Newsletter 2nd April 2021: TIP: When You Have Too Much To Do 😱 & New Friday Feature – Freebies from Friends

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Too Much To Do

I’m pretty sure that most of us with plans to build or grow a business know the feeling of overwhelm.

There’s so much to do.

Too much.

And having to decide what to do first can mean not doing anything at all (or more likely getting “busy” with email or aimlessly scrolling through Facebook.)

Don’t worry, it’s not just you.

I could procrastinate for Britain at the next Olympics.

But I’ve been getting a lot more done lately.

And here’s how.

When I catch myself avoiding the real work and doing busy work instead (which I admit is several times a day!) I’ve been asking


And the answer comes back loud and clear.

It’s not.

If I already know what I’m avoiding, I get back to it.

If I don’t, I ask


And I go into brainstorming mode for a few minutes.

Then I pick one step of one task.

It doesn’t matter which.

Every step in the right direction counts.

A few extra steps taken every day because of asking that question over the past month or so have made all the difference.

Just think about it.

Taking three extra steps a day means over 90 extra steps a month and over a thousand in a year.

That could make a huge difference in your progress.

Next time you fall into the FB or email rabbit hole, ask yourself those two questions. I’d love to know if they work for you, too.

New Friday Feature: Freebies from Friends

There’s not much to celebrate about going through a global pandemic, but meeting so many wonderful people and making friends online has been one truly positive thing about the crisis.

I love my new Zoom buddies and I wanted to share some of their stories with you.

I hope you’ll be inspired by these real people setting up new businesses, getting things done, despite life getting in the way. (Doesn’t it just!)

If we’re Zoom buddies already, I’m looking forward to featuring you. If I haven’t met you on Zoom yet, let’s make it soon! 

First up: Andrea Frey.


Just when we all went into lock down last March, I joined a blogging accountability group with eight women from around the world, all strangers who are now firm friends. A year on, we continue to “meet up” weekly, supporting each other in whatever way we can, even though our business models have moved on quite a bit from blogging.

Andrea gets up at the crack of dawn to join us in her West Coast time zone. While she’s getting breakfast into her two toddlers with one hand, she’s adding her words of wisdom with her unique sense of humor into the chat box with the other. She’s never fails to help, despite being a busy mom of two (with another one on the way!)

Kids proof

In her FREE guide, Kid-Proof Your Business, she shares exactly how she manages to work on her business while caring for her kids without losing her mind (mostly 😍) Just kidding, Andrea! She’ll be the first to tell you, she’s not superhuman. Balancing business, home, and kids isn’t easy, and she gets constantly interrupted. Despite that, she’s built two successful businesses with a few key systems, which she shares in the guide.

If you have small kids (or any other kind of chaos going on), grab this free guide and get to know Andrea. I found her systems really helpful when puppy Alfie was doing his worst.

goal getter

Andrea has also got a super helpful kit for planning and goal-setting. Grab her Goal Getter’s Blitz Bundle which is also free if you’re looking to start the month (and the quarter) off right,

Faith is redesigning my journal! 

I can’t wait to see what she does with it. 😍

I bought and loved Faith’s PLR Stack repurposing training where she shows exactly how to change PLR printables to make them your own, and now, she also has training for the CCC bundle with a set of completely different products, but one of the products is mine! This one:

dreams and accomplishments

If you struggle to change and use the PLR journals and planners you buy, grab the training now and follow along to the eight videos (one for each product.) They will inspire you to change your own purchases in a unique way and get them up for sale.

Usual price: $37

Use code CUSTOMIZECCC10 to enjoy $10 discount on Customize PLR With Faith – CCC Toolbox version until Friday 2nd April. (Today!!!!!)

Michelle’s Unicorn Dreamsicle Planner 

This is so cute! I love Michelle’s new Unicorn Dreamsicle Planner with 28 unique US Letter pages  and 6 different covers.

It includes a printable that you can use as a divider or wall art!

Just $17 for so much prettiness with launch discount COUPON: UNICORN10


Unicorn Dreamsicle

SURPRISE BONUS: Buy the Unicorn Planner through my link, send your receipt to [email protected] and I’ll send you 5 coordinating digital papers that you can use for any of your projects. (You can also claim this surprise bonus if you already bought through my link so that early birds don’t miss out.)

Here’s to a good weekend ahead, Happy Easter (if you celebrate it – I see a large Cadbury’s chocolate egg in my future lol) stay safe, and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.)




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