Newsletter 27th September 2021: 💕 Are you tired of being successful?

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It’s funny, isn’t it? No one ever gets tired of things going well in business.

Counting profit is never a problem.

The hustle involved in becoming profitable is something else, though.

Yet being successful and trying to be successful involve the very same activities.

✔️ Showing up.
✔️ Doing the work.
✔️ Seeing if the work brought the right results.
✔️ Doing something else if it didn’t.
😲 Repeat ad infinitum.

Somewhere in that loop, if you keep going long enough, you switch from it being “just work” to “work that brings in revenue.”

Then you continue on with the loop, and the revenue grows.

And finally, if you wish, you hire other people to do some of the loop!

So where are you in the revenue loop?

If you show up most days and you’re tired, just take a little break for a while. Don’t give up.

Success is there in your future.


If you continue.

If you haven’t started yet, are you stuck in learning mode?

Education is important but not half as much as showing up. Let training be a good guide on what to do when you show up, not a substitute for getting stuff done.

That’s why I made one of my bonuses for The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit a training program with a guide to what you should implement from it. Not just a list of courses you should take.

Last few hours for GBTK

All this value is fantastic (over 70 in-depth curated products to help you make it online for one low cost) but If all you’re going to do with it is “training” don’t buy it.

Save your money (and quite frankly, your time.)

The only reason to get this is if you take each item and do the work to implement it.

Not every item.

Just the ones that will take you forward.

Get it here before it disappears.

Bundle In A Box


My bonus for buying the toolkit through my link is designed to help cut the overwhelm.

It’s two things that should keep you surging ahead in your business,

1. The missing path through the training. A detailed program for learning with this toolkit with items you can check off as you go. This will take you from wherever you are now to where you want to be (assuming that’s successful in your own business!) It will include advice on when and in what order to do each course depending on your current level of experience and knowledge, what you should look to learn from each element, and what to implement to extract maximum value.

2. My report “How I plan to retire with a million dollars in just a few years.” No holds barred. Because that’s how I roll. It should be motivational given I started building my list in July 2020 and opened my online store in March 2021 and both my list and my store are already earning well. I’ll share so you can see if our plans are similar. I’d love to hear back from you if they are, or if you have a different take on things, but there’s no need for you to share if you don’t want to. 😊

How to Claim Once you buy through my link in this newsletter, claim your bonuses by sending a copy of your receipt via email to Bonuses will be delivered first week in October as I’ll need time to assess every course/product that I haven’t already taken/used myself yet.

Now, ’nuff said about that.

Write Publish Profit Last Day

It’s also the end of the latest Write Publish Profit bundle tomorrow (Tuesday). Grab that one before it disappears if you have any wish to write. I grabbed it as I see there are quite a  few resources I wanted. In particular, I have my eye on the training course about creating spiral bound journals and planners from Sue Fleckenstein. That one course is worth more than the cost of the bundle!

But the whole bundle is worth over $9000 and costs just $49.


Grab Write Publish Profit 4.0 and publish your book!


There’s more to tell you about, but I’m in go slow mode after the weekend. It was a bit of a party with the “girls” (all over 60) and I need to catch up on sleep. Normal service will be resumed soon, but I didn’t want you to miss out if you wanted one of these bundles. Other things will wait a few days 😊

Have a great week ahead, and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.






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