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I was reminded about this idea by my coach Naima yesterday.

She suggested that as soon as you have an idea for a product, you should write the sales page for it.

I’ve heard this idea before but in the format, as soon as you have an idea for a book, write the blurb to sell it.  😊

But Naima, in true Naima-style takes that one stage further.

As you probably know, the sales page should include the benefits for the student taking your course or the person using your product.

Until you know what benefits you’re aiming to provide, you won’t know what is important to add to your course or product.

And what is just fluff.

To decide what would be beneficial, Naima says write a review of your future product by someone who loved it.

What would they say about it?

What specifically changed as a result of them buying your product?

What else would they have liked to be in it?

Add those benefits to your sales page and ideas to your product!

Once you have the sales page created with all the benefits, it will fire you up to create the product like nothing else (and you won’t have writing the sales page as a task hanging over you at the end 😊)


If you miss a newsletter, there’s now a page on my site where you can find previous editions.

There are only ten there right now, but they will all get added eventually 😊

I’m not sure I want to go back and read 250 newsletters. I have enough unread emails in my inbox. But just in case you do, they will be there … 💖

I started this project following a tip from Melody Wigdahl (See Kitchen Sink Plus below)  who mentioned adding your newsletters to your blog to attract search engine traffic. (It gives them lots of rich content to index and the articles, though generally not the offers, are evergreen!)

So  there you go.

Tip turned into action!

I like it when a project comes together. I think it must be the ex project manager in me. 🤣


Today’s EXTRA BONUS for any purchase through my links marked with  💖💖💖  in this newsletter is a detailed report on the way I simplify my business and life to get more done without getting frazzled all the time.

Simplify 15 things I do

Buy anything marked 💖💖💖 through any of my links in this newsletter today then send me your receipt (to jan@simplehappiness.biz) and you’ll receive this useful report to use again and again. On top of any other bonuses you see in the newsletter.


Easy Profits with simple pattern

I love creating patterns with the tool recommended in Bart and Britt’s new course.

I’ve sold a fair few patterns myself in the past year and used them over and over to make products to sell. So I know this works and how simple it is to make beautiful original and unique patterns.

I’m almost sorry the secret is out! 🤣

But there’s more in this course than I knew and extra free tools in the bonus that I wasn’t aware of, plus seven places to sell your patterns, (five more ways than I use now!) so you can be sure that I’m getting stuck into my copy as well.

This one is a steal at $19 for such a lucrative business idea. Pick it up here.

Note there is also a $9 upgrade with two video trainings that give you even more options for beautiful seamless prints.

Bonus: If you buy the product (with or without the upgrade) through my links above send your receipt to me at jan@simplehappiness.biz to get my new bonus report “Simplify!” 💖💖💖


Already a favorite with low content creators, this Digital Planner training has an addition for one day only!

digital planner template kit

Michelle and Aimee are giving an extra five beautiful digital planners away as a bonus until tomorrow lunchtime.

Take a look at this comprehensive package here

My bonus: Buy this special offer through my link and get a $35 voucher for my store and my extra bonus 💖💖💖


year of the tiger sale

My son rustled up a Chinese chicken dish to celebrate Chinese New Year 😋

I love Chinese food! (No rice though because carbs LOL)

Carmen is celebrating in a less calorific way with a sale giving you 30% off everything in her store (apart from memberships). 😊

Take a look here at her PLR Shop or look at her courses (you’ll need to click the courses tab for those after you arrive on Carmen’s site)

Use code TIGER30 to take 30% off in the shopping cart.

It feels like a good (Chinese) year already LOL

Bonus: Get my Simplify! bonus 💖💖💖(see above) if you spend $25 or more on Carmen’s site using my links. Spend more than $50 and get a $20 voucher as well. (If you’d like a direct link for any of her courses to make doubly sure whose link you’re using, just reply to this email and ask me!)


The Kitchensink Thursday calls with Melody Wigdahl have been a cornerstone of my calendar for over a year with their eclectic mix of social chat (new friends!), list building events, and common sense online training.

And now there’s the Kitchensink Plus membership which is proving even more valuable.

Each month in the Plus membership, you receive a set of gorgeous limited edition printable and digital planners, journals, and lead magnets with commercial rights plus many other extras.

Along with these, you get live training (which is also recorded) on how to use the products to fill out your product line and build your business.

Grab the latest limited edition products and training today and get $10 off every month forever with coupon code KSPLUS 

kitchen sink plus

Note: If you join now, you’ll get the January and December products now as well as February with your first month’s membership. There couldn’t be a better time to buy!

My bonus: Get a $40 coupon code to use in my store for buying through my link above, covering more than the cost of your payment, plus this qualifies for the extra bonus 💖💖💖  Just send your receipt to jan@simplehappiness,biz


content creation challenge

If you struggle to create enough content to make a living, then sign up for D’vorah’s 30 Day Content Creation Challenge

Follow the program diligently and you’ll come out with product after product, ready to sell! And endless ideas for many more.

More importantly, you’ll have a process to follow instead of spinning your wheels.

The early bird special runs until February 1st. Save $50 on any of the three levels with coupon code CHALLENGE50

Bonus: If you use my link and your CHALLENGE50 coupon, get a $20 coupon for my shop and my extra bonus 💖💖💖 with any of the options on Dvorah’s page.


Customers will enjoy going down memory lane and making plans with the Couples Journal.

Then they can find out more about each other with the Questions for You & Me workbook.

This printable two-for-one set with PLR commercial rights can be sold all year round and is a perfect gift for anniversaries, engagements, and weddings, as well as Valentine’s Day.

Sell the printables as a set or individually. Your choice 😊  58 pages in all, editable in Canva or Powerpoint.

Just $19.95 for both products with coupon code VALDEAL (regularly $37)

Take a look here (check out the video of the pages)

Couples Journal and Questions Graphic

And if you want more, you can add a matching Valentine’s Day Planner and a printable set to your order (scroll down on the same page) for just $10 more.

Use coupon code VALBUNDLE to get everything in one deal for just $29.95 (regularly $57).

Valentines Day Printable

The launch deal ends 3rd February.

Enjoy the week ahead and I’ll be back soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.





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