Newsletter 26th April 2021: 😱Dear PLR Stash, we need to break up

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Your PLR Stash

Do you feel like writing a breakup letter to your PLR Stash? You know what I mean…

Breakup letter

I’ve got a ton of PLR I’ve bought over the last couple of years.

All great quality.

It just needs a few tweaks before I load it up into my Etsy shop.

And with a bit more revision I could create a heap of books with some of the same PLR made unique for Amazon.

I could also start a Shopify store.

And build blogs full of content, offering my products and selling great products as an affiliate.

My poor neglected PLR Stash would then have a very good chance of bringing in revenue.

Sitting on my hard drive, gathering digital dust, there’s absolutely no chance.

I just need to schedule the time to do it.

But is it really lack of time? Or lack of prioritizing it? Or maybe a feeling, if I do all that work, will it really pay off?

Getting it Done

I’ve been around in business enough to know that doing the work really does pay off. So it’s just a case, for me, of getting it done.

And maybe for you, too?

But if there are other things blocking you and you’re not using the assets on your hard drive, what would help?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this for a while, because I know so many need extra revenue right now, and I see a lot of spending going on but not so much money being made from the spending.

And this is the best way I know how to help…

Be There at the Start

Become a Founding Member

If you have a PLR Stash problem and you like being in at the start of something where you have the chance to help shape things, this is for you.

My vision is to create a group where

  • we start cataloging our PLR so that it’s easy to grab and use (system provided if you don’t have one you already use/like)
  • we create plans for using the different pieces and types of content (We’ll look at the different options that could work for individual pieces or a combination of pieces)
  • we keep each other accountable for following through on our plans
  • we get help with technical roadblocks in putting the content to work (domains, websites, shopping carts, oh my!) I have done most things that we need to do but I’ll call on experts where we need more answers.

If you’re interested, here’s a quick questionnaire – 3 questions, multiple choice, no time suck 😍 and I’ll get back to you in a day or two with the details.

In case you’re wondering, the founding member price will be less than $10 a month and never go up. There are always rewards for getting in at the beginning of something, but this is meant to give you more revenue not another thing to bust your budget.

Taking Action

This is a shout out to Alison who made me smile yesterday. She wrote to me saying…

“I just wanted to let you know how much I love my recent dog journal plr. I have used it as the basis to create a digital version using different clipart etc and added bits of my own. I sometimes get brain freeze but with your products I have the perfect starting point. Thank you :)”

And do you know what? Her digital journals are already up in her brand new shop though I only launched the dog journals on Friday.

She added her own designs, but still so pretty!

Digital Page

I call that taking action on PLR! Good luck with your store, Alison!

Just a couple of sales to mention 

Yadsia and Faith with birthdays at the same time!

Happy birthday ladies 🎂

Faith is offering 35% off most products (just not the latest Email course, Pretty Printables, or her coaching services)

Take a look at her store to see if you can snap up a bargain. Use code HBD35 to save today.

Happy Birthday sale

Yadsia has 39% off most things because she’s 39.

birthday hat


Oh, to be that young again! It’s going to be expensive on my birthday in August. LOL

I run an accountability group for Yadsia’s Digital Business Start Up System. We just finished our meeting and it’s lovely to see all the progress being made.

Use code 39OFFDBS to get Yadsia’s Business System (which includes most of her courses) while it’s still in BETA for $39 off as it’s excluded from the 39% sale. Prices will go up in June. If you buy it through my link, come join the accountability group. Just send your receipt and I’ll invite you.

Working From Home PLR Launch: Last Day 

If you’re in the homepreneur niche, there’s a great new pack full of content from Piggy Makes Bank’s new site PLR SOS that is perfect for creating blog posts, emails, and opt-in lead magnets.

And it’s only only $14.95 until April 26th at midnight EST.

Take a look here.

I bought this one myself. Watch me put it to use in our PLR Stash group if you join 😊

What I like about this: You get 10 articles and 10 emails (I love the titles) plus 10 Canva templates (great for opt ins) from a trusted producer of PLR for one tiny price.

work from home

I hope you have a great week ahead, work hard, and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.)




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