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I just spent two hours walking in the woods with Alfie while he had a ball playing with all the other puppies there, sniffing all the things, jumping in and out of the stream, finding the best stick to take home, and generally being a dog.

Meanwhile I was trying my best to “be in the moment” and not worry about all the things on my To Do list. Because it’s a mile long.

A magic wand would be handy. Or a fairy godmother.

And then, like magic,¬†I come across a link to¬†Leonie’s new product and she¬†says she can¬†save me two hours a day (and no, she’s not a cleaner or a dog walker lol)

Save two hours a day

Like everyone making a living online, I have a lot to do, so when someone tells me I can market without social media and save my sanity and two hours a day in the process, I sit up and take notice.

When those words also come from someone who makes 11 million dollars a year with very high profit margins in a similar field to me, you can bet I’m listening to every word.

Especially when I’m about to go heavily into social media marketing LOL

marketing without social media

Leonie Dawson pulls no punches, and she freely admits she’s¬†not for everyone. But she has a huge fan base and she’s done it largely without fussing with likes and followers.

Reading her sales page. And watching her video¬†is a riot. It’s worth looking at just to see that not all sales pages have to look professional and corporate or pink and girly.

I can’t wait to find out what she has to say in her training.

You can¬†save $20 off her Marketing without Social Media¬†course today only.¬†(in fact only 7 hours left as I write this because she’s not in the US)¬†Sorry, it’s so little time, but I just found this and I didn’t want you to miss out if it sounds like something you want to know too.

Popping off to buy my copy before the price goes up.  NO coupon required. Actually I think it would be a steal at full price.

By the way,¬†I’m still (at this stage) planning on using social media (at least, I am¬†until I hear what Leonie has to teach) but she also¬†says that she’ll be showing how to be more strategic with social media so you¬†spend less time on it and¬†get better results. ¬†Sold!

End of BC Stack and my bonus 

As I write this, there’s just over a day to go before BC Stack 2021 disappears forever¬†and if you think you’ll forget,¬†get it now.¬†

I’m really looking forward to diving into so much here. For $47 you’d be crazy to miss it, unless it’s your rent money or food budget for the month!

Here’s everything you’ll get:

Launch Your Book ($997 Value)
Digital Products Super Bundle ($1997 Value)
Mastermind Principles Masterclass with NYTimes Best Seller Dan Miller ($96 Value)
Host Like a Pro on Clubhouse! How to Start a Clubhouse Room and Moderate Like a Pro. Make the connections and collaborations of your dreams! ($197 Value)
Quizfluence: Craft authority-building quizzes that sell ($97 Value)
Plan, Create and Launch – How to actually plan, create and launch your first product or course ($397 Value)
Low Content Publishing 101
30 Days to Clarity ($497 Value)
The Complete Brand Builder’s STARTER Course for Entrepreneurs ($1597 Value)
Big Bang Marketing Strategies For Small Budgets ($197 Value)
How To Start Your Online Biz (Simplified) A 4-Week Step-By-Step Guide ($497 Value)
YOUniversity: Unlock Your Mind ($497 Value)
Content into Cash ($420 Value)
Kajabi 101 Kickstart ($397 Value)
Your Balanced Week ($397 Value)
Passive Profit with Pinterest ($397 Value)
Nifty Notebook Creation ($397 Value)
Why Smart Leaders Fail ($250 Value)
LIVE WORKSHOP: How to turn browsers into buyers in less than 60 minutes a day. ($249 Value)
Organization Mastery for Online Entrepreneurs: From Digital Disaster Zone to Streamlined Workflows ($197 Value)
Write Your Unique Story- You KNOW YOU HAVE A BOOK IN YOU!!! ($197 Value)
Niche Site Seller’s Intro Kit ($197 Value)
Interviews That Make You Money ($197 Value)
One Year of Membership to the Launch Coalition, a community of entrepreneurs that can give you YOUR unfair advantage as an entrepreneur ($197 Value)
Cool Tools: The Best Video Tools & Hidden Gems to Make You an Online Video Rockstar! ($197 Value)
Marketing Jumpstart for Reluctant Marketers ($147 Value)
Build Your Digital Etsy Empire ($127 Value)
Energize Your Email Marketing Efforts In Innovative Ways ($99 Value)
Entropy for Entrepreneurs ($99 Value)
Blogging Legally Masterclass + Bonus Legal Templates ($97 Value)
Free onboarding client forms ($97 Value)
Social Hype Template Set ($97 Value)
Map Out Your ‚ÄúClient Getting‚ÄĚ Webpages ($97 Value)
Your Planner Biz In A Box! ($97 Value)
Welcome to the Nuts and Bolts of Google Search Console! ($97 Value)
Digital Product Launchpad ($97 Value)
5 PLR Product Pack ($97 Value)
Affiliate Superstar Toolkit 2.0 ($85 Value)
The Visibility Effect (Livestream & Clubhouse Strategy for Bloggers) ($67 Value)
Infinitunes ($67 Value)
The Ultimate Mix and Match Planner Printables Kit ($67 Value)
Create Printables in Affinity Publisher ($67 Value)
Create Editable Printables To Sell On Etsy ($57 Value)
The Master Self-Publishing Vault ($57 Value)
Profit Comeback ($47 Value)
Canva Course: How to Create 5 Products to Sell ($47 Value)
Hand Drawn Chic Course Book Design Pack ($39 Value)
Eat for Productivity ($37 Value)
Monetize Your Life ($37 Value)
Technical Considerations When Starting an Online Business (with PLR Rights) ($37 Value)
How to do keyword research with free tools ($35 Value)
Optimize Your Self Talk ($27 Value)
The Affiliate Marketing Strategies Guide ($27 Value)
Blogging the Less Effort More Reward Way ($27 Value)
Income Goal Success!! ($20 Value)
Complete Workbook Template in a box ($20 Value)
How to Showcase Your Brand With Photos: A Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing Stock Photos to Reflect Your Brand and Business ($10 Value)

