Newsletter 17th March 2021: One thing ends (don’t miss it!) 😱 and another keeps getting better & better 😍

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April’s Last Day (and My Bonus)

Well, not quite April’s last day. She’s not going anywhere. But her bundle is going sailing into the sunset and so many goodies with it.

I hate for anyone to miss out on such a good deal. If you’ve been following the Homepreneur’s Adventure summit, you know exactly how much you can do with a set of products.

A bundle like this can build a business. Literally.

And for a tiny price.

$1600+ of products for $39.95 That’s just


Don’t forget, you won’t be able to get it tomorrow.

And to make things even better, if you get it through my link, you’ll get my bonus – a $27 coupon delivered automagically in your account.

What can you buy with that?

Any of the planners in my shop (or wait for my gorgeous new journals (4 of them!) coming out this week.)

Here’s a sneak peek of one. Hold tight! You can’t buy it yet! But you can get it free this week when you buy April’s bundle with my link.

mimosa journal ad

New and (not so old) friends 

I tried to keep up with the chat in the first Homepreneur session today about working with others. I was supposed to be monitoring it, after all.

But the chat kinda blew up in a good way!

Connie Ragen-Green and Ellen Finkelstein gave out so many good tips about working with others in big and small ways that the chat was buzzing with people making connections.

I’ve never seen a speech get that kind of instant reaction, not just “wow! that’s awesome info” (because it was) but also people instantly demonstrating how they “got it.”

I was so sad to miss the second session today, but puppy Alfie was coming home after an op at the vet where he’s been all day. No little baby Alfie pups for him. He’s feeling very sorry for himself with one of those clear lampshade things around his neck.

Hubby, on the other hand, is feeling a bit sorry about the $700 vet’s bill.

What? No NHS for dogs?

Anyway, I’ll pick up all the replays, transcripts, and the wonderful super bundle from the event anyway (see the link halfway down the main page to take a look), so I’ll not miss out on everything. (More fun to be live, though, with so many virtual besties.)

I’m going to practice all the “use what you buy” tips from earlier sessions on this super bundle (and April’s), so I’ll have plenty to keep me busy this year.

If you still haven’t registered for the summit, you can remedy that by signing up here. It’s 100% free to watch live and get the swag bag of 40+ free products.

Once you register, come and join the fun.

If you want the sessions you missed and the super duper extra special bundle you can get that via the link on the main page here. (half way down) And another $27 coupon code from me will be waiting for you in your account if you purchase the bundle via my link (or the replays bundle combo).

Diabetic Planner from Michelle

34.2 million people, or 10.5% of the U.S. population, have diabetes. Do you think some of them might be looking for a planner. You betcha!

And here’s a fantastic one from Michelle with every page layout you need and PLR/Commercial Rights. Grab it during launch with coupon DIABETIC10 to get $10 off the normal price ($17 instead of $27).


diabetic planner

Grayscale Secrets from Marian 

The competition for line art coloring books is huge online. If you’re great at this type of  art or you have a good source of original material you can do well, but if you’re looking for a niche with less competition but where you can still get a fantastic return on your time, take a look at Marian’s Make Mine Gray course.

mine grey

I went through the whole course yesterday. As I’ve come to expect from Marian, the videos were short, clear, and easy to follow and implement.

What blew my mind more than anything with this course were the sums being made with grayscale coloring books. I hadn’t appreciated that coloring might mean painting over as well as using pencils – and grayscale is a great base for that.

Marian shows how much these books earn for their creators. And then she gives you step by step instructions for making them quickly in Powerpoint from free and public domain photographs and illustrations.

Make Mine Gray is definitely worth your time and the tiny $17 launch price if you’re interested (even mildly) in making income from coloring books. This could be just what you need to find your place in the market.

Here’s to a good few days ahead with the summit, stay safe, and I’ll catch you soon with more tips, freebies, and some offers (but only the ones I personally think are great value and know the quality to be good.)



P.S. Don’t forget to pick up Kristie and Becky’s product Pinning for the Future before it disappears. So much up-to-date info condensed into two hours.

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