Newsletter 20th March 2021: Are you ready to take part in a bundle or create your first course?

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Ready to take part in a bundle sale?

Or maybe you would like to, but you’re put off by the thought of what’s involved in making the right product, having the right pages on your website, and the whole getting your autoresponder working malarkey.

If you’re in that boat, or even if you just need a push to get ready, Val Selby, a master coach and coordinator of bundle events, has a very special offer that will get you there.

Val was a fellow speaker on the Homepreneur’s Adventure summit round table yesterday. She’s put together twenty or so bundles for entrepreneurs in the last year alone.

I’ve been part of her Building Community Mastermind group since last year, and she’s just started coaching the group to get ready for a huge bundle event in the summer, making sure we have a great product for the bundle and that our sign up and download pages are ready, well before the May 4th deadline.

Trust me. If Val says you’ll be ready, you’ll be ready!

I’m passionate about this opportunity, because a bundle (Ruthie’s bundle last summer) changed the course of my business. It took me from zero to hundreds of subscribers.

Even more, it gave me belief that I could succeed.

Since then, I’ve built a whole business in just a few months using bundles and giveaways, so I’m passionate about others having the chance to do the same.

If you would like to join Val’s mastermind, use coupon code GBD25 to get 25% off her monthly or annual plan – a fantastic saving.

You can try it free for 7 days, whichever plan you choose. I just have to say that after 7 days, it was a very easy decision for me to stick with Val.

It would be great to see you there!

Want to build your own bundle (of courses)?

Now is a good time, because Content Sparks, the best creator of PLR training content in the business, is having a sale where you can get up to 60% off all your purchases.

This company is not the cheapest (at non-sale prices) but you truly get what you pay for with them. To be honest, I’ve bought quite a few of their courses as training for me! It means I can deepen my knowledge, put the info into practice, and also sell what I learn in the future, knowing I’ve learned from a great source.

A win-win by any standard.

During the sales period, you save:

30% off any one course
40% off 2 – 3 courses
50% off 4 – 5 courses
60% off 6 or more courses

Just look at all the courses they have and I’m sure it will spark ideas for your next (or first) course.

Build Your Own Curriculum


What would you like to learn next and maybe teach to others? Would you like to go through the process of taking a course and making it your own and then publishing it on Teachable?

MY BONUS : I just put together and published my Ten Years Younger in a Weekend course on Teachable and I’ll be going through this again with another course in April. If you want to go through the whole process with me step by step to get your “PLR made original” course live, grab two or more Content Sparks courses from my links in this newsletter (save 40%!) and send your receipt to me. Then I’ll be in touch about getting started.

Right sometimes, but not about this LOL  

Of the four designs I launched yesterday, the one I thought would sell the most…is slightly lagging behind the others, though many have bought the four-in-one deal and will get my fave anyway.

Still, I’m in good company, because at the Homepreneur’s Adventure Summit, host-in-chief Mel was saying the design she likes the least is usually the one to sell the most!

Which one is your favorite reading journal design? Will you get one for $17 or get them all for $37?

Get all the details and coupons here


Not Quite the End

It was the last day of the Homepreneur’s Adventure Summit yesterday, and I’m sad that it’s over. I’ve sat through enough summits to know that this one had something special.

The speakers were fantastic, but also very real. You had the sense that they had been in our shoes at one time and understood exactly what we needed. Questions and comments were flowing so much, every session was buzzing.

It’s a pity if you missed the live event but you can grab the premium bundle, worth over $2000 and the replays and transcripts for a few more days so you don’t miss everything we heard and saw live.

If you purchase the premium bundle (or the replays and bundle combo) from my link here there’ll be a $27 coupon code from me waiting for you in your account as well as products worth over $2000 in the bundle.

I have so many plans with that bundle after hearing everything at the summit, I’m filling up my Book of Ideas. Thank you, D’vorah, for the sticky note idea – hear about in the replays!.

Ending Today

It’s the last day for launch pricing on Grayscale Secrets from Marian. Take a look at this hidden coloring niche (who knew it was a thing?) and grab it now before the price rises.

Poor Alfie 

He’s not a happy chappie with a lampshade on his head after his op. Poor thing. Things can only get better from here, I tell him. But he’s not listening. He’s a dog 😢

alfie lampshade


Here’s to a good weekend, stay safe, and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.)



P.S. Don’t forget to pick up Kristie and Becky’s product Pinning for the Future before it disappears. So much up-to-date info condensed into one page and a webinar recording. Becky let slip her monthly page views from Pinterest at the summit. It was awe inspiring.

P.P.S. If you haven’t picked it up yet, my free Gratitude journal is still available – a welcome gift for my store. Did I really only launch it in March??

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