Newsletter 21st December 2021: Let’s do a little experiment, shall we? 😊

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Are you thinking about making a  change or two for the New Year?

I know I am!

In fact, I’m trying to keep it down to just one or two changes (one personal, one business) because there’s no hope of me doing more than one or two.

I was out for lunch with friends on Saturday and we were talking about the goals we set at the start of 2021. I couldn’t even remember mine. But one friend, had a very simple goal and that was to clear out her fridge and she had achieved that several times in 2021. We all laughed when she said that but really, that might be the secret. Make your goal something achievable and you’re more likely to be successful!

I’m going to stretch myself a bit further than cleaning out a fridge, but maybe not too much more. 😊

I’d rather set a goal for one month, achieve it, and then set another.

So I might create an overarching goal but do one step a month on the path to achieving it. That seems very doable.

Do you want to commit to doing a monthly goal too and try an experiment?

Let me know your goal before the end of the year by sending me a message (jan@simplehappiness.biz) with Future Me in the subject line.

At the end of January, I’ll write back and ask you how you’re doing so you get a reminder and a nudge for your goal.

And maybe a little shot of accountability and motivation from me thrown into the mix. 😊


It’s Shaun’s birthday and she’s having a 50% off sale on some of her most popular training  just for today including these three courses.

Check out her fantastic deals here!

shawn 24th Birthday

New from Ruthie: TODAY Only


It’s day 21 of the DIGITAL DIVAS Advent Calendar and behind door #21, you’ll find a wonderful pocket money treat from Ruthie

Grab this one quickly before it disappears.

This Advent event is brought to you by Digital Divas Melody, Ruthie, Stephanie, Helen, and me. Every day, you’ll find a new freebie or mega discount from one of the Divas’ sites, and the deal is only good for that day. Check back on the site (or here in the newsletter) every day so you don’t miss out as the gift or deal will change out at around 10am US Eastern each morning.

Grab today’s fantastic deal here by clicking “GET THIS DEAL” on door 21 💕


The secret to making more online is having more buy buttons out there for your products. Unless there’s a buy button that someone clicks, no money changes hands!

But buy buttons need to be obvious so that buyers can find them and those important little graphics need to have the right call to action message to get the click.

Now my blogging friend Andrea has come to the rescue with a set of buttons you can use to sell your products.

The Click-worthy Buttons Bundle with 180 PNG buttons is just $12 until the end of the year with coupon code CLICKME and you’ll also get Andrea’s bonus tips and tricks to get more clicks

click worthy buttons


Whatever we do in 2022, you can be sure if we keep trying something new every five minutes, we’ll never see the same results as if we focused on one thing.

Not even close.

Yet focusing is a problem for most of us. That’s why I bought this ULTIMATE FOCUS package because I think it will help me.

It should help others too, once I make a product from it and get it up for sale as Ultimate FOCUS has commercial use rights and many different elements.

At less than $10, I’m not even too worried about making a  product from it tbh as I will get enough use out of it myself, but in the spirit of our “double it” philosophy I talked about a few newsletters ago, it would be good to make something from it and sell a few!

New Deal on Di and Sue’s Advent calendar Day 21

This is a huge saving on an a brilliant training course from Di.

Hint: “There’s More to Puzzle and Activity Books than just KDP and Printables”

Find out more and USE COUPON CODE ADVENT2021 to get a huge 50% discount

advent day 21


Lori has her course on a midweek madness deal of 50% off until Thursday. If you’d like to be able to make Coloring Pages in Powerpoint this one is for you! 😊

coloring pages

Coach Glue Life & Business Planner

The Coach Glue Life & Business Planner is a new product to help you plan your dream life and business. It comes with commercial rights to use, edit, and sell.

And it’s 50% off but only until Thursday, so don’t hang around or you’ll miss it!

Use promo code 50 to get the discount.

Business Planner

Brilliant for using yourself and for helping clients or readers with their plans and dreams!

Get more details here

50% OFF at Content Drafts

I love the packages at Content Drafts and already have five of them but I see that Nicole now has 24 available so it’s time for me to go shopping!

I love the extra long quality articles in these packages as they make great pillar posts plus you get supporting articles and also quiz content that I’ve never seen anywhere else!

See all available packages and get 50% off with coupon HOLIDAYS

Draft Content

Selling Your Products 101

The best way to sell your products is to know who you are selling to before you create the product! If you create the right product for the right person, the product will just about sell itself!

But do you know who you are selling to? The worst possible answer to that is: everyone.

If you’re not sure who your audience is, then you need this training from Jenn and Ruthie  just $10 during launch with coupon code IDEAL10. (save $17!)

What you will learn in it could make or break your business.

Take a look here.

LAST DAY: Challenge Your Comfort Zone

Doing things you’re not already skilled at will take you right out of your comfort zone.

But that’s fine! That’s the way we grow in business and life.

Lynette has a new workbook that will help as it’s designed to gently challenge our comfort zones and set us growing on the right path.

And the great thing about this workbook is that you can both use it for yourself AND sell it.

I call that a win!

challenge your comfort zone

Live your best life and help others live theirs too.

It’s 50% off using code COMFORTZONES until the 21st!

Get more details here

Happy Journals PLR Club Bundle: NEW OFFER

Fran from Happy Journals has a New Year PLR Bundle with enough brand new content to keep you going well into 2022. You can get the biggest savings (50% off) by buying the bundle but the three packages are now available separately on the page if you prefer just to buy one or two.

PLR Bundle

See everything here and save big until Thursday December 23rd 2pm Eastern (no coupon code needed)

Romantic Wedding Planner

The latest product in the Simple Happiness Biz shop is this beautiful wedding planner. Perfect timing for all the couples who will get engaged at Christmas and Valentine’s Day and who will be starting to plan their weddings very soon!)

Wedding Planner Graphic

You can get all 51 pages with commercial rights and both Canva and Powerpoint templates in US Letter and A4 sizes for just $14.95 during launch with coupon code WEDDINGDEAL (regular price $27)

Get all the details here 

Wedding Planner Extension Graphic

There’s also an optional extension kit which has 21 pages of tips, checklists and extras available to purchase on the page so look out for that. The bundle of both Wedding Planner and Extension Kit is just $27 during launch with coupon code WEDDINGEXTRA  (instead of $47) The launch ends on 23rd December. So get this while you can.

ENDS TODAY: 535 Pieces DFY content for $14.95

Get this superb Ekit with commercial rights from Alice Seba’s Ekithub site for a short time and you’ll have products after product to sell for the busy New Year fitness period.

healthy ekit upgrade

Enjoy the week ahead and I’ll be back soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.





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