Newsletter 25th August 2021: Missed my own launch ūü§£ So many new things

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Yesterday was the launch of our cute cat journal (see below) but I was so tired I missed sending out an email about it.

I had to nap today as well.

I think it’s lack of chocolate, one of my vital food groups not included in the strict new diet I’m on LOL

There’s no alcohol in it either. I might need to rethink this eating plan.

Seriously though, if you need to take a break from your business at any point, it’s okay to do that. We all need rest and recuperation.

If no one is going to die because you didn’t show up one day, your mental health is more important than your inbox (or your launch.)

And because you’re the boss, you don’t even need a permission slip!

Here’s all the cat cuteness¬†

We launched this little kitty with COUPON CATSPECIAL so you can grab it for just $12.95. It comes in both Powerpoint and Canva versions and has a decorated version and plain black and white version so you can have endless fun creating your own designs if you wish or just sell it exactly as it is.

I Love My Cat

If you would like the optional extension kit, that’s just $7.95 with coupon¬†CATEXTRA¬†and that will give you ten extra journal page layouts¬†plus 3 extra covers and six backgrounds. You’ll find that on the download page after you purchase the I Love my Cat Journal But if you miss getting it there,¬†you’ll also find it here

The launch lasts until 1st September.

Cat Journal Extension

Kate’s Printable Pros Course

I’m a long time customer of Kate and I love her training because she walks the talk and makes her living doing the things she teaches. This is her latest course, available at a low¬†introductory price for just a day or two, so get it quickly if you want it.

Printable Pros¬†is an in-depth, all-inclusive training program designed to help you build a very successful printable business. Kate shows how to build a profitable Etsy shop (which is a great way to start but not the be all and end all of a printable business) and she’ll also train you in¬†how to create¬†your own blog-based storefront. Add to this the advanced traffic generation strategies in the course¬†so your items get seen by potential buyers, and you have everything in this training program that you need to succeed with your printables business.

Take a look here if you’re interested¬†while the price is still low.

Profitable Business

Daily Faith Publishers Bundle 

This is a great bundle of commercial use products, for just $19 (less than a dollar a product) perfect if you run a faith-based blog, website or publishing business.

Take a look at everything included here.¬†Get it and you’ll have a set of products you can sell or give away as freebies and bonuses without having to do all the work of making them.

main graphicBusiness out of control? Here’s help.

When Kareen came to work for me as a VA last October, I quickly realized that I had no formal processes for her to follow. Every time I did something in my business, I had to learn to do the thing all over again from my indecipherable scribbles.

And so Kareen had to learn from scratch too, but I also asked her to create the processes for the business as she learned.

I wish I’d had¬†Cindy’s processes and checklists¬†then as they would have saved so much time reinventing the wheel. But I’ve bought these now because I know we still have gaps and there are a whole load of different checklists here that apply to every online business including mine and yours.

Amazing lot of time-saving work in this product for a tiny price.¬†Well worth a look¬†especially if you feel like you have a lot of “loose ends.”

FREE! Lori’s Product Listing Challenge

Lori is hosting a free Product Listing Challenge starting 1 September where she’s challenging you to put up one new product a day in your shop every day of the month.

This would be a great way to take action and get ready for Q4

Join up here

New: Becky’s Success Journal

This¬†pretty success journal¬†has a¬†habit tracker, workout planner page, goals, and more (43 pages!) to help customers lead a successful life. A perfect lead magnet for coaches and those running a personal development site. And I’d like to use this one myself ūüė䬆Take a look here¬†and save by using¬†coupon code¬†SUCCESS¬†to get $10 off until¬†August 30th at midnight CST.¬†See the video on the product page of all the pages¬†for more details.

success planner

Have a great rest of the¬†week, and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.)

Hubby gets his moonboot off tomorrow. It’s six seeks since he broke his ankle. Time flies for sure! I just don’t know¬†when he’ll be back to his share of Alfie dog walking duties so I can get back to my regular program of zoom calls, but we’ll see ūüėä





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