Newsletter 19th November 2021: No pressure deals (I like that! )🎁 & today’s freebie will be one to save…🧡

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This is my first Black Friday since opening my shop in March, and oh my, there’s a lot of pressure online to do something magnificent to make a lot of sales.

But I’m not really feeling the urge to go crazy with it. There’s too much noise out there right now.

If I’m going to go crazy, I’d like everyone to notice, you know, and not get lost in the crush of the many crazies all going crazy at the same time.

Is that just me? LOL

Anyway, instead of doing a big splash of a sale, here’s what I’m doing in November to thank everyone who reads my newsletter.

1. I’m giving away one commercial use freebie a day 2nd to 30th November. (You’ll see today’s freebie below.)

2. I’ve contributed a product to Wilna’s PLR and Printables giveaway so you get another product for free from me.

3. I’ve contributed a commercial use journal to a No Spend giveaway which will be live on Black Friday. More news about that on Black Friday.

Of course, I’ll tell you about everyone else’s sales (or at least those that offer a crazy amount of value. This generally means that I am buying them too 😊)

And as my contribution to the spirit of Black Friday, I’ll add a little treat of a sale for a product a day at the bottom of my newsletter from now until the whole event is over.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the gifts and the sales and I won’t make anyone break the bank.

Save Five Dollars a Day

Today’s daily planner freebie with commercial rights is a Five Dollars a Day savings tracker.

Don’t worry. All text is editable if the dollar is not your currency.

There’ll be a new freebie printable in my newsletter every day for the rest of November. All are in a coordinating design created specially for this series so they form a set.

If you have missed any in this series, it’s okay. They all work independently of each other. Just scoop up the rest. Mix and match the individual printables and add your own pages to create a fantastic product.

The freebies also come with Powerpoint and Canva templates so you can change the designs if you wish. And you’ll get PLR commercial rights to sell or give the printables away.

Each one will be available for at least 24 hours after this newsletter is sent out, but they will disappear after a day or so, so grab them before they do 😊

Here’s today’s freebie (or click on the image below)

Freebies Day 18

Game Changer

Last October, I signed up for a workshop that changed everything in business for me.

The training was “Pages that Sell” by Naima.

She took something that I’d always struggled with (writing sales pages) and made it so simple, I’ve used her method every single time I’ve written a sales page since.

And I even have her words in my mind whenever I write anything in business.

The good news is, Naima is offering “Pages that Sell” again and for such a low price, you can grab that skill for yourself.

You see, what’s special about Naima’s training is her step by step, break it all down method that you can repeat time after time.

And she offers so much 1-2-1 help and feedback on every step of your work down to the word level that you can’t fail to “get it.”

Three whole weeks of help.

That individual feedback is priceless.

It’s the difference between a page that sells and one that flops.

If writing sales pages worries you even a little bit, grab the opportunity to do her program with both hands and don’t look back.

Believe me, that one $47 purchase could make all the difference to your business.

All 2022 Content for Your Business Blog. Done!

Okay then. This offer is crazy good and given the quality of the articles from this seller, I snapped this right up.

blog entry

Get 60 blog posts covering every important aspect of running an online business including branding, ecourse creation and launching, selling low-end products, passive income, and social media marketing for just $17.

That’s right!

60 articles for just $17 (using COUPON CODE: 30 )

Take a look at the 60 enticing blog posts here and get all your business content sorted for 2022 before the New Year fireworks begin 😊

You’ll be glad all year that you did.

Join the Kitchensink Plus 

The Kitchensink Thursday calls have been a cornerstone of my calendar for over a year with their eclectic mix of social chat (new friends!), list building events, and common sense online training.

And now there’s the Kitchensink Plus membership which is proving even more valuable.

Each month in the Plus membership, you receive a set of limited edition printable and digital planners, journals, and lead magnets with commercial rights plus many other extras.

Along with these, you get live training (which is also recorded) on how to use the products to fill out your product line and build your business.

Join now and get both October’s and November’s content with one month’s subscription. It’s a great time to try this out.

Here are the new planners we’ll be modifying this month. The way Melody creates these, every single person in the club is easily able to create something totally different from the already limited edition club version. And even better, she has done all the painstaking work of linking the pages so we don’t have to. 😊 (It’s very difficult to find dated PLR digital planners because of the amount of work involved. When you realize there are over 10,000 links in an annual planner you’ll see what an amazing deal this is!)

Nov Plus

Grab the latest limited edition products and training today and get $10 off every month forever with coupon code PLUSJAN 

BONUS: When you join through my link you’ll find three bonuses waiting for you in your account.

Kitchen Sink Coupon

Great course on rare sale…

I love Michelle’s Passive Income Planner Girl course because it has everything you need to build a business on Etsy and then teaches you how to take it way beyond that to increase the value of everything you make.

And the whole emphasis is on building quality, meaningful, and beautiful products as the cornerstone of your business.

Not churning out ugly pages that no one is going to buy.

planner of passive income


It’s not a cheap course, but it’s lower in price than many of the courses we see these days, and it’s worth every penny even at full price.

And at 50% off, it’s well worth the investment. I paid full price for this one and don’t regret it!

Get more details here. And use code HOLIDAYSALE to make it half price.

And there’s a bonus from me, too. If you buy the course through my link, send your receipt to me at and I’ll verify your purchase and send you a $70 voucher to spend in my store.


Enjoy your weekend and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.




P.S. ❤️  Today’s surprise P.S. deal is this set of fun kids printables for $7 instead of the regular $27. Grab them quickly before the deal disappears. Use coupon BFDEAL to get the discount

Kids Printable Promotional Image


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