Newsletter 25th January 2021: Knee-deep among the florals

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Although it’s quite a few years ago now, I clearly remember when I caught myself gravitating to the frumpy rack at Selfridges.

I was in London to visit a friend, not to shop for clothes, but while my friend was happily checking out the latest arrivals, I was hiding knee-deep among the florals!!

Thing is, she’s actually a good few years older than me, but she looked super put together, like she’d never had a frumpy day in her life.

I think it was that moment I made the conscious decision to “de-frump” my image.

Being frumpy was an option, and I wasn’t going to choose that anymore!

After researching everything and going through the whole process, I documented everything I discovered and “Ten Years Younger in a Weekend” version 1.0 was born.

And now I’ve thoroughly updated it for 2021

In it, you’ll find everything from how to look like you lost ten pounds in an instant to how to use makeup to disguise fine lines and dark circles. You’ll no longer have to wonder about the perfect shoe to mix comfort and style or waste money buying the wrong clothes. You’ll find a current style to match your personality.

Get Ten Years Younger in a Weekend while it’s just $27.


Do you have one of those elegant, always put-together friends?

Annoying, I know.

Or wait – are YOU the annoying one? LOL



Ten Years Younger




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