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They say that ideas are cheap and that only ACTION counts.

And I kinda agree, because nothing happens, no profit is made, until you take action.

But sometimes it’s the idea that makes you excited enough to take action.

Yesterday, I had one of THOSE ideas and in no time, I had planned out the product and written the sales copy to promote it.

It will be a free opt in gift for subscribers, but you are already here, so you’ll get it too.

Look out for it next week, once I have the product made.

Making myself accountable here—another trick for getting things done LOL

Two ideas for selling more of anything! 

In Friday’s newsletter, I talked about the success factor of standing out from other sellers in a crowded marketplace. Here are two ideas for doing just that.

1. Make your designs unique / create your branded look

I wondered if our latest planner launch, a Work from Home Planner Kit might be a flop as we made this one a little less fancy compared to those we normally create.

But I noticed that, with business planners, buyers often favor functional over fancy. So we tried to create something simple but attractive and with tons of useful pages (when I say tons I mean 31, lol)

I shouldn’t have worried. This planner has been as popular as all of our others.

And there’s actually a huge benefit in simple—it’s easier to make your designs unique.

We provide plain templates with all our journals and planners so that ability has always been there for you. But sometimes it’s hard to see past a lovely design to put your own stamp on a project.

No problem with this one!

Even a color change will give it a whole new look.

You can get your own easy-to-customize product with commercial rights for just $12.95 with coupon code ATHOME

Work From Home Planner


2. Give something extra/bonuses

I laughed when I saw Alice’s latest weekend deal because it fits in so well with what I’ve been planning to do with the personal use side of my business.

That is to sell planners and journals with extra content that sets them apart. I love writing, so I will create my own content, but if writing is not your thing, Alice has got you covered for $17 this weekend (and now that I see this price in black and white for all this content, it seems a bit crazy to write my own!)

alice weekend deal


With our Work at Home planner, we created an optional extension kit including tips sheets, covers, dividers, and social media posts so you can easily get one step ahead. You’ll find details on the planner download page (and also in our shop if you miss it.) The extension is  just $7 with COUPON CODE AHEXTRA  during launch.  But for other niches there’s Alice!

Work From Home Extension

Another idea: Sell beautifully presented books on Amazon

If you’re not selling on Amazon, you’re missing a trick.

Amazon has a site full of buyers. Buying is what they are there for!

You might scoff because you don’t make much money per sale and that’s absolutely true, but it’s amazing how a lot of $2 amounts and even 35c amounts add up.

Last month was a typical month for me on Amazon


Not a king’s ransom, but not bad for a lot of $2 sales.

For many would-be publishers, especially low content book publishers, there’s a fly in the ointment, though. And that’s formatting.

Books need good-looking cover designs AND interiors or they won’t sell.

In the past, you needed pricey Adobe Indesign to make a great looking book, but now there’s a much cheaper option: Affinity Publisher by Serif which has a low one off cost of around $50. (They don’t seem to work through affiliates. Pity! I recommend them enough! LOL)

There can be a big learning curve for this kind of program, though. Affinity Publisher is a powerhouse full of bells an whistles. Most of us (including me) only need  a fraction of it to create our own beautiful books.

But now, thanks to a new course by Jayne, you can easily learn the things you need to know to publish journals and planners and not get overwhelmed by all the options.

This is a perfect course for low content producers.Take a look at the video and all the details here to see if it’s for you while it’s at the low introductory price of just $37. (Less than half price)

Income 101

And if you’re not checking that out because you don’t know what to publish on Amazon or how to go about creating it, there’s no need to miss out. Ken’s new course for beginners has that side covered including.

  • Complete Training About How To Start Your Own Self Publishing Business
  • Over 40 Instructional Videos
  • Step By Step Over The Shoulder Case Study Of Creating and Publishing A Book On the Amazon KDP Platform
  • Software That Creates Word Search Puzzles And Coloring Book Pages
  • Invite to a Private Facebook Group With Over 3000 Members


ken new course

What’s the difference between the two courses? Ken’s course will give you software to create some simple interiors and will show you how to create a KDP book without using Affinity. It will also help you with adding your book to Amazon. Jayne’s course will give you skills to create more complex books that will give you the edge in terms of professional design of your book and helps with loading your books to Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Lulu. My advice – if you have Affinity, start with Jayne’s course. If you don’t, start with Ken’s course. Then buy the other one while low priced so you can get the full 9 yards!

BONUS from me: If you buy either Jayne’s course or Ken’s course through my link, send me your receipt and I’ll send you my bonus, my notes on writing book descriptions, gained over almost 10 years publishing on Amazon KDP and earning over $180,000. If you buy both, I’ll send you a $20 gift voucher as well for my Simple Happiness shop.

Book Description Bonus

Have a great Sunday and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.)





P.S.I’m getting excited for Yolandé’s course that starts on Wednesday. If you’re doing that too, we can pass notes in class! I just bought my domain name for it yesterday and it’s going to be such a buzz building a new ecommerce store during the workshops. Jump in, if you want a hand from Yolandé to get yours built too. This is such a steal at $49, I want to pinch myself. LOL

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