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When you’re in business, more opportunities will come your way than you can fit into one lifetime.

And the trick is to ignore most of them and get on with your work!

Otherwise you’ll never get anything done with squirrels popping up everywhere.

  • The product you’re making won’t get finished.
  • The course won’t get created.
  • The book won’t get written.
  • The all-important promo won’t get done.

But sometimes you really do need to put your head above the parapet and grasp an opportunity with both hands.

Especially one that costs so little and can save you a whole heap of time.

I told you yesterday about Ruthie’s bundle of commercial rights products that comes with 40+ products that you can give away or sell to build your business for a crazy $37 (and an even crazier $100 coupon from me if you buy through my link.)

In case you missed that, I’ll tell you the story again below.

But first, I’ll tell you about another business-building “you’d be crazy not to grab it” bundle.

Building a Biz Bundle 2021

One Positive Thing a Day

The Building a Biz 2021 bundle is another one I contributed a product to. You can see it above and in the bundle promo image here. Take a closer look on the site though because there are so many more  great products in this bundle than you see here.

Building a big bundle

If you get both this bundle and Ruthie’s, you’re golden.

You could kick start your business empire and have a whole host of products on your shelves within a week.

Instead of trying to create product after product yourself, you’ll have so many products already done for you.

Ready to sell.

Add your own unique touches if you like.

Or not.

It’s entirely up to you.

There’s some excellent training (for your own use) included in the $29 bundle, too, and more if you take the $11 upgrade.

So this is another one that really is worth checking out.

See everything you get here.

Sorry that both bundles came along at once.

But some bright shiny squirrels are worth it.

Just sayin’ 😊

BONUS: If you buy this one through my link, you’ll get a $25 coupon from me delivered automatically along with your purchase.

This deal couldn’t be any sweeter. Especially as there’s already a $27 coupon inside the bundle from Faith, and you’ll end up with more than you spend, even if you get the upgrade!

Last Day for Becky’s Beauty Planner Launch and my Fashion Bonus

This is the last day for the launch of Becky’s new PLR/commercial use planner Girl, You’re Gorgeous! Beauty and Skincare Planner.

beauty planner

You get 35 super-cute pages in two sizes. For those who want to sell on Amazon KDP, a black and white version is included too.

Use code GORGEOUS for $10 off  but that deal ends tonight  August 2nd at midnight CST!

BONUS: If you buy from my link (any time this week until Sunday), get my Ten Years Younger in a Weekend (personal use only) 6 Module course (value $47) as a super special bonus just for you. 😊 Details for claiming are already loaded into your account at Becky’s site when you buy her Beauty Planner.

Ten years Younger

(In case you missed it) Ruthie’s Bundle

A year ago, thanks to Ruthie, I got a head start in a business making planners and journals.

Even knowing I had no list to help promote her bundle, she accepted my motivation journal for her Birthday Bash bundle 2020.

That’s when I started getting my first Simple Happiness Biz email subscribers.

And it was a pivotal moment in why I make a living now.

Of course, I’ve had help from others who have also become firm friends. And I’ve done a bit of work over the past year.

Not just a bit, a lot.

It’s been a wild ride

But it all had to start somewhere and that’s with Ruthie’s “so much good stuff you’d have to be nuts not to get it” bundle!

And now she’s done it again!

With a whole brand new set of goodies on offer for one low price.

You’ll see my contribution in there too. This is part of it…

Instagram Puzzle

I included not one but THREE of these cool Instagram templates like the one above that sell for a king’s ransom on Creativemarket along with full instructions for how to change the text and images and how to load them on Instagram. Trust me, the order you load the images is super important for how the thing looks LOL

This set of three puzzles is one of more than 40 products in the bundle you can use to build your own business. So much value in one low cost purchase!

But wait… there’s more

I didn’t want to just contribute a cool product to Ruthie’s bundle this year and call it done.

I wanted to thank her for what she did for me last year— giving me a start when I had no email list, even though she hardly knew me.

Ruthie has a goal this year that’s not mine to share, but it’s not a simple “make more sales” goal.

And I want to repay the favor she did for me last year by helping her to reach her goal.

So I’m going to do something truly nuts and offer each one of you who buys through my link a $100 coupon to spend in my shop.

Now you are asking if I’m truly insane, right? Ruthie’s bundle is only $37 after all — less than a dollar per product.

The value is already crazy.

People will buy anyway.

In droves!

And what if I give away thousands of dollars worth of products, won’t it cost me a fortune?

It might!

But I’m doing it anyway.

Because I can.

And maybe, this will tip the balance if you’re not sure whether to buy this year.

Pro tip: if you already bought or you want another bonus as well as mine (and there are some fantastic bonuses around from my fellow low content producers so take a look at them all!) why not buy twice with a different email address and give some extra oomph to Ruthie’s goal? You couldn’t be helping out a nicer, more generous person. 😊

ruthies bundle

Click on this link or on the image above to see what’s inside the bundle this year. You’re in for a treat.

If you’re not logged in to your account on Ruthie’s site, it should show my name Jan Small as the affiliate. You won’t see it once you log in but that’s fine.

Payment information


You’ll get your bonus delivered into your account automatically when you buy through my link. 💕 It’s already uploaded and waiting.

Have a great week ahead and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.)




P.S. Too much to read today?  Buy Ruthie’s bundle and the Build a Biz 2021 bundle and put them to good use creating your business empire! Becky’s beauty special ends today. Bonus coupons delivered automatically so no need to send receipts.


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