Newsletter 20th December 2021: Sliding into 2022 ūüéĀplus a gift from Stephanie

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My reading group book this month was The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. It reminded me of the movie Sliding Doors where a few seconds meant the difference between catching a train or not and living your life in one way or being thrust into a whole different life.

the midnight library

The main character in The Midnight Library got the chance to try out hundreds of life decisions and to see how they would work out.

2022 is starting to feel like that for me – if I choose one business model, this might happen. If I choose another, it might be better or worse.

Who knows? It feels like we are dealing with the unknown now, more than ever before. Every decision can take us down a different path.

At least with business, most decisions are quickly¬†reversible. It’s not like marrying the wrong person or having a child.

But it’s still important to take decisions that stop us coasting along.

I know I want to keep doing the business I have now, because I love it, and it pays my bills,¬†but I don’t want to stagnate either.

It’s fun to grow, to challenge the status quo, and to try new things.

Just not too many things at once.

I want to choose one new thing and go for it in Q1. Then decide again for Q2.

So I will choose, but I wish I had a crystal ball to help ūüėä

How have you gone about deciding what to focus on for Q1?


Whatever we choose, you can be sure if we keep trying something new every five minutes, we’ll never see the same results as if we focused on one thing.

Not even close.

Yet focusing is a problem for most of us. That’s why I bought¬†this ULTIMATE FOCUS package¬†because I think it will help me.

It should help others too, once I make a product from it and get it up for sale as Ultimate FOCUS has commercial use rights and many different elements.

At less than $10, I’m not even too worried about making a¬† product from it tbh as I will get enough use out of it myself, but in the spirit of our “double it” philosophy I talked about a few newsletters ago, it would be good to make something from it and sell a few!

NEW: Coach Glue Life & Business Planner

The Coach Glue Life & Business Planner is a new product to help you plan your dream life and business. It comes with commercial rights to use, edit, and sell.

And it’s¬†50% off but only until Thursday, so don’t hang around or you’ll miss it!

Use promo code 50 to get the discount.

business planner

The planner walks you though all this step by step

  • Step 1: Define Your Most Audacious Life & Business Desires
  • Step 2: Dig Deep Into Your ‚ÄúBig Why‚ÄĚ to Stay Wildly Motivated (and Manifest with Way More Ease!)
  • Step 3: Clarify Your Desires to Get Fiercely Focused on Your Most Important Dreams
  • Step 4: Simplify Your Goals & Amplify Your Results with SMART Goals
  • Step 5: Pick Powerful & Impactful Goals (So You Can Ditch ‚ÄúGoal Overwhelm‚ÄĚ & Make the Next 12 Months Your Best Ever!)
  • Step 6: Chunk Down Your Big Dreams Into Small Steps & Realistic Timelines
  • Step 7: Visualize & ‚ÄúFeel Into‚ÄĚ Your Next Level for a Major Dose of Manifesting Magic
  • Step 8: Start Bringing Your Dreams to Life, Starting Right Now!

Brilliant for using yourself and for helping clients or readers with their plans and dreams!

Get more details here. 

New from Stephanie: FREE for One Day Only

Advent Calendar

It’s day 20 of the¬†DIGITAL DIVAS Advent Calendar¬†and behind door #20, you’ll find¬†a wonderful FREEBIE¬†from Stephanie.

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New Deal on Di and Sue’s Advent calendar Day 20

This one is on Sue’s site,¬†Journal Ephemera Templates at 50% off!¬†(USE COUPON CODE¬†ADVENT2021)

You can do so much with these templates to make your journals unique.

Advent day 20

50% OFF at Content Drafts

I love the¬†packages at Content Drafts¬†and already have five of them but I see that Nicole now has 24 available so it’s time for me to go shopping!

I love the extra long quality articles in these packages as they make¬†great pillar posts plus you get supporting articles and also quiz content that I’ve never seen anywhere else!

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Draft Content

Selling Your Products 101

The best way to sell your products is to know who you are selling to before you create the product! If you create the right product for the right person, the product will just about sell itself!

But do you know who you are selling to? The worst possible answer to that is: everyone.

If you’re not sure who your audience is, then you need¬†this training from Jenn and Ruthie¬†¬†just $10 during launch¬†with coupon code¬†IDEAL10. (save $17!)

What you will learn in it could make or break your business.

Take a look here.

ENDS TOMORROW: Challenge Your Comfort Zone

Doing things you’re not already skilled at will take you right out of your comfort zone.

But that’s fine! That’s the way we grow in business and life.

Lynette has a¬†new workbook¬†that will help as it’s¬†designed to¬†gently challenge our comfort zones and set us growing on the right path.

And the great thing about this workbook is that you can both use it for yourself AND sell it.

I call that a win!

challenge your comfort zone

Live your best life and help others live theirs too.

It’s 50% off using code¬†COMFORTZONES¬†until the 21st!

Get more details here

Happy Journals PLR Club Bundle

Fran from Happy Journals has a New Year PLR Bundle with enough content to keep you going well into 2022. This bundle includes the following printable products and digital planner templates. These products will only be sold separately after the launch and the price will be much higher so take advantage while you can!

PLR Bundle

See everything here and save big until Thursday December 23rd 2pm Eastern (no coupon code needed)

Romantic Wedding Planner

The latest product in the Simple Happiness Biz shop is¬†this beautiful¬†wedding planner. Perfect timing for all the couples who will get engaged at Christmas and¬†Valentine’s Day and who will be starting to plan their weddings very soon!)

Wedding Planner Graphic

You can get all 51 pages with commercial rights and both Canva and Powerpoint templates in US Letter and A4 sizes for just $14.95 during launch with coupon code WEDDINGDEAL (regular price $27)

Get all the details here 

Wedding Planner Extension

There’s also an optional extension kit which has 21 pages of tips, checklists and extras available to purchase¬†on the page so look out for that. The¬†bundle of both Wedding Planner and Extension Kit¬†is just $27 during launch with coupon code¬†WEDDINGEXTRA¬†¬†(instead of $47) The¬†launch ends on 23rd December. So get this while you can.

535 Pieces DFY content for $14.95

Get this superb¬†Ekit with commercial rights¬†from Alice Seba’s Ekithub site for a short time and you’ll have products after product¬†to sell for the busy New Year fitness period.

healthy ekit upgrade


Show Off Your Book or Journal & Sell It

It’s no good hiding your finished work in a corner of your website once you’re done.

Before you can sell your product, potential buyers have to notice it, otherwise you’ll get…crickets.

Go for maximum visibility everywhere with great product images and video.

That sounds like a lot of work but luckily there’s a product called¬†Mockupshots¬†that gives you an easy and very fast way of drawing attention to a book or journal on your website or on social media.

You load up your cover and in a few seconds, you have a huge number of¬†realistic mockups, GIFS and videos¬†that draw the eye and stop the scroll like nothing on earth.ūüėä

Mockup shot

Not only will MockupShots allow you to create hundreds of epic photos of your books, it will give you suggestions for social media posts for each mockup and even allow you to crop, edit and add text right from inside the interface so your graphics are ready to post right away.

ms bundle2 1

I’ve had this for a while and use it mainly to create 3D images of my products with transparent backgrounds but I just looked again at what it can do and I know I’ll be using it a lot more in the future.

Spidy Cover

The cover reveal videos are amazing!

Best thing is, they’ve slashed the price for the holidays.

Take a look at the magic here.  So many cool images, GIFs and videos to make from one cover in an instant to show off your work. Use it on as many books as you like. 

Enjoy the week ahead and I’ll be back soon with¬†more tips, freebies, and some offers but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.





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