Newsletter 21st May 2021: New! Kids’ Printables 🧡 Friday Freebie that could change your life

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Some things are so much fun to create and kids’ printables must be up there among the best.

Ruthie, who many of you know and love, always says “Create what makes your heart happy” at the end of her newsletters (it always makes me smile!), and when you do just that, I think it shows.

So this week sees the launch of this set of fun printables for kids and it’s now my favorite thing in our shop 🥰

Because it’s for kids, we made the launch price pocket money sized too.

Just $10 for 23 unique pages with coupon code FUN4KIDS until 31st May.

As you get commercial use PLR rights, these printables are perfect for selling to mom and parenting bloggers to use as lead magnets.

But they’ve been priced low enough that you might just want to use them with your own kids or grandkids. There’s a long summer ahead! (Hopefully!)

This time, we included CANVA templates as well as Powerpoint. Add your own designs to the templates or use ours. It’s up to you!



Friday Freebie from Friends

This week I want to tell you about Jo Betteridge, a fellow Brit, and friend I made by attending an early morning coaching group on Zoom five times a month since the fall. She has seen me with bed hair and PJs more times than I care to admit because I hate to miss the sessions, but like I said, they are early!


Anyway, Jo helps people deal with that thing we all have at times that I call my gremlin and she calls your inner bitch – the inner voice  that tells you that you’re not good enough to be in business, to run a course, to build a website or whatever it is you want to do.

That’s Imposter Syndrome rearing its ugly head, right there.

But if other people can do that thing, you can too.

You might have to do it scared, “feel the fear and do it anyway” like Susan Jeffers says.

But you can do it.

Jo has put together a free fun quiz that will help you see how much your inner bitch might be hindering your success and you can take it here.


Pro tip: sign up to get your results  and your free 5 Step Success Strategy because that rocks, but there’s also a very special deal you’ll get to see when you do. It’s less than the price of a couple of coffees (or even a kids’ printable launch deal lol) but it could literally change your life (and I’m not an affiliate, just a fan!) Also, the sales page is a gorgeous example of sales page yumminess and is totally worth a look.

I had many more good things to tell you about today, but they will have to wait because it’s getting too near midnight in Braveheart-land and I might turn into a pumpkin or something.

Have a great weekend ahead, believe in yourself, and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.)




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