Newsletter 20th January 2022: Which movie are you in? ūüíĖ plus a new bundle with a difference

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They say that nothing will change unless you do.

And the older I get <sigh> the more I¬†¬†know that’s true and see the effects in myself and others who want things to be different.

Circumstances will change whatever we do.

We have a hand in some of them.

Others, like the pandemic or a hurricane, happen to us.

And we can only choose how to react.

But whatever point you’ve reached, you decide what happens next.

You decide whether to make it in business or watch Netflix.

Whether to eat the coffee and walnut cake (as I did yesterday and find out it wasn’t worth the calories- aargh!) or the salad.

Whether to stand up to bullies and naysayers or let them pull you down.

You are the master controller of your life, so you get to decide.

Yes, you may have limitations and obligations.

We all do.

But those limitations and obligations are not as limiting as you think they are.

You still have room to determine your own future, if you’re really honest with yourself.

Maybe the only change you need to make is to see yourself as the master controller of your actions and reactions.

Or the producer of your own movie.

The opening scene has already been filmed; that’s where you are.

You can’t do anything now about what happened up to this moment.

But you get to decide on your words, the setting and the people you know who will take part in the next scene.

Who do you choose to star in your movie? (Please choose yourself!)

Who are the co-stars currently in your life, who will have a walk on part (and no more) and who will end up on the cutting room floor?

That’s all in your power as the producer of your movie.

Is your movie going to be one where nothing happens, a horror story, or action and adventure, all the way?


Today’s¬†EXTRA BONUS for any purchase through my links in this newsletter¬†is something to keep on hand for whenever you feel like quitting. In most cases, quitting is the wrong choice, and you just need to get over an obstacle or setback (and there are always some in every business.)

Don't Quit

Buy anything through any of my links in this newsletter¬†today¬†then send me your receipt (to jan@simplehappiness.biz) and you’ll receive this shot of motivation from me you can use any time.¬†You’ll get this by Saturday. On top of any other bonuses you see in the newsletter.


Affinity is wonderful high functionality low cost software¬†suite by Serif with a¬†“buy it once” price and not a subscription. (Adobe-like functionality without the strain on your wallet!)

If you love Affinity (or you want to use it!) you’ll love the¬†Affinity Lovers Collection 2022¬†a bundle of goodies just for Affinity users with¬†products, training,¬†and assets and even a $30 gift coupon from Catherine¬†(which is more than the cost of the bundle!)

I contributed my latest product with commercial rights made in Affinity Publisher. (I learned the program in a couple of days¬†over the holidays because I’m convinced it’s the best (and simplest) program to use for creating low content books for Amazon KDP.)

affinity lover

Along with my contribution to the bundle, you’ll get so much more. Take a look at everything in there and then decide.

Bonus:¬†Get the bundle¬†through my link¬†and receive an additional $20 gift coupon for my store as well as my extra bonus.¬†Just send your receipt to jan@simplehappiness.biz and I’ll verify it and send you your bonuses.


“If the best thing about Valentine’s Day is the half price candy on the 15th”¬† LOL¬†But then the pages are cute too. And a pocket money price.

The¬†Non-Valentine’s Day Journal¬†is just $12.50 with code NONVAL until 25th January.¬†With commercial licence, and editable in Canva


Take a look at all the page layouts here.


Suzi’s Flagship blogging course¬†Blog by Number¬†has been updated to Version 5.0 and I just bought this today because it’s such a steal at¬†half price in her birthday sale.

Use coupon code BLOGBYNUMBER2022 until Friday midnight to save! 

blog by number

Bonus: If you buy it through my link, get a $25 voucher for anything in my store (and my extra bonus) Just send your receipt to jan@simplehappiness.biz and I’ll verify it and send you your bonuses.


Emma Sale

Faith is giving¬†50% off 8 of her¬†courses¬†to celebrate her daughter’s Birthday. The courses included in the¬†sale are

Pretty Printables Masterclass – Usual $127 (BEST VALUE!)
Digital Papers Masterclass – Usual $127 (BEST VALUE!)
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Pin To Win – Usual $97
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7 Surefire Ways To Increase Subscriber Engagement – Usual $47
Creating Kids’ Printables In Canva – Usual $97
Digital Planners Masterclass – Usual $97

Get all the details on the sale and courses here and use code EMMA50 to save. Sale ends 21st January.


