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When you’re deciding what business you want to run, don’t only think about what will be profitable for you, think about what you won’t mind doing, over and over again.

Think, as I read online this week, what you wouldn’t mind doing 200 times (and more) and don’t start doing the thing unless you’re prepared for the long haul.

When I did this check for my business, it came out pretty well, because

  • I’d be happy to create 200 courses ( I created two so far LOL)
  • I’d be happy to write 200 books (I almost have done that with 186 at the last count)
  • I’d be happy to write to you 200 times. 😊
  • I’d be happy to create 200 planners and journals.
  • I’d be happy to be on Zoom 200 times

Do you see how that works?

What are you not starting because you know you’ll have to keep doing it to succeed and you just don’t want to?

That’s okay!

Find the thing you’d love to do 200 times. And do that!

Last Day: Lori’s Flash 50% Off Celebration Sale

Today only – use coupon code WORKFREEDOM to slice 50% off most of her products. 

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Flash Sale Graphic

Last Day: Work from Home Planner Kit

It’s the last day to get our Work from Home Planner Kit with 31 pages and CANVA/Powerpoint templates at the super low launch price

You can get your own easy-to-customize product with commercial rights for just $12.95 with coupon code ATHOME

Work From Home Planner

There’s also an extension option to add even more to your planner (including tips sheets, covers, dividers, and social media posts) at the low price of just $7 with COUPON CODE AHEXTRA during launch

You’ll find details on the planner download page (and also in our shop if you miss it.)

Mel’s New Thing! Yay! Don’t miss this!

Melody has just brought this huge bundle of digital planner gorgeousness out into the world.

toolkit 15

The planner has 18 months of dated and HYPERLINKED pages – a total of 636 pages and 18,000 links. Try doing those yourself in a hurry!

Take this beautiful product and sell it as your own in minutes (or use it as the basis for a whole suite of unique digital planners.)

So many different page options, seeing is believing.

Take a look here

Just $17 What? 

I had to go and check the price because I couldn’t quite believe it!!!

Use coupon code 2022LAUNCH to get that price until the 29th

Double Bonus (for the launch only): Mel will do a LIVE WORKSHOP to show everyone how to customize their planners for ANY niche with the new Calendar Index and you’ll also receive a $20 coupon for my Simple Happiness shop from me already loaded into your account at Melody’s site if you buy through my link.

That’s right! Get more back than you pay!

Register for Ruthie’s Low Content Bundle Sale

Get early bird notice here You don’t want to miss this!

Ruthie 3rd Annual

Have a great week and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.)





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