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There’s that moment in any new online business when you hear the virtual ka-ching of a sale.

It may be for a small amount.

Sometimes, it’s more.

But however much the sale is for, it’s significant.

Because it means that a customer found something you had up for sale or recommended.

And they paid good money for it.

It also means you’ve waded your way through a whole heap of technology to make it all happen.

So when the ka-ching happens, celebrate!

And if it hasn’t happened yet, know it will, as long as you don’t quit.

rest dont quit

Katrina’s Blue Wren PLR Shop

It was great to see the launch of¬†Katrina’s new¬†store Blue Wren PLR do so well yesterday, but I wasn’t surprised as she has such¬†a great first product.

And if you already bought her wonderful¬†Lady Boss Canva templates¬†or you have yet to take a look, there’s even a¬†surprise bonus workshop¬†to show you how to customize these to create your own unique freebies and lead magnets.

So, so pretty, but also adaptable to all different styles. I picked my copy up straight away. I could make my own but it¬†would take me hours if not days to make anything like this, so they will save me a ton of hassle the next time I’m creating a lead magnet or bonus for a course, book, or Etsy product!

And they are amazing value JUST $7 with COUPON LADYLAUNCH Get them here

Lead Magnets

Here are the details for Katrina’s¬†FREE workshop perfect if you’re new(ish) to Canva and don’t know how to change these templates to work with your branding.

Workshop details:

Event: Customizing Templates in Canva
Date: Tuesday, 31 August 2021
Time: 2.00 PM (Pacific)
4.00 PM (Central)
5.00 PM (Eastern)
10.00 PM (London)
7.00 – 8.00 AM (+1 Sydney AEST)
Book: Eventbrite Link

Sheila’s New Site & FREEBIE

Sheila is celebrating the launch of her shop with a brand new 37-page PLR Printable available for you, absolutely FREE!

pretty teacher planner

The¬†Rose Teacher Planner PLR, with its beautifully¬†designed planner pages, is the perfect printable to start selling today on your own site. Note that though it is for Teachers,¬†you can easily add to it and change it up to be a planner for any occasion and career. Use coupon code¬†LAUNCH21¬†at checkout in Sheila’s shop¬†to get this PLR Printable for FREE! (Put it in your shopping basket then go there to add the coupon.)

 31 Days Positive Thinking Journal 

31 days positive thinking

Gabby has just launched this gorgeous fun 31 day positive thinking  journal with commercial rights. This one has tons of content to delight your customers and royalty free graphics and the Canva and Powerpoint templates mean you can easily adapt it to suit your own customers and brand. Get it while it has a special launch week coupon positivejournal making it just $17.

Becky’s Love Your Life Planner

And while all the positivity is doing the rounds, pick up¬†Becky’s Love Your Life¬†manifestation planner¬†too ūüėä 41 pages and three sizes. It’s perfect for personal development fans and coaches. Use coupon code¬†LOVELIFE¬†to save $10 through the 23rd.¬†See the video on the product page¬†for more details.

manifestation planner

If you want to SELL stickers

You can put your stickers¬†up in your Etsy shop as craft supplies (if you don’t make them original) or as handmade goods (if you do) but make sure in either case that you have a marketing plan as well as a plan to put them up in your store.

If you want stickers to be a¬†lucrative side hustle, you’ll need to promote them in some way or use them to promote other items you have listed. (For example, you can produce stickers in every color to match your other items, as people love matching sets,¬†and the matching items help promote each other.)

One of the best courses for actually SELLING your stickers (as opposed to looking at your stash and enjoying it!) is the digital sticker course by Wild & Solo.

wild and solo sticker course

This is a huge course on digital sticker making and selling, including how to make illustration stickers even if you can’t draw, how to stay organized with all your files, how to package stickers into¬†books to sell, and, get this,¬†see the different ways you can package up all your products into one big bundle and make more money (plus create happy customers). Michelle says: “I‚Äôll show you how I‚Äôve created my Everything bundle (including both the beautiful way and the easy way).”

This course has everything you need for your new side business.

The course is jumping in price soon, so get it while it’s huge value for all you get. Every module is so detailed you really can’t go wrong.

Still available:¬†Ruthie’s Coloring Packs Flash Sale & Bonus

Ruthie’s gorgeous coloring kits with commercial rights¬†usually retail for $27 each but you can pick what you want from the twenty kits available for¬†just $7,or grab the whole bundle of TWENTY for $97.

When you click on each kit, you’ll see how many designs are included – often over a hundred PER SINGLE PACK!

Remember, you’re not limited to just making coloring books with these.

  • You can turn them into designs for original planners & journals, cards, calendars, and stickers.
  • You can add color using a graphics program and make even more designs.
  • You can turn them into book covers, activity sheets, and decorations. The possibilities are endless.

Use COUPON CODE COLOUR7 (watch out for the Canadian spelling!) to slice $20 off the cost of each kit or COUPON CODE LCBUNDLE97 to get the bundle for $97

MY BONUS:¬†If you buy the whole bundle of twenty¬†through my link¬†using your LCBUNDLE97 coupon, there’ll also be a $50 coupon waiting for you in your account at Ruthie’s site making the bundle even better value.

bundle promo image

Send an email!

Don’t forget to get¬†help from the fairy for your emails¬†while it’s still $36 (instead of $97)

So many business owners, authors, and bloggers collect subscribers and then don’t send them anything much. Don’t be that business owner!


email marketing fairy

Get all the details HERE

Have a great end of the¬†week, and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.)

I’m off to England tomorrow on the train¬†to see my sister who I haven’t seen for over 18 months. Lunch and something fizzy might be involved ūü§£





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