Some people will advise you not to download everything.

But I really think you should.

Businesses mature and the thing you thought you were¬†never¬†going to do suddenly becomes the next thing you’re going to do.

Yes, really. Ask me how I know. LOL

Just access it all. All 70+ courses. Put them in a BC Stack folder. And when you’re looking to buy a course take a look at your $12k library first to see if you already have something similar.

Note:¬†If you sign up for everything, you¬†will¬†get a lot of email. Filter it all into a BC Stack email folder and see which newsletters you want to keep after a while. (It’s excellent training on how to write email that you’d want to keep receiving and reading.)

In any case,¬†I’m pretty sure that this week is the only time you can get¬†$12,684 worth of training for $47

So many wonderful products that could make all the difference to your business success.

Take a look at the sales page to see everything. 

My BC Stack bonus and how to access it

Running your own business can be overwhelming (especially when you’re just trying to get up and going.)

But it can be done without getting stressed out.

Starting in July, I’ll be running a training to help you get on top of all the tasks you have on your plate, crushing any feeling you have of it all being too much, and getting you ready to hit the ground running for the¬†peak selling season in the 4th quarter of the year.

The course will consist of a series of¬†short videos – around 10 minutes each – and PDFs plus worksheets and checklists¬†so you don’t even have to watch the videos at all if you don’t want to.

We’ll cover dealing with the flood of email so you never feel overwhelmed by it again, sorting out what you’re aiming for with your business, and how you can realistically achieve your goals with the time you have available. Not to mention how to cope with a bundle like BC Stack and anything else that overwhelms you in your business.

You can do the training in your own time (no calls you have to show up for), but there’ll be optional office hours with Q&A sessions to help with any particular issues you have. If¬†additional topics come up, I’ll add them to the course. Plus there will be¬†optional support from me and the other participants in a pop up Facebook group.

You’ll get¬†all 12 weeks training and support to beat overwhelm¬†(value $127) included as well as thousands of dollars in training from the bundle itself¬†if you buy BC Stack through any of my links in this email.

This is the only way that you’ll get a¬†guaranteed place on that course.

If the group is big enough, I won’t open it to anyone else.

What can I say? I like small groups where we all get to know and help each other.

How to Claim Your Bonus

If you buy through my link, you’ll find a PDF in your account area at BC Stack. Look for the link there that says “Bonus from Simple Happiness Biz 2021“. It contains¬†instructions on how to¬†get your¬†12 week training¬†and also a¬†$127 coupon to get it free.

***Please make sure you are signed in here first so that you are looking in the right place and not among the BC Stack downloads.****

And then you should find your bonus as a link in your account with your membership information. Click on the red and white boxes for the dashboard.

bonus member


Whether you get BC Stack 2021 through my link or not.

Buy it. Don’t miss out.

I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it.


Have a great weekend and¬†I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.)



P.S. Yesterday I launched a product. I was going to mention it again, but this email is long enough already. It’s a sweet Baby’s First Year Journal with PLR commercial rights. 38 unique and customizable pages in Canva and Powerpoint¬†for launch price $12.95.¬†Take a look¬†if you’re interested. ūüėć


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