Newsletter 24th December 2021: Time for a holiday break, or is it…? 😊

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I keep being asked if I’m taking time off over the holidays.

Which is a legitimate question.

Everyone needs a break, right?

And online entrepreneurs are sometimes reluctant to take time off  because of the 24 x 7 nature of our businesses.

But I’m planning to get more done over the holidays while things are reasonably quiet, not less. And that’s because I love what I do (at least most of the time.)

I know people talk about treating your business as a business and not as a hobby but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it.

Maybe there should be a word for that like hobbusiness because it’s like a hobby that pays rather than one that costs money 🤣

Having said all that, I will take some time off over the holidays to spend time with my family, to read, to walk my dog, to binge watch stuff on TV, to bake cookies, to see friends but probably not whole days.

Because there are some ideas I’m itching to explore, some training I want to do, some things I want to create, and I love that.

So “working” over the holidays is absolutely fine by me. I just think work is the wrong word for it. 😊

Now I think about it, I’m kinda living the tagline on my website “Build a biz that makes you smile.”

If your business is not making you smile, if it’s stressing you out, and it feels too much like hard slog, chances are that your business model is not in tune with who you are and what you love. Take some time over the holidays to think about what would inspire you, what would make you smile and be ready to set that in motion in January so you can make your own work feel more like play.

In any case, whatever you do over the holidays, enjoy them!


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