Newsletter 2nd February 2021: ✨Why didn’t I know this? Plus 🎉Freebie and another Bundle Bonus

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Why Didn’t I know This?

How many years have I been trying to plug USBs into holes where 99 times out of a 100 I get it the wrong way up?

I always thought even by chance I must be right 50% of the time, but it never feels like it LOL

But there’s a way to tell which way up to put it that I found out today.

Apparently, every cable has a USB symbol on the end you’re plugging in like this:

usb symbol

If you’re plugging in horizontally, that little symbol faces up.

If you’re plugging in vertically, it faces you. 👀

Was it just me who didn’t know?

My Bonus for an Already Amazing NEW Bundle 

I love all the recent bundle goodness.

It’s the easiest low cost method by far of quickly building up a stash of products to sell and getting the training you need to build your business.

The Publishing Productivity & Profits Bundle costs just $27 for 30 amazing products worth over a thousand dollars (no upgrades to decide on) Superb value.

Productivity and Profits bundle

Take a peek to see if you can use this bundle in your business. (Spoiler Alert: the answer is YES!)


My bonus

If you buy the Productivity and Profits bundle through any of my links in this newsletter, you can choose any two products from my Etsy Store for free.

What will you choose?

If you’re in business, I recommend the 50 simple ways to get more email clicks workbook AND the Focus on Your One Big Goal (12 weeks) workbook.

focus on your one

email clicks


To claim your bonus send your receipt to [email protected] with your choice of two Etsy products and I’ll send them right over.

Becky’s Pregnancy Planner (and a bonus!) LAST DAY TOMORROW!!

This one is not in any of the bundles 😢

Becky’s gorgeous Baby Blooms Pregnancy Planner has everything to help customers plan a healthy pregnancy!

It has

  • a delicate watercolor design
  • 45 unique pages
  • 4 covers, backs, and spines included
  • Both color and black and white versions
  • 8.5 x 11 and 8 x 10 size.

Pregnancy planners are hot sellers on Etsy and Amazon KDP all year round so grab it quickly at the launch price!

Only $27 ($10 reduction) with code BABY now through February 3rd at midnight CST!

baby blooms

And here’s my new bonus (fluffy bunny not included lol), inspired by Becky’s brand new Baby Blooms pregnancy planner.

If you buy Becky’s pregnancy planner through any of my links, send your receipt to me at [email protected] and after checking, I’ll send you these matching birth announcement cards to sell or give away. Six different designs to play with.

birth mockup

my bonus 800 wide

Free Spring Cleaning Illustrations

These will go nicely with the Spring Cleaning checklists bonus I offered for Ruthie’s bundle last week if you picked that up. (If you would like the checklists instead of the Etsy bonus for buying the Publishing Productivity & Profits Bundle through my link let me know when you claim your bonus.)

free so fresh


Here’s to a good week ahead, stay safe, and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones that will truly make a difference to your happiness in life and business)

All the best



P.S. If you missed the other thing I’ve been up to, you’ll find your lost youth (if you lost it lol) here with my new course!

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