masterclass in the past, you’ll have a free copy in your account.)

Take a look here at everything in Confidently Canva and use coupon code RELAUNCH to get the low price, but you’ll have to be quick as there are just a few hours left before the price doubles. (Even then, it’s a steal at $57 given the usual price for courses of this quality.)

NEW!! Unicorn Dreamsicle Planner 

This is so cute! I love Michelle’s new Unicorn Dreamsicle Planner with 28 unique US Letter pages  and 6 different covers.

It includes a printable that you can use as a divider or wall art!

Just $17 for so much prettiness with launch discount COUPON: UNICORN10


Unicorn Dreamsicle


Oops – incorrect link yesterday. (Thank you Jan C for alerting me) Fun Easter graphic from CreativeFabrica with commercial use. Click on the image to get it from CreativeFabrica


Another Flash Sale Ending Today

Lynette’s sale to celebrate women in history ends the last day of March – today. You can take 30% off everything in her store with COUPON code WOMEN. That’s an amazing deal!

I’d take advantage of that in a flash, but I already have pretty much everything that Lynette produces 🤣


Here’s to a good week ahead, stay safe, and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.)




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