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Hi Sometimes, you’re forced to take a break from building your business, for your health, or for family reasons, for a vacation or whatever. What do you do then? Do you give up your business because you haven’t been able to do anything much for a few days or weeks, or even a few months? Of course not. Just because you lose a bit of momentum doesn’t mean the end. You can pick everything up again where you left off and set off like a rocket. Maybe the break will even do you good. I know two hours dog walking a day that hubby would normally do is cutting into the time I’d normally work, and I’ve had to take on a lot more stuff at home with his broken ankle. But it’s been great to stand back and get some perspective – what are we doing this all for if not for our families? I was sitting too many hours at the computer, for sure. And it’s been nice to spend more time with the little mutt (that’s the dog not the hubby!) Mel’s New Thing! Yay! Don’t miss this! Melody is another one who has had a malfunctioning husband recently 😊Luckily, he’s now on the mend from his hip replacement op, so she’s finally managed to bring this huge bundle of digital planner gorgeousness out into the world. toolkit 15 This planner has 18 months of dated and HYPERLINKED pages – a total of 636 pages and 18,000 links. Try doing those yourself in a hurry! Take this beautiful product and sell it as your own in minutes (or use it as the basis for a whole suite of unique digital planners.) So many different page options, seeing is believing. Take a look here Just $17 What?  I had to go and check the price because I couldn’t quite believe it!!! Use coupon code 2022LAUNCH to get that price until the 29th Double Bonus (for the launch only): Mel will do a LIVE WORKSHOP to show everyone how to customize their planners for ANY niche with the new Calendar Index and you’ll also receive a $20 coupon for my Simple Happiness shop from me  loaded into your account at Melody’s site by tomorrow (Friday 23rd) if you buy through my link. That’s right! Get more back than you pay. Last Day for Affinity Publisher KDP Course I’m hearing such great things about Jayne’s Affinity Publishing course that I’m scheduling time to use this for my own KDP Empire expansion 😊 If you have thoughts on creating and selling books on Amazon  Affinity Publisher by Serif (one-off license < $50) and Jaynes course (at $37 until tomorrow) are all you need to create books that look fantastic without a massive learning curve and with a tiny price tag.  There are not many businesses you can set up for <$100 start up cost! This is a perfect course for low content producers as it gives you all you need to know without getting overwhelmed by all the options. Take a look at the video and all the details here to see if it’s for you and get it before the launch price ends tomorrow. My Affinity Progress BONUS from me: If you buy Jayne’s course through my link, send me your receipt and I’ll send you my bonus, my notes on writing book descriptions, gained over almost 10 years publishing on Amazon KDP and earning over $180,000. Book Description Bonus Family Reunion Planners & Bonus So many families are getting together again and family reunions mean more than ever after we have all  been apart for so long. I can’t wait to see my sister again, but I just hop on a train to England for that. For those with bigger families, there’s a lot more organizing to do. Michelle has designed this sunflower family reunion planner to make every reunion special. So many pages to make your reunion the best ever. Save 25% with coupon code FAMILY25 until the 31st Get all the details here Family Reunion Planner PLR I love that planner, but I love Michelle’s family awards planner even more. And I secretly wish I had a bigger family so I could use this 😊 This one is a steal during launch. Get it for just $10 with coupon code: AWARDS5 Awards Family Reunion My bonus: If you buy both family reunion  planners through my links, send me your receipts and I’ll send you a coupon for $20 off at the Simple Happiness shop. 😊 Have a great end of the week and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.) love Jan Jan  

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