Newsletter 22nd September 2020: Still mopping up puddles…and making plans

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Welcome if you’re new to my newsletter. I hope you’ll enjoy the things I share.


Alfie (9 week-old cockapoo) has been with us a week now. He’s our first family dog (and my first dog ever) and I’m loving every minute of it, though my floors are getting very well mopped. He loves the garden, running around like crazy and digging in the flower beds until we stop him. It reminds me of the days when my kids began crawling — danger lurking everywhere and eyes needed in the back of your head. But whatever they do (kids and puppy), you can’t help loving them to bits 🙂

Alfie 2


I’m really hoping to do less mopping and more working soon, so I’m always on the lookout for products that will work for my business (or yours) and save time, too.

Angela has just launched sale where we can check out lots of contributor’s products for only $5 each and get products normally sold for so much more. I love the way you get to choose exactly what you want from the 33 on offer. I’m going to pick up a few products, but not go crazy getting everything in sight 🙂 See which products work for your business here.

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You have until 24th (extended from 18th) to get all the goodies from The Start Your Side Hustle Giveaway.

It’s wonderful to have extra time to explore the products you may have missed the first time – pages and pages of them. Nearly 2500 business owners have taken part already and picked up a selection of the free products on offer.

If you want a reminder of what’s available, here’s a checklist  from Ruthie. You can use it to get a sneak peak before going over to the giveaway to download what you want.


I’m hatching a plan about how we can move forward with all these things we have on our hard drives… Do you have a laptop laden with things you are going to use but never quite get around to? What are you planning to do with it all?

Have a great week, and I’ll speak to you soon





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