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I always have a chuckle to myself with the online gurus talk about passive income (or Tim Ferriss talks about his 4 hour work week.)

They’re not exactly lying, at least not all of them are, but there’s a lot of poetic licence involved.

So let me explain.

You CAN get passive income selling stuff online. You can go to bed at night and wake up richer.

But that’s only once you create things that people love, put them up for sale somewhere, and make sure that potential customers see them.

So, I woke up this morning to sales from both Amazon and my own site, and that’s fantastic because the work I did to make that happen was in the past – some a few weeks ago and some as long as three or four years ago.

But it WAS work!

passive income

Believe me, there’s nothing passive about writing and listing 186 books or creating low content journals and planners for others to sell.

Or even writing emails!

Though I find that kind of work fun, it’s not sitting about watching Netflix.

The boxed sets I want to watch are piling up.

So are the novels I want to read.

The thing is, it doesn’t really stop.

I’m still creating things every day and doing the work to market them to make those things passive sources of revenue in the future.

And Tim Ferriss has a whole team of people creating his “passive” income. There was just me for a long time, and now me and my VA.

But I had to create all the things first to be able to afford a VA.

I bet Tim did, too.

Or he had a trust fund. I didn’t luck out there 😊

So here’s my question.

Are you ready to do the work to make “passive” income?

Two Journals with PLR Commercial Rights for the Price of a Half

Coach Glue are doing a flash sale on their Self Love Journal this weekend with 50% off (Use code 50)

When you buy this very popular journal, they will also gift you their Ritual Journal for Wildly Creative Women which has never been released.

Both these journals have PLR commercial rights so you can tailor them to fit a particular niche and sell them or give them away, saving you time on the product creation part of your business.

self-love journals

Lori’s Birthday Bash

If you want to learn how to make products from scratch (skills that are also useful in making changes to PLR products too) take a look at Lori’s birthday bash package this weekend where she is offering not just one but three of her courses for $99 (or 30% off any one course) With these three courses you will be well placed to create anything you need in Powerpoint for your Low Content Empire. The sale runs only for a few days so don’t miss out. Take the chance to complete your skill set. No coupon code required for the 3-pack but use coupon BIRTHDAY BASH to save 30% on individual courses.

powerpoint planner

Bonus Treat for you: If you buy the 3-pack of courses through my link, you’ll also get a bonus $50 coupon from me to use in the Simple Happiness Biz shop. You’ll get this automatically posted to your account on Lori’s site when you log in after purchasing her 3-pack special through my link in this email. If you just want one or two, it’s the same deal but with a $20 coupon for each course you purchase.

Baby’s First Year Journal 

This is my latest PLR product – a cute baby’s first year journal has 38 unique pages and you get commercial rights to edit, sell and give away the little poppet.

You’ll find 3 formats included – Canva & Powerpoint templates  for easy customization and a ready-to-go PDF. All in two sizes A4 and US Letter.

And it’s a baby launch price too. Just $12.95 with coupon code BABYFIRST

Babys First Year Journal

Take a look at all that cuteness. 😍

This hit a nerve

I told you last week about signing up to take Leonie’s course “Marketing without social media” in July. I’m so looking forward to finding out how she makes all the millions without it. Otherwise, I think I’ll need another VA soon with all the pinning, gramming (is that a thing?) and facebooking I want to do!

without social media

It looks like I’ll be in good company as a good few of you are planning to take it with me! As it doesn’t start until July, you still have time to get on board. Leonie is a bit of a character and I’ve never taken one of her courses before but from her sales page it looks like it will be a breath of fresh air. If you are going to do it, let me know and we can compare strategies. 😍


Have a great weekend and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.)




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