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It must be the sun going to all our heads with a sudden need to start spring cleaning. LOL

Three of us have released planners to get everything spick and span again at just about same time.

It’s like number 10 buses. You wait for ages and then three come along at once (as we say in the U.K.)

Having three planners is idealfor everyone who wants to create a product in this niche though, because all three have PLR commercial use, and it means you can take pages from one, two, orall three of them, unify them by using the same design and fonts throughout and create the best planner ever for your customers.

So here are all three for you to take your pick…

Michelle’s Home Cleaning Planner

ThisHome Cleaning Planner PLR Templatecomes with 32 Unique Pages made by PLR Niche Shop and 6 different covers & backs, 8.5 x 11 & 8 x 10, PowerPoint Files, PDF File, Font File with Commercial Use Rights.

Use coupon code:CLEAN10to get $10 off this planner until the sale ends April 23 at Midnight.

What I like about this:Lots of templates easily changeable to use your own colors and designs. But I’d be tempted to use the original design as it’s so fresh and pretty.

More details here

Home Cleaning Planner


Becky’s Rainbow Roses Home Planner

TheRainbow Roses Home Plannerhas 46 pages to help your customers clean and organize their homes. It comes in color and black and white and there are PowerPoint and PDFs included, plus covers, backs and 12 digital papers for extra covers. Less cute and complete planners are selling on Etsy for over $5 each.

Check out the video on the sales page to see more!

The launch sale saves you$10 offwith coupon codeHOMEGOALSnow through April 30th at midnight CST.

What I like about this:Great selection of templates and cover options covering more than cleaning. Plus extra papers. This planner is similar in style to Becky’s other templates so you could create a shop with a unified branded look if you have them all.

home planner


If you pick up either Michelle’s or Becky’s planner through my links above,choose one of the following bonuses. Pick up both of my friend’s products, and you’ll get both. Send your receipt(s) and choice of bonus (if applicable)to [email protected] to claim. The bonus files come with PLR commercial rights and you can use them for any project (but you can’t pass on PLR rights.)

Bonus Option 1: ThreeAlternative covers and interiors

Lemons, floral wreath, and abstract floral designs. Get 4 planners for the price of one with this bonus. Or save yourself time on the journals and planners you make in the future.

Cover design 2

Bonus Option 2: Kids chore charts

Decorated and undecorated versions with dinosaurs and rainbows. Get an extra product to sell in your shop with this bonus. Chore charts are super popular with parents.

Cover design 3

Lastly: My Spring Cleaning Checklists

To celebrate the sunshine I launched theseforjust $7 with coupon SPRING20on Friday. The coupon is good untilApril 21st

Printable checklists are ideal to create a pretty & practical instant product or opt in.Take a look herefor all the details.

What I like about these:Everything because they are in my shop LOL But I’m especially in love with the pink and green floral theme

Spring Cleaning Checklists

There’s also an optional extension with32 more pages to create a bigger planner for just $10– see thechecklist download page which you’ll see immediately after picking up the checklists.

Spring Cleaning Planner

Things that are not cleaning

Just so I cantake my mind off the dust and grime, and also the destruction that puppy Alfie has visited on the place…

Here are a few things you might not want to miss.

Carmen’s Etsy Course Flash Sale (ends today)

Five easy video lessons on how start anEtsy shop. Only $19 while it’s on sale with coupon codeETSYFLASH(nearly 50% off the normal price.)

Take a look here

What I like about this:It’s a very quick, easy to follow course that will give you the essentials if you don’t have the budget or time for a larger course. Also, for anyone who likes to know everything before taking the first step, follow this andget your store live! You can do the rest later!

etsy course

Two Week Challenge: Make Real Progress in Your Business

Coach Val Selby, who many of you got to know via the Homepreneur’s Adventure summit, is holding atwo week Get Biz Done challenge

This is the second time Val has run a challenge like this, and those who actively participated last time have begged her to do it again.

The idea is that we (and yes, I’ve signed up for this, too) take action on something we’ve been putting off in our business. I’ll be working on getting a low content book published on Amazon.

The challenge is already budget friendly, but don’t forget to use myCOUPON code GBDHAPPY for 50% offand make it even better.

What I like about this:This is a way of making real progress in a fun, friendly group and it’s a great way to try out Val’s coaching to see if it’s for you.

Get Biz Done

TIP:If you tend to buy courses but not take action on them, do this before purchasing anything else you will learn but not implement!

New Low Cost Email Course

If you’re struggling to know what to write in your emails and hate pressing the send button, Faith has a greatnew low cost coursewhich is sure to help out.

I’ve been sending emails for years, and when I write it feels like I’m writing to a friend. (Hi there ) sharing parts of my life and helping where I can.

But I still learned a lot from Faith’s course.

And that’s because her courseis all about getting email subscribers engaged and getting more of the replies that sometimes land in my inbox and make my daywhen something I’ve written has helped.

Faith’s coursewill help you enjoy and profit more fromyour email marketing and that’s important if you want to stay motivated to do it, not once in a blue moon, but as a regular thing.

This is only $37 right now withcoupon code ENGAGE37

What I like about this: Faith spills all the secrets of engaging her subscribers with plenty of examples and results including her revenue per subscriber which is off the charts.I was engaged from beginning to end.

email marketing


Working From Home PLR Launch

If you’re in the homepreneur niche, there’s a great new pack full of content from Piggy Makes Bank’s new site PLR SOS that is perfect for creating blog posts, emails, and opt-in lead magnets.

And it’s onlyonly $14.95until April 26th at midnight EST.

Take a look here.

What I like about this:You get 10 articles and 10 emails (I love the titles)plus 10 Canva templates (great for opt ins)from a trusted producer of PLRfor one tiny price.

work from home promo

I hope you have a great week ahead, get business done,and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.)



P.S. I delivered theAmazon Book Description bonusto everyone who claimed it with their course receipt on Saturday. If you have yet to claim this, or it fell into a black hole in the Interwebs instead of getting delivered into your inbox, let me know.


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