I do wish I could manufacture actual motivation, bottle it, and sell it. Unfortunately, I haven’t quite cracked that yet ūü§£

The latest¬†Instant Motivation¬†product from Tools for Motivation is a whole white label training on sparking motivation¬†however, and it would make a¬†perfect product that customers need and want in¬†the self development and coaching niches. I’d change the name of it though from “Impulse Manifest Motivation in the Moment” as that seems a bit of a mouthful, or is that just me? LOL


There’s a lot of content in this for the tiny price (including an ebook, articles, workbook, audiobook, lead magnet, slide deck, sales letter, social media posts, graphics – the whole nine yards)¬†so if this is the type of training you would like in your shop,¬†take a look at it here.¬†(And don’t let the title put you off – make your own best selling title!)


Wait? What? This is something that digital planner customers are going to love!

We created our first digital planner at the end of last year and and I have been using it ever since.

But these stickers will add another dimension.

color changing sticker

The Goodnotes Color changing stickers course is just $47 for launch and contains a whole strategy for making and selling these stickers.

Grab it quickly if you want to have fun making stickers for your niche.


Grab¬†Your Best Year bundle¬†for just $27. You’ll get my product below and another fifteen truly great products.

Sixteen products for the price of one!

best year bundle

the best year

So much for so little. Take a look here.

Bonus:¬†If you buy through my link above, send me your receipt (to jan@simplehappiness.biz) and I’ll send you a $17 voucher to spend¬†in my store¬†(as well as the extra bonus above if you buy through my link today) making this a no-brainer deal.


People in every niche need to set goals. And this Coach Glue product Goal Setting Bootcamp is the perfect done-for-you product to help them (and you) set and achieve goals.

Spend a few days adding your own touches and branding and you’ll have an awesome product to launch without spending weeks or months creating something yourself from scratch.

Set Goal

Just $47 with promo code 47 for something you definitely need in your product suite.

I have this one now too.  I love these Coach Glue products.

Get all the details on the Goal Setting Bootcamp ready-to-sell training course here.


Alice has created 100 Worksheets and Printables on popular self development topics. They are perfect for creating journals, planners, and lead magnets. Add your logo and branding and you can give these a completely different look.

This whole package is only $27 when you use coupon code WORKSHEETS right now.  (And the same coupon will work for another $20 reduction if you also want her upsell journal and planner booster pack.) .

work sheets


coach glue

There’s 50% off every Coach Glue planner right now!

They are perfect for planning out your own business, but they also come with commercial rights so that you have a product to sell too.

That makes them a fantastic deal for your business.

Choose anything on this page including the planners above (there are around 40 fantastic products in all) and use coupon code 50 to get the 50% discount making most of these substantial products a fantastic deal at just $23.50 instead of $47.


Look forward to spring and plan your days to make the most of the season with the latest product in the Simple Happiness Biz shop.

This Spring Bucket List printable has 28 pages and comes as a ready-decorated PDF and also in template form for Canva and Powerpoint.

Edit and brand the product if you wish, use it yourself, sell it in your store, or use it as an opt in for your list as this comes with PLR commercial rights.

Just $9.95 during launch with coupon code SPRINGDEAL  Get all the details here

Spring Graphics

As this concludes our bucket list series, you could grab the whole year of bucket lists instead (all updated to 2022) for a no brainer price of $27 (regularly $67)  with coupon code WHOLEYEAR. This offer is on the same page as the Spring Bucket list. Just scroll down to see it.

This bundle has been priced low enough to be worth it even if you own one or two of the products. (But you don’t need to buy just to get the updates if you already bought these last year. The 2022 updates are already in your account.ūüíĖ)

Bucket list


Enjoy your day and I’ll be back soon with¬†more tips, freebies, and some offers but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.





P.S. Don’t forget¬†you can get 52% off all of April’s Daily Deals in January – there are quite a¬† few to choose from now.¬†April creates great quality done for you PLR, brilliant for boosting the content on your site as well as creating products. She will have three new things on¬†52% off sale¬†every day in January, but if you missed the ones you want, don’t worry because¬†you can see all the deals here. ūüėä

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